Friday, October 16, 2009

It’s The Berries

This year the trees and bushes around our home are loaded with berries. When we lived in Canada that signified a cold winter ahead. I clipped some branches and brought them inside this morning. The purple is Beautyberry and the green is holly which is just beginning to turn red.
Two little ceramic pumpkins completes the fall arrangement.
The first time I saw a beautyberry I thought the berries were fake. They almost look plastic! They are the most amazing color of purple.
I also brought in some hydrangeas which have dried and have become these lovely soft shades of green and mauve. In a big container surrounded by a little bittersweet it brings the feeling of autumn into our dining room.
Today is dull and dreary. We almost need the heat on today but for now I've bundled up with an extra sweater. I am making some soup with the leftover Thanksgiving turkey and the house smells wonderful.
I've got a busy day. The first thing to do is call a chimney sweep and get an appointment for them to come and clean out our chimney. If it's going to be a cold winter we'll have lots of fiires in the fireplace, so I want it to be safe.
Hope you have a great weekend and the sun shines where you are.
Rhondi xo


  1. The berries are so pretty displayed in your containers. I went to a farmers' market on Saturday, and they wanted $8.00 for a small bit of bittersweet berries. I passed. It's nice that you can go cut your own.

  2. Thanksgiving???
    Your berries are beautiful...I have some Holly but no berries on them as yet..

  3. Your arrangements look so pretty and have inspired me to head out to my backyard with my clippers and see what I can find to bring inside. I read in the paper this week that we are due for a cold and snowy winter. If that's correct you will be glad to have had the chimney sweep come.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. I've never seen a Beautyberry before but they sure live up to their name. I miss a wood fire (but not the feeding of the furnace). I keep warm by electric and snuggling under my blanket, book and cocoa at hand!

  5. Rhondi~

    When I see berries like these I wish I lived in the South!! And I am going to ask you to ship some of that holly up to me in time for the holidays!! Your arrangements are so pretty. Well done!!

    It is in the low 30's here and raining. What fun. My fingers are cold as I type!!

    Enjoy your wekend and stay warm & dry!


  6. I love berries for decorating. I have been wanting some bittersweet for years but it is protected around here and you get fined if you pick it. I wonder if it would grow in the woods?

  7. I enjoyed seeing your berry arrangement. I have a few wild red berries in the back yard. But, brrr...I think I'll stay in my warm home!

    Enjoying your lovely blog!

  8. I use to smash up those berries when I was a little girl and make make believe pies! My mother use to tell us when the bushes were loaded with berries it meant we were in for a hard winter. I have noticed that the bushes are loaded this year...maybe I better find our snow shovel!

  9. Gorgeous - those beatyberries are well named. I planted a bush this year and hope for a good showing next year.

  10. Very pretty, love the berries. I think it is going to be a hard winter here, too...the squirrels are really busy storing anything they can find. It is fun watching them scamper around stuffing their mouths and then finding a place to stuff their stash.

  11. Everything looks so lovely! We don't get the berries here in the deep south. But they add so much interest in decorating.

  12. Beautiful display! Sometimes I get bittersweet from Missouri (shipped by a friends mother) but nothing is around me that is natural. I'd love some cold too, it's going to be 97 here today... sigh....

  13. Oh so beautiful. I love to add berries to my arrangements.

    We don't have sun, either. We've had a mixture of rain and snow this week. At least the sun shines INSIDE when I visit with friends at home or online.

  14. Your arangements are beautiful and love those pumpkins. We are cold here too and some areas are going to see snow in the morning. Not normal for WV at this time of the year.


  15. Everything looks so pretty. I love leftover turkey. I don't think I will cook a turkey this year for our thanksgiving. My son will be with his girlfriend. I can't take mom to my brothers which is what we usually do. And I don't want everyone coming here because I am to lazy. But you never know maybe I will break down and cook a turkey just for me and mom. We will see. Maybe my brother will cook the turkey and bring it to us. Very nice.

  16. I love all the berries this time of year. Beautyberry is one of my favorites. Your hydrangeas look so pretty.

    It's dreary here today too. Hoping for some sun. Have a good weekend, Rhondi.


  17. your berries are just gorgeous!!! happy fall!

  18. Rhondi, your home always looks so warm and inviting. I love the way you take wonderful bits and pieces from nature and create beautiful arrangments with them!

  19. Rhondi... a belated Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you!

    I love beauty berries, and we have quite a few in our yard. I have a funny story I will share with you sometime about them.


    Sheila :-)

  20. Hi Rhondi,
    I love your fall arrangements. I am going to have to send away for one of those beautyberry bushes,they are beautiful.
    The prediction is for a mild weather here but it is cooler already then usual and the trees and shrubs were loaded with berries so we shall see.
    Have a good weekend,

  21. Your fall arrangements are beautiful. Those purple berries are really something. I wonder if they grow well in middle Georgia?

  22. Hi Rhondi,

    Oh my - the berries are beautiful and look especially pretty in your blue and white vase -How special to have them to pick for your arrangements.
    Please stop by my blog if you have a chance - for my first anniversary celebration and giveaway.

  23. Happy belated Thanksgiving to you!
    Your berry and Hydrangeas arrangements are gorgeous!! Yes, it is getting cold her in Canada and I really wish I was were you are right about now!! Have a great evening!!
    Hugs xOxO Nerina :)

  24. I can't find bittersweet anywhere...not even fake ones! Those purple berries are ones I don't think I have ever seen...very beautiful. Our holly looks about the same..not red yet. Pretty arrangement! My fire was going today--it was a raw day and it was so nice having one this morning. We use I don't need to worry about having our chimneys cleaned since we use the nonvented type. Our cat loved the fire too!

    nannykim from spindle cottage

  25. You have some beautiful autumn arrangments there Rhondi! You have such wonderful taste!!!

  26. Rhondi - come on over to my blog and see what you won! I'll need your address so I can send it merrily on it's way!

  27. A beautiful arrangement and just love those cardinals! We almost had some flurries overnight but missed it (yeah) and today it is sunny but a cool 8C.

  28. Thankfully the sun is shining here! A wonderful change from the rainy days we've had for weeks now. Your house is always so warm and charming. I love to visit you!

  29. You're right. Those beautyberries don't look real! They are beautiful. I love dried hydrangeas. Yours look so pretty. laurie

  30. Oh how I miss berries as in your arrangements. We can't grow holly this far north. Used to almost take them for granted when we lived in the South and East Coast. Guess it is all a balance though - we have 25 below and you endure summer heat and humidity.

  31. Lovely arrangements! I've never heard of beautyberries before.

  32. Hey, I take back what I said earlier--I think I saw some of those purple berries on a walk I took on Saturday--they were coooooool.

  33. I don't think they have those berries here in Utah they're beautiful. Your cardinals are bright and cheery on a dull day. They don't have cardinals here in Utah either. Mimi

  34. Your Beauty Berry has such big berries! Mine is only about two years old and the berries are as huge as yours! Something to look forward to!

    Love the hydrangeas in the transferware! They're such a gorgeous color. That's one of my very favorite things!


  35. I just love berries in arrangements! Your pumpkins are too cute ;)


  36. I love your arrangements, I always love visiting your blog it is so uplifting. Peace and Many Blessings to you
    Cheryl...Snatch JOY!

  37. I saw BeautyBerries for the first time over the weekend. They are beautiful, and you are right, they look fake. Your posts are lovely.

  38. You are so lucky to have those berries growing in your yard! Beautiful!


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