Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dainty Blue

Good morning my friends

If you have visited me before you know I love collecting china. This tea set is probably my favorite of all I have. My aunt gave me the first cup and saucer when I was a teenager and little by little I acquired a teapot cream & sugar, 8 cups and saucers , small plates and a square cake plate.
This is very dear to my heart because my aunt was very dear. My Aunt Lottie was the aunt we all liked to visit. She made the best chocolate chip cookies and I always wondered how they seemed to be just out of the oven even if we stopped by unexpectedly!
The pattern of the tea set is Dainty Blue by Shelley. Over the years several of the cups have broken, I chipped the spout and just recently I dropped something and it took a chip out of the creamer. The spout of the teapot was repaired perfectly so that you would never know it had been damaged, but over the years there is a little discoloration at the tip. I would like to replace the cups that broke and get a new creamer but it has gotten so expensive! I check on Ebay periodically but am always outbid. My only hope is maybe at a garage sale someone won't know the value of it! Whenever I have a friend come for tea I'll often use my dainty blue. Today I have a new friend coming for tea so I decided to use it. I love the daintiness of the cups, the way the cups are scalloped and the shape of the teapot.
I am so glad you stopped so I could share my dainty blue with you. I have 2 teacups set out but if you decide to pop in there's another one ready for you.
Until my friend arrives I'm back in the kitchen working on the backsplash. It's almost done and I'm pleased with the results so far.
Hope you have a great day. Thanks for visiting.
Rhondi xo


  1. What a gorgeous set!! Yes, dainty blue is a perfect description! Enjoy your guest, wish I could come join you!


  2. Oh, it's breathtaking! So dainty - and blue - and beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us and the story behind it. That makes it even more special. Yes, please set out another cup. I'll join you and your friend. It will take me all day to get there! Maybe I'll just have a cup of tea in a special cup here and think of you and your friend enjoying tea together. ~Adrienne~

  3. Hey Rhondi,
    My sister-in-law gave me one of these cups... I only have one... the whole set is just unbelievable...lucky you.
    It is so funny you are working on your backsplash... I'm working above my cabinets......
    I hope you share when you are done.

  4. Rhondi,
    We are all envious of the beautiful blue and white tea set....

    Yes, Katherine and I will join you if that's alright....Betty

  5. Hello Rhondi,

    Wat a lovely blue china and what a nice memory of your aunt. Thanks for sharing! I looooooooove blue china too.

    Greetings, Carolien

  6. Hi
    I have been reading your blog for a few days. I am surprised at how many of your "likes" are the same as mine, china included! I have 2 dainty blue cups and saucers and love them. I collect teapots too!
    Your writing is so interesting.

  7. Hi Rhondi

    Thanks for visiting me on my blog--I have jst discovered yours and feel like I've come to a warm and welcome place! How nice to meet you!

  8. What a beautiful set..I love the blue and white and it goes perfect with the linen underneath.. thanks for sharing..


  9. You have a beautiful tea set! I also collect tea pots. You've given me inspiration to show some on my blog. I think I'll start tomorrow!

  10. I love the name of this tea set. You always have the prettiest teacups to share! I agree that the scalloped edges are beautiful. It turns a teacup into a piece of art.
    I also adore that cross stitched tablecloth! Did you make this one yourself or is it an old family heirloom?

    Hugs ~

  11. Oh Rhondi, this set is just lovely. You did a wonderful job of photographing it. I can even hear the little tinkle of the cups against the saucers as you have your tea.
    Kathy b

  12. Rhondi, that is one of the prettiest tea sets I have ever seen. What a treasure! The pattern is so dainty and the scalloped design is just beautiful. The fact that is a family treasure is what makes it the most special of all. I hope you find more pieces some day.

  13. Hi Rhondi!

    That tea set is lovely!

    I realized tonight, that you must not have been aware that you won my giveaway for a blog header!

    Congrats! Email me when you get a chance: lookingtowardsheaven at gmail dot com
    And let me know what you are thinking about for ideas!


  14. What a gorgeous set! I love how dainty it is. Please pour a cupfor me, I will be right over!

  15. Your teaset is gorgeous! I love the delicate pattern. ~ Lynda xo

  16. Oh Rhondi... that tea set is just so beautiful! It's like a new breeze of pure joy; just by looking it at it.

    Thanks for sharing such beauty with us



  17. I'd love to stop by and have tea with you in those beautiful cups.

  18. I just recently discovered your blog. I will visit again.

    I too love pretty china and having friends over for tea. I would love to have a few pieces of Shelly's Dainty Blue but right now it's way out of my budget...Your set is so beautiful.

  19. You have such an eye for the beautiful! The tea set is dainty and lovely and just he thing to make my heart flutter. Susan

  20. Oh my gosh, that is just gorgeous!
    and congrats on your awards!


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