Friday, August 2, 2013

Sewing a Brown and White Slipcover Mistake

The slipcovers on my wing chairs were so worn out and I really needed to do something about it.   So I found some fabric which really looked nice and it happened to be on sale.
I got them finished in only 3 days.   They look great!  What I didn’t know was that I was sewing a brown  slipcover mistake
                                                                      Didn’t they turn out nice?
I hate them!  What was I thinking?
I don’t like brown.  I like blue and white, yellow, red, green.
But I thought maybe if I just rearranged other things in the room, added a few other things that would fit in, I might like it better.   Nope.  I still hate it.  So as soon as I find something better these will be replaced.  I’m glad the fabric was on sale so I didn’t waste too much money!
I also bought some brown and white chevron for the dining room chairs.  Chevron is so in style.  My 31 year old daughter loved it.  I got halfway through and quit.  I didn’t like it either
All in all it’s a big brown and white mistake!  I don’t even like brown 
Have you ever done something like that?
Rhondi xo

Have you ever done something like that?

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