Monday, August 26, 2013

Say Goodbye to Messy Paint Cans DIY Paint tip

I have a great DIY paint tip for you on how to keep all that drippy mess off the side of your paint can, say goodbye to messy paint cans.  Let me show you  my latest project, which is how I discovered it.
Like many of you, I love to putter around my house,rearrange things, find treasures while I’m out thrifting and then find a place for them in my house.    I haven’t repainted the walls very often  because we usually end up moving before they need to be painted or before I tire of the color!  The longest we have ever lived in a house is 5 years, so I have the fun of a new paint when we moved.
We have been here for 9 years,which is a record for us and we don’t plan to move in the next year so I decided it’s time to repaint.  I have loved this soft yellow we’ve had, but it’s time for a change.  This is our front hall/foyer.

I have to tell you that I am the world’s sloppiest painter.  The walls always look good, but I get paint everywhere.   While I was in Home Depot last week,  waiting for the kind lady to shake up the paint, I noticed this.   It was under $3.00.
Oh my goodness, this is the best thing since sliced bread! If you haven’t used it before you are going to love it!!  You just take the paint lid off and put this on.
I poured the paint into my roller tray and this is the only drip I got.

When I finished I just folded the spout down and it seals the lid.  When I need it again I can shake the can or remove the lid and stir.  So easy!
The paint can on the left is how my paint usually looks when I’ve finished a job.   The one on the right is with using the SHUR LINE spout.
I painted the walls pure white, no tint added. Already the room looks so much brighter.
I bought a stencil from A C Moore, used my 40% off coupon.  I decided to do the stencil pattern in blue.  If you know me you aren’t surprised. Before I started I tried couple of samples to see what color blue to use and decided on a medium blue.
Here it is at the beginning of the project.
Did I tell you my daughter is getting married in 6 weeks and I am making her dress which I haven’t even started yet?   Not such a good time to be repainting my house, you say?  The wedding is going to be out of town so I’m not even doing it to look nice for the wedding guests who might come by.  But when I have an idea I want to do it right away, so I just did! Call me crazy.
My living and dining room are getting a facelift too. I will show you more as I go along.
Rhondi xo
*my opinion about the SHUR LINE product was not endorsed by the company.  I just wanted to tell you about a great product I found.

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