Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Girlfriends Forever

Good morning girlfriends. I have been in Texas for the past week, having a wonderful visit with our grandkids and our son and his wife. The kids are still young, 5 and 3, so dressing up for Halloween is very exciting. This year the twins were spiderman, and our little grandaughter was Minnie Mouse. We went to their costume parades at school and preschool and then trick or treating in the neighborhood. It was such fun as they ran from house to house gathering up as many goodies as they could and then watching them dunp all the loot out on the floor at home and decide which ones they wanted to eat as their special treat for that night. Every year by the time Halloween night arrives Ella is tired of her costume because she's already worn it quite a few times at the many Hallowen events they have in their community, so she goes to their dress up trunk and picks some random item!

So if you were wondering why I hadn't been by for a visit or didn't respond to any emails, that's why.

Now this morning I am at my computer with a nice hot cup of tea ready to have a good chat with my girlfriends.


It's funny how I can feel so close to women I've never met but in many ways, I know you better than some of the people who I see all the time. As we were flying home in the plane I was wondering, "I wonder what they've been up to?" Just like the title of this book by Susan Branch says, "Girlfriends Forever", that's what you are to me.


I'm having my tea this morning in my Mary Englebreit "Pals" mug in honor of you!


In the same way that in the movie You've Got Mail ( I'm sure I've told you before how much I love that movie!) Meg Ryan waited with anticipation for the words, "you've got mail" at her computer , I wait with anticipation to see who has a new post up and who has left a comment.


I wonder, how has Brenda made her home look cosy , did Kim post today, what is happening at Pondside, how is Adrienne, how many joined in on pink Saturday, how is all the work at Penny's progressing, what has Podso been up to, what beautiful thing has Kathy sewn, what thrifty projects is Manuela done, what is Carolyn's garden looking like, did Mary visit Suzanna's, what delicious recipes has Marie cooked up, what fun things is BJ doing today, what creative and beautiful things will Karen have made since I last visited her, who has Rhoda visited, what's happening in Elizabeth's little village in France, has Eli made any more cute things, what colorful projects has Lucy posted, how's Heidi in the Netherlands and what neat things has her mom Nancy made.. and what about the other Heidi and Kim, Donna, Jain, Janie, Tina, Rhoda, Angie, Nezzie, Rue, Linda, Marty, Jeanne, Sheila, Kammy, Teresa, Shelia, Nannette and on and on. There are so many others I just can't list all of you!

You are all my friends and I know it seems crazy but I miss talking to you when I am away, even when I'm having fun like being with my grandchildren. You are all very special to me..... Girlfriends Forever, just like the book says!

A big thank you to Kim at Daisy Cottage whose giveaway I won. It was a very special heart hand made by Fifi. When I arrived home it was waiting for me in the mailbox. Isn't it charming?



It's fun to go away but I always love coming back home, don't you? There is something about home that is so comforting . I feel like my home wraps it's arms around me and says "welcome back" each time I return from a trip. Sometimes it also says, "Please clean me!"

Now I'm going to make a second cup of tea and have a visit with you! Wish it could be real but a virtual visit will have to do for now.

Love to all my "girlfriends forever"

Rhondi xo


  1. Rhondi, it's so funny to me that you posted this today. Just this morning it occurred to me that you hadn't posted in awhile! I'm so glad you were off having fun. :)

    Your heart that Fifi made is beautiful and I like where you put it.

  2. What a lovely post. I feel the same way about my bloggie friends.

    What have I been up to? Well I just got back from a great visit with my daughter; I have 2 sick little students at home; I'm excited about the upcoming Xmas season (& that fills my head); and I'm presently enjoying a most delicious apple.

    I hope you have a wonderful day filled with news and greetings from all your friends.

  3. Glad you are back and had such a wonderful time. Home is a great place to come back to. I love to travel but always love to come back home. I have missed you too. Enjoy your tea while I have a cup of coffee.

  4. Lovely post. I really enjoy your blog.

  5. very nice post.. love to read it.. have a great day!

  6. Welcome back, Rhondi - you were missed! Just this morning I popped over to make sure my little side bar gadget hadn't failed me and let a new post from you slip by unnoticed - but there was nothing new. I was delighted to come back later and find you'd posted!
    I was thinking along the same lines yesterday, and posted similar thoughts to yours. We're lucky with our cyber friends, and I, for one, am grateful for you!

  7. Such a nice post! I too feel like there are friends so near here in the domestic art blogging world. I am always amazed, and sometimes, overwhelmed by how creative you and others like you are. Stay sweet and keep writing! ~Kelly

  8. Welcome back Rhondi....so nice for you to be with your grandchildren.
    Beautiful post.

  9. Your sentiment is one that I can heartily agree with! I am ever amazed at the fabulous women I have met blogging!

    Thanks for putting it into words for us!


  10. Rhondi,
    So good to see that you are back. Glad you were off having a good time..Like another comment, I looked to see if maybe I had missed a post, more than once...Looking forward to all your post.

  11. Oh Rhondi. What an absolutely sweet post. I was so delighted to be included in your circle of friends. I feel exactly the same way. I think about little snips of time I can steal to be on my computer during the day seeing what my girls are up to. I'm often so inspired by my friends that I can't imagine life without you all. Thank you.

