Friday, February 1, 2008


Hello friends. Glad you stopped by. It was very dull today and then all of a sudden this afternoon the sun came out and I noticed the way the sun reflected and sparkled on this crystal biscuit jar which was sitting on the island in the kitchen. So I walked around our home and took photos of some other things that sparkled in my home today as the sun was shining in. Crystal on the windowsill.
Close up.
Even closer.
Another view of sparkles in the biscuit jar.
The sun sparkles on a blue jar on the kitchen windowsill.

Sparkles on glass pebbles.
Sparkles hanging in the window.
Other bits of blue glass that sparkled with the reflection of the sun.
Sparkles on a silver star plate and brass lamp in the background.

Look at the sparkles on the star and apple. The brass lamp sparkles.
The gold molding on a picture frame. Isn't it interesting how parts of it reflect the light and it sparkles in various places?
The gold edge on a china dish sparkles.

Another view of the dish.
The gold on an old teapot. You knew I'd have to have a teapot in here somewhere!More sparkles on the teapot.

Some "jewels" sparkle.

This last piece of jewelry says it all!
So that's what was sparkling in our home today. Now if I'd just get the windows clean they would sparkle even more!

If you've got the time I'd love you to leave a comment, but if you can't, that's okay. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed the visit. Come back and see me again soon.

Rhondi xo


  1. How very pretty Rhondi.
    I loved seeing all of your pretty things sparkle.

  2. What a beautiful blog you have.
    I thought you might be interested to know that I have just made my first successful teapot! (Playing on a kickwheel keeps me centered.)
    I also very recently began quilting. I have not yet finished a quilt, but I am enjoying the process.
    I will visit again soon.

  3. Rhondi -
    Thank you for sharing the sunshine with this West Coast girl who is trying to be thankful for clouds full of rain. I love your pictures that reflect the spark and light. They were each special but I specially liked the jewelry.

  4. Don't we all love SPARKLE so much...sunshine, diamonds, water, snow; we take it where we can get it!
    Thanks for sharing these great pictures!!

  5. I love your biscuit jar and the blue jar! They look so pretty in the sun. ~ Lynda xo

  6. What cheeful pictures! Love it.
    Thanks so much for being open and sharing that comment with me. I'm always so inspired by women that can talk about depression with such frankness and honest. But I'm always more impressed with those that have a Christian perspective on it. I understand what you mean when you said that you didnt believe in taking drugs. I think most of us have hangups about that, feel that we maybe just dont have enough faith in God to 'power through.' I've defintaly taken a deep assessment of what I'm experiencing. I dont know if it's so much a clinical depression, but rather a situational one. Either way... it is still depression. :)

    I've decided that if things come to that... I'll just have to quite my job and do something new. But I will not rule out the option of medication. I really appreciate you Rhondi! Thanks so much,,, keep in touch.

  7. This was such a fun post. A wonderful topic and fun pieces. I echo Adrienne. Also on the west coast, I need some sun for sparkle to happen here.When the sun does return my windows too will need cleaning. I guess I can be thankful, gloomy days don't show dirty windows.

  8. Rhondi,
    I am so excited to have found your blog. Thank you for stopping by. When I saw you header I stopped and thought well, there is a kindred spirit. Your drapes are on my wing chair, and blue and white is my absolute favorite pattern. Mostly seeing life through rose colored glasses has been my joy for most of my life. I love you photos of all this eye candy. Beautiful crystal, blue glass and your broaches are beautiful. You can never have enough sparkle in life. Blessings, Karen

    P.S. This blog is going on my favorite links

  9. Rhondi,'
    Beautiful aren't the only sparklers...only this week I've thought about all the sparklers I enjoy...the dew drops on the leaves have especially interested me lately....

    Fantastic pictures.....Betty

  10. Hi, Rhondi, I always grab my camera too when I see the sun streaming in. Just got a new one, so I'm gonna have fun playing with it. Your sparkles are so pretty!


  11. Hi Rhondi. Thank you for stopping by La Rea Rose. It was nice to meet you and read about your knowledge of the SDP. I have been a member for over 20 years now and was invited to the WH twice. It has been a true adventure. Loved your blog and I look forward to returning often. I hope you will do the same my way.
    La Rea Rose

  12. Hi Rhondi, Now that is one big sparkling post.
    Carol xx

  13. Rhondi, I love all your makes me want to pull out some of my crystal..


  14. Rhondi, This post brought out the magpie in me! I am so attracted to all things that shine and sparkle. It was so neat that you noticed the sunshine and what it did to these just makes me smile. Thank you. Susan

  15. Hi Rhondi, I had to run and put my sunglasses on, what a cheering post!
    best wishes,
    Luct x

  16. Nice subject! I enjoyed seeing the sunshine and sparkles!


  17. Thanks for adding a little sparkle to our day!!

    kari & kijsa

  18. Hi Rhondi, what a pretty post! I loved seeing the sun shining on your pretties!


  19. What pretty pictures. I think my favorite is that wonderful frame.

  20. Hi Rhondi,
    I love all of your sparkles and your photos are great. Colored glass is one of my favorite things!

  21. Hi Rhondi
    Wonderful post.I love the sunshine
    and sparkless.
    Have a nice day,

  22. Hi Rhondi,
    I'm just catching up with all the posts I've missed. This is Beautiful!!! Don't you just love the light as it animates cut crystal? I have that same biscuit jar, and I rarely put anything in it because I just like to see the light pour through it!


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