Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lunch With Blog Friends

I sent out an email invitation to any bloggers that lived in North Carolina to come for lunch. I picked some flowers from the garden.


I set the table and made some soup. Only three were able to come but it was just the perfect number because we were really able to chat.


And they came...with their cameras! You can tell a blogger because we always have our cameras ready! I couldn't resist taking this shot of Penny Mary and Donna taking pictures of the food.


Mary is giving Donna some pointers.


They came bearing gifts. Mary's was wrapped with French paper, with a picture of the Eiffel tower on the tag.


Inside were sweet smelling lotion and spray, a lovely guest towel and a pretty little bottle which she got at Suzanna's. If you read Mary's blog you will know about Suzanna's shop.


Penny's gift came wrapped in red toile.


It was a beautiful vintage kitchen towel in all the colors I love and a rolling pin with blue and white handles. I've never see one like that before, the perfect colors: blue and white.


Donna sews these cute bags and she made one for each of us.


Inside mine was an apron she made ...


and some recipe cards, a snowman cookie cutter and a mini loaf of lemon poppy bread.


We had such a wonderful time. I felt like we had been friends all our lives. We talked non stop and before we knew it 3 hours had gone by! Thanks for driving so far to come to my house for lunch and for bringing me such thoughtful gifts. You're the best!

Here we are: Penny, Mary, Donna and me.


They are all still driving home as I write this so I'm the first to post about our lunch. Hope you have a safe trip home!

Rhondi xo


  1. Oh what a fun time you guys surely had. We just had the Az. Blogger lunch and it was so much fun. Your gifts are all lovely. Hugs, Marty

  2. Well, this is just about the nicest thing! I know every single one of you just had the best time.
    Now, I guess I had better think of having one of these in TEXAS !! WOO HOO

  3. Oh, I wish I could have joined you. What fun you had! Thanks for sharing your time together with us. Love those gifts - so sweet, but that's the way we blog-girls are! ~Adrienne~

  4. What a great day!!! I would have loved to attend, but unfortunately I live in PA!!! Oh well! So cute the pictures of you all taking pictures! Enjoy your day!

  5. What a lovely time together. I wish I lived near by to visit your home. Glad you all had the opportunity to meet and enjoy a visit. Blogging friends are very special! Thanks for sharing this. ~ Sarah

  6. How wonderful and blessed to have an opportunity to meet the people who share your time with you on a daily basis. To meet them in person is such a true blessing. When I started blogging I never thought I would touch so many from a far. Some day I hope to beable to meet the many friends I have met in blog land. Rhondi you are on the top of my list I cherrish your blog in way you may never know. Your such a Wonderful Person.
    Peace and Many Blessings
    Cheryl..Snatch JOY~

  7. Rhondi,
    I am home safe and sound. I got home around 5:30. Just finished dinner that my sweet husband made and checked out the blogs.

    I had the most wonderful time today. Your home is lovely and warm. Your lunch was sooooo very yummy and your heart was so sweet, to issue this invitation to all of us. Thank you again.

    I am off now to create my blog about this wonderful NC blog lunch.

  8. Rhondi.....What a special time you all had! That was so heartwarming to see all of you getting together!~Patti

  9. Looks like so much fun. New friends are great . And they bring such nice gifts.

  10. What a fun lunch! That's a great idea Rhodi. I know y'all had a wonderful time. I love all the camera holding pictures.

  11. How special it is to see some of my very favorite bloggers together having fun!!


  12. How delightful! It looks like all of you had such fun and lovely gifts.

  13. Rhondi,
    I made it back to town around 6:30. The ride was long but so worth it. I had such a wonderful time in your lovely home, with your lovely lunch, and meeting all you lovely people! Not only did I come away with 3 new friends, but with lots of tips on blogging. Thank you for opening up your home to us. I hope to be seeing you all again...soon! Anytime you want to come to the lace factory, let me know. Hugs, Donna

  14. What a fun luncheon you ladies had! I just found your blog via Penny at the Comforts of Home. I also live in NC! Wish I had known, I would have come to lunch today. After reading through your blog, I see that you like blue and white and you also quilt. I do too!!! Last week, I drove to Virginia to meet a blogger friend who was visiting there from Oklahoma. It was so much fun to meet in person after getting to know each other online. It was so neat to meet each other and already know so much about one another. I will look forward to reading your blog. Love & blessings from NC!

  15. Hi Rhondi, Oh what a delightful time you had with the girls. Such darling gifts from thoughtful ladies. I just know you had a wonderful time. How creative of you to have a luncheon and invite blog friends. Last May I was also blessed to have Sherry from Edie Marie's Attic, her daughter in law Chris and Linda from Linda's bluegate come for lunch too. They were in the area on a southern trip for two weeks. We had a great time and like you said, chatted like long time friends.

    God truly brings people together and gifts us with friendship so precious. I am thrilled for you all. Thank you for sharing your wonderful day, The pics of you all are so dear.