  12. Dear Rhondi,
    How many of "us" have you met, in person?? THAT's also a "treat", eh!!
    Soft H1N1 elbow hug,

  13. It's always fun to visit with the grandkids. I am like you though, it's always good to get back home. Glad you had a good time in Texas. What part? I lived in Ft. Worth for 8 years. We loved it there.

  14. Hi Rhondi and welcome back home! I'm so glad you had a nice visit with your friend.
    You know, I feel the same as you about out blogging friends - we're all connected aren't we? Thank you for mentioning me as one of your blogging friends - I feel the same way about you!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. What a wonderful welcoming post Rhondi. I missed you! I did send an email to you about Saturday. Did you receive it?
    p.s. I am STILL working on the house -lol

  16. I'm glad you had a wonderful time with your family. My own family lives 2 hours away. Not that far, but I don't get to see them as much as I would like to. My one daughter calls me almost every day. My other daughter and her family was here this past weekend and we had a nice visit. I put away the Halloween stuff, planted daffodil bulbs, and am baking bread today. I have never made a successful loaf of bread. I hope this turns out.

  17. Hi Rhondi.....Sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your grandkids in Texas! I love the heart that FiFi made! You picked the perfect spot for it! Here's to girlfriends!~Patti :)

  18. What a sweet post, and yes, it is amazing how close we feel to people we've never met in person. Glad you had a great trip to see your grands. I bet they looked darling in their costumes (I know my grands did!). Congratulations on winning the heart. It's so pretty, and I love it hanging on the angel. laurie

  19. I know what you mean. Oh and I love that mug!!

  20. I do the very same thing! I'm always wondering what everybody is up to. Worrying about some, commiserating with others. Whether "I've Got Mail" online or in the mailbox outside, it is always a treat! I so enjoyed this post of yours. Felt like I was sitting drinking tea with you and you were telling me about the grandkids at Halloween! Welcome back, blogging buddy!

  21. Such a lovely post, Rhondi. You express it all so well! See you Thursday, will be in touch.

  22. What a sweet post! I'm glad you had a special time away with your family. But, as another young woman so aptly phrased it... "There's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no...."

  23. What a lovely post Rhondi! Your giveaway win from Kim is gorgeous ~ congratulations. I have the Girlfriends Forever Susan Branch book too & love it!

  24. I so agree with all you said about blog friends and also your home. Glad you were off having a great time!

  25. I feel the same Rhondi! Our online friends are so very special. I feel like my life is richer with all of you in it. And how is Heidi in The Netherlands you ask...as you read...itching...lol. But I am okay and keeping my spirits up even though I wonder if I will have to visit yet another specialist soon...a psychiatrist...lol. Can itching drive you insane?

    Your time in Texas sounds like it was great fun. The grandchildren must be such fun to watch at this time of year. But you are right that is wonderful to be home again too.

    Hugs ~

  26. P.S. ~ Forgot to ask you if you knew I have a new handwork blog too? I just showed a quilt that I finished. The blog is AllMyScatteringMoments.

    Even more hugs ~

  27. How lovely you are Rhondi. It's an honour to be on your friends list!

  28. Oh, Rhondi - It's so good to hear from you and know that you are thinking about us! I've been feeling the same way about my bloggy girlfriends and so thankful that you are part of my world. I always love to drop by and visit you and see what you're doing. Now if I could just r.e.a.l.l.y stop by and visit - wouldn't that take the prize? ~Adrienne~

  29. I love you too Rhondi! And just so you know I am back at work on more pillows (I snipped the dickens out of my finger last night cutting them out! Darn those scissors are sharp!) I know just what you mean, I feel the same way about all my blog friends, always anticipating a little message and a day brightening post or comment. I'm glad you're back!

  30. Lovely post - so glad your trip was fun.
    Yes, many of us have been virtual friends for a long time - can't wait to actually meet you in person in just a few days!

    Love FiFi's hearts - your's is gorgeous, congrats. on winning - must say our luck seems to be holding up lately doesn't it?

    Hugs - Mary

  31. Rhondi, you're so sweet. I love all of my blogging girlfriends, too.

    Your blog is looks so pretty. Everything looks so fresh and welcoming.

    I will be thinking about you all this weekend. I sure wish I was able to attend. We are just not comfortable leaving my mother right now.

  32. Hi, Rhondi,
    What a beautiful, sunny place you have to blog from. I just love your white and blue pumpkin.
    Is it a recent buy?


  33. Sending love right back to you, Rhondi!


    Sheila :-)

  34. Mary Engelbreight,Susan Branch and Fifi..what a cute post..I found you on FWS:)

  35. Hi Rhondi, I came over from Food with Style and just had to comment on what a pleasant post this was. I love Mary Englebright too and love your mug and pumpkin in the photo, but your sentiment was very sweet and I know exactly what you mean.

  36. Hi
    I discovered your blog today...
    You have such a great blog , your warmth and sincerity comes out in every word..
    I hope you take me in your circle of girlfriends and shower as much affection on me too ...
    I would love to be your friend pls reply...


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