Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Hello my dear blogging friends

I love books. Charles W. Eliot said " Books are the quietest and most constant friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors and the most patient of teachers."

Books are not just good for reading. They are also great for displaying things. They come in all our favorite colors, mine being blue! So the blue cat can match the blue books. How convenient. There are large books for large bunnies. It's sitting on a few of my large art books.
And small books for little chicks to roost on. I love the little Mary Engelbreit books and have found all mine at yard sales for 50 cents.
I like to collect all kinds of books. Decorating books.
Gardening books. The camelias are fresh out of my garden this morning. They are so beautiful.
I collect books full of color. Kaffe Fassett's books are some of my favorites for inspiration when I am working on an idea for a new quilt.
I collect old books and especially am happy when I find children's books.

This is a wonderful old book that has this raised bronze title.
Here is the precious inscription inside the front cover with a little picture of the person who gave the book.
One of the lovely illustrations in the book.
I like to collect books that inspire and encourage. The one I have found to be the most encouraging and inspiring is the black one on the left.
That's bible. Helen Exley said," Books can be dangerous. The best ones should be labelled" this could change your life". The bible changed my life and each time I read it, I am refreshed, inspired, encouraged or wiser.

Have you read any "dangerous" books lately?

Rhondi xo


  1. Love your bunnies and things:-). I too love my books. I go through them from time to time though and donate quite a few to our library. But I do restock afterwards:-). I showed a couple of posts ago my cookbook collection:-)
    Have a wonderful day!!!

  2. I love all your books too!
    Old and new. I do love the old ones for displaying. Vintage Childrens books are very special - infact I cannot get enough of all books. Love Libraries too!
    Carol x

  3. I love, decorating, quilting, and more. Right now I am having trouble finding a suitable place for my cookbooks. I want them out in the open where I can see them! I guess we can never have too many bookcases. I can't say any one book changed my life but rather if not for books I wouldn't be who I am.

  4. I love books too! I display mine in bookcases along with other little treasures I collect. I love the way you have displayed yours. Absolutely beautiful!

  5. I love your sweet post of today. Books are so fabulous in so many ways. I love finding them at sales....and I love your colorful ones.
    If I had to choose a book that changed my life and ways of thinking, other than our precious Bible, it would be Sheindler's List. (it brings tears, just thinking of it.)
    hugs, bj

  6. Oh, these are so beautiful, Rhondi!

  7. You have a marvelous collection of books! I love books and have a few of the same ones you do. Great old children's books you have!

    I enjoyed seeing the ways you have your books displayed!


  8. Rhondi,
    Love your book post and agree with your comment about the Holy Bible, well put and so true.
    We seem to have many of the same books. I'm off to look into some of Kaffe Fassett's books that I have been hearing about in blog land recently but had not heard of before.

  9. Me too! I love books - all kinds of books. I'd love to have just one room in my house with wall to wall bookcases - a library - that would be so cool!

    You have a wonderful collection and I do love the blue and white rabbit and kitty!

    Have a great weekend!


  10. Ooohhh, Rhondi, what a lovely pictures of your books. I instantly fell in love with your blue cat and your bunny. Oooohhh my, they are just adorable. Big sigh. LOVELY!
    (I'll stop now, otherwise ...)

    Greetings, Carolien

  11. I am sure you know from reading my blog that I share your love for books. I collect vintage books also and like to group them by color. I am always on the hunt for pretty red ones. Not a surprise there right? :) I collect children's books but for the most part they are not vintage books but sweet stories that I still love to read. Rereading a child's book over as an adult often gives the book a whole new dimension. I am lucky to have two special Bibles beside my own. One is my grandmother's child's Bible from the beginning of the 1900s and the other is my mother's Bible from when I was growing up. I used to carefully take it from our coffee table draw and look at it in awe. My mother got a new one and gave me the old one. Guess where it is? In our coffee table drawer. There is something very secure about knowing it is there!

    It is good to visit with you and catch up. I hope we will get on top of things here and I can relax more in the coming weeks. Thank you for your kind words on my blog. It is at times like this that my physical limitations frustrate me and make me feel handicapped. Your words were uplifting.

    Hugs ~

  12. Hmmm...looks like I would like to dig through your library!

  13. Hello Rhondi- I found you from Pam at Bear Creek and I LOVE your pictures! Your flowers are so beautiful- I can't wait for spring! I love old books, too, especially if someone wrote in them long ago. But I REALLY love the little chicks perched on top! (LOL) I just wanted to let you know I stopped by!

  14. Oh I love your book collection!!
    I see a few I have also
    birds of a feather.


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