Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Making It Cozy

Last night was the first night we've been back home since we put the clocks back and all of a sudden it gets dark so early! One of the things I like to do to keep our home feeling cozy when it gets dark is to have lots of small lamps in corners of the rooms.
This tall lamp sits on a beside table in our guest room.
A corner of the kitchen gets a warm glow from this lamp I won from a giveaway awhile back.
A reproduction Orient Express lamp sits on a bookcase in my studio, lighting up a corner by the back door.
This lamp illuminates a small corner of the quilt hanging in our front hall. Besides a fire, quilts are definitely the best thing to make a home feel warm and cozy!
My favorite rooster lamp lights up another corner of the kitchen.
A brass candlestick lamp on the mantle casts it's glow amidst a small grouping from my candlestick collection.
This is just one way that I cozy up our home. What do you do to make your home feel more cozy now that it's dark so much earlier and for some of you the winter cold is on it's way?
Rhondi xo


  1. I love all the different lamps!
    I would like to invite you to a recipe swap that I am hosting on Nov. 13 if you get a moment please swing by I would love for you to join!

  2. Hi Rhondi!

    I like to use lamps too. The other thing I do is to light candles in whatever room I'm in. I also draw the drapes so that I don't have a "black hole" in the wall. I also wanted to mention how much I love your banner photo. Gorgeous!

    Have a great day, Chris

  3. Like you, lots of light! Candles and warm, cozy throws and at times a fire in the fireplace! Except this year we have a puppy - and he thinks the fringe on the throws is there for him to chew! So we are leaving the throws on the shelf a bit longer. The fire in the fireplace, the candles and an occasional throw when it's tucked securely around me will make these dark evenings 'bright'. ~Adrienne~

  4. I love all your different lamps! I like to do the same thing. I have one lamp at the top of our staircase in the hallway that I love to put on every night. It just looks so pretty and gives a nice warm glow to the hallway and staircase. Hubby at first didn't understand why I insisted on having this lamp on. He would say, "Just put the big hallway light on as you come up and turn it off when you're at the top of the stairs." Finally a few weeks ago, he told me how much he likes the glow that lamp gives the hallway. Success. Great post!

  5. I love lamps too. Never have been a big fan of overhead lights. I like soft light. Can't wait to see your warm cozy home!

  6. I love lamps too. You do have some really pretty ones. Love the rooster and also the candlestick one with all the candlesticks beside it. Such a pretty arrangement. Hugs, Marty

  7. Well even if it's a chilly day Saturday, I can already tell your beautiful home will be warm and welcoming. I love lamps in corners too - and soon I'll be building a fire and lighting my candles as well - love Autumn/Winter evenings.

    See you soon.
    Mary X

  8. I love your lamps. They are cozy. We have night lights in almost all our rooms. I have a nice soft throw on every chair and sofa. Of course Candles. You have to have candles. They are a must.

  9. Lamps always add such an inviting glow of comfort to our home, too. Other ways I try to make our home cozy is the lighting of scented candles, homemade soups and cookies, instrumental music, and blankets to cuddle up in read a good book or watch a favorite movie.
    These are some of what I do to make our home cozy.
    Warm blessings,
    p.s.--Love your blue & white lamp :)

  10. Hi Rhondi,

    We light candles more. In the evening before hubby gets home from work I will like one candle in the livingroom. In the morning my Hubby is always the first one up so he lights it and than I get up and fix breakfast for us.


  11. My daughter in law did that in her classrooom out in Union Co. ( 8th grade English).
    Two lamps made a glow in the room.
    See you for Book Club.

  12. Small lamps add so much to a room. Fun post here! See you tomorrow night, I'll email directions to my house. I also woke this morning thinking how you had "won" a blog give away , and probably not your first! :-) Have a cozy evening!

  13. "And let there be light." Your have spread the light over your home in a beautiful way. Thanks for sharing the light with us.

    Have the most blessed day lovely lady!!!

  14. Hi Rhonda, your lamps make your home look so warm and cozy! Thanks for sharing all your beautiful lamps with us!
    Hugs, Ann

  15. Great post. I have a thing for lamps. I love how they light up spots and I love all different kinds of lamps. Yours are great. I especially like the chicken lamp.

  16. I too love lamps, especially small ones. I turn on the little lamps around the house, light a fire, set a stack of magazines on the table and have instant 'cozy'!

  17. I need to get some more lamps. They do make a huge difference. My cold weather addition is to put warm throws everywhere. I can't sit on the sofa without a throw.

  18. Your lamps are so pretty and cozy! I like small lamps too, and candles of course. It is time to find my favorite candle holders and light things up. I have a hard time when it gets dark so early. Hubby has been snoozing on the sofa since 8:30! It takes time to acclimate to the time change.

  19. I LOVE lamps, and you have some really pretty ones. My husband jokes about the lamps I always have on in our home. When we remodeled our house, I had some of the outlets wired to a light switch on the wall, so when I flip the switch, several of my lamps turn on. One of the best things I did when remodeling! Every year, I am amazed at how early it gets dark after the time change. It takes a little getting used to. laurie

  20. You have such a beautiful home Rhondi. I just love all your lamps. We have an oil lamp that I like to light on these darker and cooler nights. It does help us to feel cosy and relaxed.

  21. Rhonid, I am wildly in love with your chicken lamp! Oh, CUTE! I have one in my kitchen, too, and mine is white with red, green and blue accents (I think some yellow, too). I just love that cozy corner in your house and all of your cozy corners.

    I need to think of what to do to cozy our house. Usually do it with decorations that make us smile.


    Sheila :-)

  22. Your home looks so warm and cozy. I do the same thing with the lamps. I have one in my kitchen, that just gives it a pretty warm glow.
    I too like candles, and comfy throws on the couch and chairs. almost time for the Xmas music too!


  23. All your lamp displays are so pretty and inviting.

  24. Oh I agree! Lamps and candelight make things so cozy this time of year. Your favorite rooster lamp is my favorite rooster lamp too (probably because it's my fav color combo)!



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