    Blessings to you,
    Celestina Marie

  16. Me again, I see from your invitation that you live in Charlotte. My daughter lives there! I live in Greensboro. Small world, isn't it? Love & blessings from NC!

  17. Rhondi, what a fabulous time at your beautiful home today. Thanks so much for inviting me - just wonderful to meet you in person after so long sharing our blogs. Pleasure to meet your DH (thanks for welcoming mine!) and sweet Barb who was a true sport when we loaded her down with cameras!! Seeing Penny again was great - she is such a sweetie, and meeting Donna means another nearby blogger to hang out with.

    The lunch was delicious (you have to share the soup recipe, please) and seeing your really lovely home, quilts, and collection of blue and white china, made for the perfect day........creative surroundings in the company of fun friends.

    Thanks for everything - Mary X

  18. Hope you all had a great time! Maybe next time you could coordinate it with a field trip to the Christmas show @ the former Merchandise Mart. Of course, no blogger likes to shop! LOL!

  19. Thanks for sharing your lovely time with the rest of us. What wonderful gifts thay came bearing. Glad you got to meet each other.

  20. Rhondi I am so glad you all had such a wonderful time together and that you shared it with us! Blogging friends are just the best! Looks like you got some lovely gifts as well. How wonderful! I hope everyone got home safe and sound also! xxoo

  21. I've wondered whether you managed to do your lunch! Now we know, what fun for you. Mary is the one of your guests that I know, and we had quite a correspondance. So glad it worked well, and wish I lived near!!

  22. Oh, what a fun day with terrific bloggers! Wish I lived closer.


  23. what a delightful get-together you had!!! thanks for sharing!

  24. Oh, what fun you had! Lovely photos of all of you! I hope I can come next time!

  25. Rhondi, it had to be just wonderful. I thought of you all together yesterday, and knew you were having a great time.

    Thank you so much for your kind heart, and for sharing this fantastic experience with all of us.

  26. So wonderful for all of you to be able to get sounds like you all had a lovely time.
    Thank you for sharing, have a lovely day.

  27. Looks like a great time indeed! Sorry I missed it.

  28. What a great time! Good company and treasures shared by kindred hearts.
    :)Sounds like a perfect day!

  29. Glad everything went well--I love the pic of everyone with their cameras!!

  30. I am sooooo sad that I live sooooo far away, cuz I would have LOOOOOOOVED to come to your house for a little blog-meeting! What a lovely table you prepared and what wonderful gifts the ladies brought to you!!! Thank you so much for sharing your fun with us!


  31. I am reading your post from my hotel room in Tennessee and wishing I could have attended your luncheon. I got a kick out of the picture of the ladies and their cameras. Your table looked so pretty and the menu sounds delicious. What beautiful gifts you were given. Bloggers sure are a friendly and generous group of people.

  32. Hi Rhondi,
    Oh what fun you North Carolina ladies had. I would love to have been able to join you. Your home is beautiful and you know how much I love your blue and white china collection.
    P.S. I worked on your blue hydrangea sign today and will have it finished later this week.

  33. Rhondi,
    What a wonderful lunch, friends, food, and gifts. What more could a girl ask for? Especially wonderful to have a get together with blogging friends. You speak a private language, and it's true how we all photograph everything around us.


  34. Oh what a wonderful luncheon you ladies must have had! I love the picture of everyone with a camera. And what lovely gifts too.
    Thanks for sharing your special time together.


  35. Hello Rhondi, I am sad because I couldn't join you all on Saturday. I know you had a lovely time and everyone brought such dear gifts. We blogging girls know how to share. Your table is lovely and I know the food was terrific. A wonderful blogging get together for sure.

    We arrived home LATE last night and our new puppy is such a treasure. I posted late today, but of course, it was all about the puppy. LOL.

    I love your photos btw.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  36. What a fun thing, Rhondi! I am looking forward to having lunch with Sally tomorrow because I feel like we're old friends!


    Sheila :-)

  37. What a blessing for each of you~ the ladies all photographing the table made me giggle, truly a group of bloggers :-)

  38. Oh Sweet Rhondi! How wonderful to met up with darlings Penny, Mary & Donna! How many of us would have loved to have joined you! It is so fun to see them in your home...your famous "blue" blogland home!


  39. Oh fun! I am so wishing I lived in your neck of the woods because I would have been there too:>) Your table was beautiful and judging from the posts of these ladies the food was great too!

  40. WOW! How nice that must have been. Love the pics. It is a great idea. Maybe I will have to do this with Maryland! Thanks, Steph

  41. Hi Rhondi,
    How very wonderful! a afternoon full of fun,memories made, yummy food and lifetime friendship. I wrote Penny and told her I want to live in NC too!
    You had a lovely idea, I think it was the sweetest and most thoughtful lunchen to host.
    Enjoy your day, hugs to you,

  42. You are such a SWEETHEART Rhondi... I know that everyone treasured every second of being with you and in your beautiful home.

    Sooooooooo sweet......



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