Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pillow Party

Welcome to my pillow party.  I'm so glad you decided to visit.   

There are so many uses for pillows in our homes.  Here are just a few of them. I like to use pillows to add interest to a plain chair.  This is one I made, hand appliqued and quilted.

Sometimes two pillows look even better,so I added this little yard sale needlepoint one. It's not very comfortable to sit in this chair with two  pillows, so you have to remove them when you sit there!

I use pillows for comfort.  There are two on my chaise.  The top one I made and the other I've had for years.

I like to use them to add color to a room. These red ones add color to my white couch and get changed to yellow in the spring.

Of course we need pillows on our beds.  One or two are definitely not enough. Red pillows on a guest bed.

Quilted pillow on another guest bed, didn't make these.
  The needlepoint one was given to me by a friend.

What prompted this party in the first place was Manuela's post on pillows .  Don't you just love all the inspiration you get reading blogs?   I was making  some new pillows for our bed, so I thought it would be fun to show them to you and see what pillows you have in your homes. Here is what I made.  If you are interested maybe I could do a little tutorial on how to make them.

They are so nice and cozy on the bed.  Notice the ones with the teapot fabric have dotted fabric on the back.  I didn't have enough fabric but I think it looks better that way!

Detail of the patchwork one, with a yo yo in the center.  I made this one quite a while ago and probably showed it to you before.

I just love how the pillows look against the backdrop of my quilt.  Some of the pillows are down and  they are so soft and cushy.  Is that a word?

Here are some brownies I made.  I promised you refreshments!  I'll go and get the tea and be back in a minute.

Now I can't wait to visit all of you and see your pillows! Thanks for coming.

Rhondi xo

If you are joining the party, please publish your post first and then come and sign up.  Make sure you link to the exact post not your general URL.


  1. So many beautiful pillows you have there. I specially love the compas with the yoyo in the middle! I wish I had some pillows so I could join your fun party.

  2. Oh Rhondi, I still don't have the memory card for my camera so I can't share, but I love your pillows and feel inspired to try some pretty quilted ones like yours. I love evry single one of these! Thanks for sharing, yes, blogland is such a great place for inspiration!

  3. Love all of your pillows and the way you caught the sunshine on some of them. Thank you for hosting this fun party.
    Have a great Monday,

  4. Rhondi, your pillows are just beautiful. I always just swoon over your blue and white!

    I posted a pillow slideshow but for some reason it won't let me add any words to the post. Sometimes I just don't understand Blogger. :)

    Thanks for organizing this fun party.



  5. You have so many very beautiful pillows. They add so much charm to your decor. Thanks for sharing them.


  6. I wish I lived at your house, I might just be trying to turn mine into it. I love all of the blue pillows, especially the teacups as I collect blue and white teapots.

    Did your beautiful teapot quilt hang at a show this past summer? I think I might have seen it?

  7. Rhondi,
    Your pillows are beautiful. I love them all. Yes, I think the teacups looks fabulous with the dotted side. I especially love the "basket weave" blue strip. All look so lovely on the bed. Just want to cuddle right up.

  8. Oh Rhondi, I'm awe-stricken here! Do you enter your quilts in quilt shows? They are so striking! You have the best blue and white of anyone I know. I just love to visit you. Those pillows. Oh my word. I'm just speechless. And that, my friend, is extremely odd indeed. You need to take us on a tour of your home now. I'm beside myself with curiousity. And I don't think I'll rest until I see it. Hint...hint...

  9. Your pillows look so beautiful. I must find me one like your sun one, it is just too cute.


  10. Cute, cute pillows, Rhondi. Of course I'm partial to the blue ones. I can almost smell the brownies! Have a warm evening on this cold night.

  11. Just fabulous Rhondi~ You have made one gorgeous pillow after another, love the tea-cup fabric, the red ones, the blue ones, yes they are so wonderful! Cindy

  12. Rhondi, how did I miss this? I would definitely have joined in on this one, but am just now seeing it. Guess I wasn't paying attention, again!

    Loved seeing all your pillows and peeks into other rooms in your home. Everytime I see that blue and white quilt of yours, I'm reminded of your amazing talent.

    Hope you'll consider hosting another pillow party sometime. I've lots of pillow I could share. Hugs ~ Sarah

  13. Hi Rhondi,
    I loved seeing all your beautiful pillows!


  14. wow, wonderful pillows and the brownies look yummy. I enjoyed your tour.

