Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Giveaway in The Mail

Look what came in the mail! A beautiful tassel, some Mary Engelbreit (my favorite) notecards and dimensional stickers, a pumpkin scented candle and Hallowe'en tissues. Achoo! I was just expecting the tassel but all the other goodies were tucked inside the package too!

Don't you just love to win a giveaway? I've only won a couple and it's been a long time since the last one, so when I heard from Martha from Mid Atlantic Martha, that I had won, I was thrilled. I know you'd enjoy visiting Martha. She has a great blog and would make you feel very welcome.

Yesterday my sister and I were sitting in the dining room and she said, "The mailman's here and he's coming to the front door." The only time he does that is to bring a package, so I ran to the front door expectantly, hoping it was Martha's give away and it was!

A beautiful tassel. Where shall I hang it?


On the lamp by my chaise lounge in the studio?

On the doorknob in the front hall, so everyone can see it when they come in the front door?


On a nail in my red kitchen china hutch?



Or on the doorknob in the dining room?


I just can't decide. I think it looks good everywhere! What do you think?

Rhondi xo


  1. Congratulations Rhondi on your win.
    The tassle is lovely (as are the other cute things). I think it would look great on the door handle of your diningroom (as it may get too worn on your front door...otherwise it would be nice there as well).
    By the way...I too love blue and white...and I love the way it looks on your red cabinet...nice idea.
    Have a beautiful weekend.
    Debbie from Vancouver Island

  2. Rhondi, it looks great on your 'hutch' (I still cant get used to that term!!).
    I'm putting a photo of rock buns on my blog for you.

  3. Hi Rhondi! Oh, congratulations on your win! Now that is one darling tassel! Anywhere you hang it in your charming home, it'll look fantastic!
    be a sweetie,
    shelia :)

  4. Oh, the tassel is just spectacular. I really love it. I won her beautiful basket and when my box came yesterday it was also filled with lots of goodies. Isn't that a wonderful treat. I am so happy for you, the tassel is really beautiful and looks absolutely gorgeous everywhere. Hugs, Marty

  5. Hi Rhondi,

    Oh - my goodness - I am so excited to tell you that you won the $50.00 Gift Certificate to Anthropologie and the Welcome Sunflower Sign on my First Anniversary Giveaway. Congratulations.
    Please send me your adddress to and and I mail you your gift. And Congratulations on the darling tassel - it is adorable and will look fabulous any where you put it in your adorable home.

    P.S. Anthropologie has adorable vintage aprons on line.

  6. Oh Rhondi -- The tassel has arrived at the perfect home! It looks darling everywhere -- and you're on a winning streak it seems -- you've won again! You lucky gal! So glad that you're happy with the tassel.

  7. Rhondi,
    Well your luck must come in twos,what a great surprise to see you have won another great giveaway. The tassel is perfect for you..(looks just like you)It looks great everywhere, but I like it on the hutch best.

  8. Hi Rhondi, I just happened upon your blog and I love reading it! Your home looks beautiful and I would hang the tassle on the dining room hutch if I were you. I just had to tell you too, that You've Got Mail and Baby Boom are my two ALL TIME favorite movies! Congratulations on your win and enjoy the tassle, wherever it ends up. I want to say too, that I loved your post about the wooden cardinals and your story about the real cardinals. We DO have an amazing God, don't we?

    All the best,


  9. I think it looks good everywhere too! It truly is a beautiful tassel. Maybe just move it around every few days?

  10. Congratulations on winning the tassel. I like it on a doorknob.

  11. That tassel is just gorgeous! I love all the colors she used. Congrats on winning (and I see winning another one)!


  12. It looks wonderful everywhere! And so perfect for your home.

  13. The door knob in the front hall! It is so pretty.

  14. Rhondi, that tassel is adorable. I have one that is similar and truly I move it around! The details are amazing. :) Congratulations on both of your wins.

  15. Oh my goodness Rhondi....a second win!!
    Congratulations once again :)

  16. what a beautiful bunch of goodies Rhondi! That tassel is lovely! I opt for the door handle so that everyone can see it as soon as they come in!

  17. Congratulations, you're a lucky lady.

    I love the tassel, and my vote is on the door knob in the front hall.

    I'm glad you had such a great visit with your sister. I know you will miss her.

  18. I can't really be trusted with these things- as you know- I'm not much of a homemaker; but.. I'd say the first doorknob.

    (But I want everyone to know I can clean! Boy, can I clean.)

  19. I think you need about 3 more tassles!

  20. Congratulations! What fun to try to decide where to place the lovely tassel.

  21. I like it on the dining room door. Didn't you win at Daisy Cottage too? This must be your month! I think fall is back!

  22. I wandered over to your blog. Found you on the 2009 One World One Heart Giveaway site. After watching the movie Julie and Julia recently, I've decided to try and go through the ENTIRE OWOH list, from beginning to end, in 90 days and connect/reconnect with all the artists and blogs that truly inspire me! Your blog is amazing and really resonated with me!

    A bit about me. I'm a mystery writer, jewelry artist, and college professor. Yes, and a Gemini, if you couldn't tell! Here is my blog, where I blend my mystery writing and jewelry craft:
    My first mystery Keeping House: A Madame President mystery just came out on Amazon.
    Take care and as Julia Child might say, "Bon Blogging!"

  23. I wanted to add that I also collect blue and white china and grow roses!

    I've added your blog to my blogs I follow list on my blog. Come visit me too!


  24. 3 times lucky...Congratulations once again Rhondi.

  25. I like it on the Red China cabinet. What a charming prize to win!

  26. I think it looks good everywhere too, Cute!

  27. Hi, Rhondi. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know about the address problem.


  28. Rhondi your home is so lovely. Anywhere is perfect.

  29. Front Hall door knob...I love the yellow paint with it.

    I feel the same way when I discover a new author. Let me know if you have any luck finding many of Elizabeth Goudge books at the local library? Unfortunately my local ones only have 3 or 4 each :( She has authored over 30 books. They are now a bit hard to come by.

    Better yet I hope you win! Thanks for stopping by, and congrats on your tassel!

  30. Wherever you decide to hang it, I'll be anxious to see it.....SO pretty!!
    Congrats on your win - you deserve it most definitely.

    Looking forward to this time next week - I'll be almost on my way to see you Rhondi - what fun!

  31. Hi Rhondi, as always your home looks delicious! The tassel has found a perfect place to live amongst your blue and white. I think I like it best against a plain white background on the doorknob but to be honest it looks beautiful wherever you put it so I suggest moving it about whenever the moods takes you. Have a happy Halloween, love Eli.


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