Saturday, September 7, 2013

Chandelier Makeover with Spray Paint

I have wanted to do a chandelier makeover with spray paint for some time.  Our chandelier is brass with black accents.  It came with the house and I’ve never liked it.  Some time ago I saw Candice Olson on her HGTV show do a chandelier makeover with white spray paint and it was gorgeous, so I decided that’s what I wanted to do.

 The candles and part of the upper center was black  which made it even darker, but I had already painted them before I took this photo.  It has beautiful crystals on it that really sparkle when it is lit up.

 Last weekend I finally got around to doing my chandelier makeover with spray paint.  Do you ever have a idea for a project  and it takes you forever before you actually do it, and when you finally do,  it takes much less time than you thought it would?

On the HGTV show she covered every crystal with foil and then spray painted it while it was hanging from the ceiling.  I have no idea how she ever sprayed it without getting spray throughout the entire room!  I took off all the crystals first. Fortunately  I took a “before” picture  or I wouldn’t have know which crystals went where when I went to put them back on.  Anyhow, I took off the crystals and cleaned them while my husband disconnected the wires.  The only tricky part was finding a place to hang it while I spray painted it.  The hook for the  bird feeder in our backyard worked just fine.
I used Rustoleum gloss white.  This picture isn’t very good.  I need a new camera.  Maybe my husband will read this 😉
                                                            I love how it turned out.

                                                        It really sparkles when it’s lit up!

You might have noticed there are a few patches of different color paint on the walls.  I was trying to decide between a pale blue or white. I like the look of the living room all white so I think the dining room is going be white too.  As soon as I get the dining room walls painted my spray painted chandelier will look enter better and sparkle even more!
But I have a wedding dress to make for my daughter so all painting  is on hold until I get that finished!
Before I go I just want to encourage you that if there is a small project around your home that you’ve planned to do and haven’t yet, maybe you should just do it.  I’m glad I finally did!
Rhondi xo

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