  15. You can never have too many pillows!

  16. I enjoyed looking at everyones pillows today. Thanks for having this fun link. The dog ate our pillows:)

  17. Oh Rhondi, how beautiful! I would love to learn to sew, or maybe just use a sewing machine, so that I can make even very simple pillows. Your are beautiful! Thanks for hosting. :)

  18. So many beautiful pillows - I loved every one of them!
    It would be fun to learn how to make them; mine are all store bought.

  19. Just discovered your Pillow Party a little late this evening, so I will try to get something together to play along. I too, adore pillows.
    I will look forward to checking out all the others.
    Thanks for a fun one ;-)

  20. I just popped over from Mary's Mosaics -- just had to tell you how simply lovely your pillows are.

    I admire ANYONE who can even thread a needle let alone create such divine beauty!

    If you get a minute would love for you to stop by and say hi!

    TTFN~~ Claudia &hears; ♥

  21. Hi Wonderful Rhondi!

    I just love these photos and your thoughts! The one at near the top that you made is just GREAT! I like what you said about I joined the party with my "Comfort Cushions" and the video that demonstrates them.

    So nice to be hear and your blog looks so lovely!Thank-you for hosting this sweet event!



  22. Oh, I just love all your pillows! And I love the idea of a pillow party. I'm so sorry I didn't find out about it until now or else I would have joined! I saw Beverly's pillow post on How Sweet the Sound and clicked over here. The pillows you made are beautiful - I agree that the polka dot pattern looks really great on the back of the teacups. I just love blue & white together - you picked some wonderful fabrics. I'd love to see a tutorial if you do one. I'll be following along now. You have a lovely blog - I'm so glad I discovered it!

  23. Rhondi, no wonder you wanted to host a pillow party. You have so many beautiful pillows. I always love seeing the bright colors you use in your home. It always looks so cheerful and inviting. Thank you for hosting this party. laurie

  24. Oh Rhondi, I do love all of your pillows, but I think I love the redwork one best of all as redwork is my absolute favourite thing on earth, but then having said that, I am mighty fond of blue and white as well and your blue and white pillows are really tugging at my soul! Fabulous, just fabulous! xxoo

  25. Hi Rhondi...Thanks for hostessing this pretty party!! Your pillows are all so beautiful! I love coming here to look around.

    And...those Brownies and Tea were delicious.

  26. Ah, Rhondi. It is pillow heaven in your home. You have the most incredible eye and talent for creating beauty. I adore every single one.

    Those brownies certainly look tasty. I just filled my cup with coffee.

    Thank you so much for doing this. We all love our pillows. I just wish I had room for more.

  27. Beautiful pillows - beautiful EVERYTHING!!!


  28. Rhondi I would love it if you did a tutorial on how to make those pretty pillows! Especially the ones with the ruffle edge. I've been wanting to make some but really don't know how beyond a basic pillow.

    All your pillows are lovely! But you know I'm drawn to the red ones! Gorgeous.

    Thanks for hosting!


  29. Rhondi,
    This is my first visit but it will not be my last...I just LOVE your I'm going to follow along with you:) The PILLOW party idea is soooo neat...I don't have any pics that I can share today...sure do wish I did:( I LOVE pillows and have them all over my home and put away in closets for changing out! Hope you have a FUN week and a great PARTY!


  30. Oh, much inspiration. Loved this party. Everyone I know will be receiving pollows from me. My first gift will be a rooster pillow for my sister-in-law. Can't stop making those roosters..

  31. Rhondi, your pillows are beautiful. It's amazing how you can change the look of the room with just a few pillows! I am still working on mine. I have 4 made and need to work on some more. I think I need to get more creative and come up with a pattern for my next ones. You have inspired me! And thanks for the no calorie brownies!

  32. A beautiful lovely post! I would love to learn how to make them!

  33. Rhondi,
    Your parties are the best! I love throw pillows, and I always have room for one more. I love how the stacks of blue and white pillows look against that painting. I love each vignette on your party post, but the blue and white ones are dreamy.

  34. Your pillows are fantastic!! and the Quilt - WoWee! so beautiful. You are very talented. So glad I got to your blog to see the loveliness. LindaSonia

  35. Rhondi, I chose the perfect day to catch up with you. My pillow post is a little late, but I sure am glad I attended your party anyway! Your pillows are gorgeous..and I have to say that I could not pick a favorite if I wanted to. I always love your blue and white decor.
    ♥, Susan

  36. Rhondi,

    Love your pillow post. Came here from Manuela's link. It was fun. Your pillows are ALL so pretty. Love the needle point. love the blue and white and the red and white. ...two of my favorite color combinations! Thanks so much for the party. :-)

  37. Rhondi, your pillows are beautiful!


  38. Hello! I came over to peak at all the pillows. I follow Manuela's blog and really enjoyed all of her pillow photos. I love yours! I was telling her that I always buy my pillows but i'm gonna have to try to make some. I hope you don't mind me becoming a follower of yours. Come visit me some time and hopefully become a follower of my humble blog. :)

  39. Thanks for the party! I ran into it today!! :) My post for today was a pillow so I figured it was fate! Love your pillows!!

  40. All of your pillows and quilts are beautiful!! I love all your blues! Thanks for hosting the pillow party.

  41. Your pillows are just lovely.....I especially love the blue teacup fabric pillow.
    A pillow tutorial would be a wonderful thing!!!!

  42. Rhondi, I came across your party invite when visiting my friend, The Tablescaper.
    Oh, I know you hosted this party just for me!
    I love, love, love pillows! And your pillows are such a joy to see! Especially the blue and white. They would go perfectly with my post.
    I am very glad I found you, and I will visit often for I am a new follower! You have a smashing style!

  43. Rhondi I love your pillows! A girl can never have too many pillows {just ask our hubbys} :-)

    Yes Yes Yes please do a tutorial...I'd love it!

    Happy day,
    Hugz, Dolly

  44. O, you do have some beautiful pillows...and a LOT of them.
    I somehow missed the notice of your's ok as I don't have very many pillows and no new ones. All I have I've blogged about before. So, I am just enjoying looking...
    xo bj

  45. Your work is just gorgeous. I love all your pillows and quilts. My favorite fabric is the blue and white teapot print and it looks great with the other blues and whites.

  46. And do I ever love being inspired by blogs! Manuela introduced me to yours and can I just move in with you? We could sew, shop, eat, decorate, turn another woman's trash into treasure and have so much fun. Oops. I take that back. I'd miss my husband too much! *wink* So, from a distance... LOVE YOUR BLOG RHONDI-girl!

  47. Love your pillows, love your entire home Rhondi.

    Sorry I missed the party - my very dear friend died on Fri. and the past days have been so sad for us. I took a short blog break but will be back tomorrow.

    Hugs - Mary

  48. Oh, my! Your pillows are breathtaking! What eye candy! I especially love the ones you made and the needlepoint one your friend made! And I love your quilt! And I would love to reach in & grab one of those delicious-looking brownies! Looks like you bake as well as you sew! Hope you're having a great week! Patti

  49. Hi Rhondi,
    What a wonderful post! It's such a happy post and I love pillows too! and have many around my home. I must say I am in love with the blue and white teacup pillows with the poke a dots. I am a big teacup collector so this just makes my heart sing.
    You are one very special lady.
    Take care and enjoy your week,, keep creating.
    Hugs, Elizabeh~Home is Where the Heart is

  50. Oh Rhondi, it looks like your just the bell of the ball with your beautiful pillows. I love the coziness you can create with pillows!

    Have a fun at all the pillow parties and God bless ya'll!!!

  51. Oooh, I love your pillow party! But, like usual, I'm a day late. Are you having another? I would love to join in next time. I've subscribed for your blog's feed. Maybe I won't miss out on the next one. Your blog is beautiful, very inspirational to this new blogger!

  52. Oh I so love your pillows...I have oodles of them in my home..I should of joined your party..what a great idea..maybe next time. Have a wonderful rest of your week.

  53. Rhondi, I messed up my link, so I had to enter it a second time to get it back in there. Sorry about that.

  54. I just linked up to the party. Thanks for hosting it.

  55. I saw so mnay wonderful pillows in blog land this week and enjoyed them all! Yours are especially lovely.

  56. Hi Rhondi! I always enjoy visiting you! Your pillows are just wonderful. I just love fabric! The one thing that's really jaw-dropping is the blue and white quilt hanging over your bed. I can't stop coming back to look at it again. You do absolutely magnificent work!


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