Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wing Haven

Hi friends

I got out a couple of pretty pink cups for us for tea today. I chose pink because Angela at Cottage Magpie is having a Valentine giveaway. To be eligible you have to post pictures of pink things in your home. Would you like the teacup with beautiful little pink flowers? Or the pale pink one with the lovely scene?
I wear a lot of pink but when I looked around my home I was surprised at how little pink I have! There is a pink and green quilt I'm working for cancer patients.
Here is a lovely old pink & white quilt which I've had for a long time and a pot of pale pink silk geraniums.
The only other things pink things I could find were these 2 books which I love and my pink glasses. My blog is named after my "rose colored glasses". So I figuratively and literally look at the world through rose colored glasses!
Yesterday I got together with 2 other ladies to decide what perennails to order for the spring sale at Wing Haven. We had a great time looking at gardening books and catalogues and making decisions about what to order.

Wing Haven is a beautiful private garden and bird sanctuary right in the heart of one of the city's prime residential neighborhoods. I volunteer there every Wednesday in the nursery.
These are a couple of pictures I took today. It is very green even in winter. Part of it is wooded with a little pond. Look at the statue of the children about to venture into the water.
As you follow the path through the garden there are lots of plaques with poems and inspiring bible verses on them. My favorite one is posted on a tree just around the bend from the statue. It's by Faith Johnson.

Woods Healing

Sometimes a part of me gets lost

And I am all distraught

And can't think why

My smallest undertaking goes amiss

And my day is spent feverishly

Doing things I had forgotten

Redoing things I had done wrong

While other things accumulate

But if some errand take me through the wood

All at once here is no hurry

I sense the obscure unhurried rhythm

Of growing things

And I am whole again

And go with quiet sureness to my work.

An update on Daisy. She was back again this morning lying down in her favorite spot again! So I've put all our old plastic garden furniture in the spot where she likes to lay down and on the path she takes to come here and I am hoping that it may deter her. I haven't seen her all day so perhaps it's working! Here is a picture of her this morning before I shooed her away!

By the way I picked up the two twig chairs by the side of the road. They aren't sturdy enough to sit in but they look great as ornamentation.
Thanks for stoppping by for a visit. Hope you'll be back soon.

Rhondi xo


  1. Such a gorgeous post. I adore Susan Branch, Siimple Abundance, gardens of all kinds, Bambi and Tea. I also could move your room that is in your header right into my living room. I agree with your philosophy ...the only way to embrace life is to always look through rose colored glasses. I try to teach my girls to look for the opportunity that is in every problem.

    Blessings, Karen

  2. Hi Rhondi,
    Love your pink teacups! What a beautiful garden -- you are very lucky to work in it!

  3. That is a great idea for Valentine's Day. Pink things.
    I don't have too much pink at my house. A lot of red though.
    Love that deer.

  4. Rhondi,

    HI ~~ from the same city.
    Need to see when Winghaven's
    Spring Sale is. I was there
    a few weeks ago for a seminar
    on gardening. Everything was
    green . It is a place that brings
    quiet to the soul.


  5. Hi Rhondi,
    I love your tea cups, especially the one with a scene:-).
    The garden is beautiful, I can only imagine how wonderul it looks in the peak of spring. I can imagine myself spending lots of time there with a good book:-).
    Thanks for sharing all these great photos.
    Have a wonderful evening!!

  6. Hi Rhondi,
    What a lovely post today! I adore both of the cups. And your quilts are stunning.

    What a wonderful garden! How nice to be able to have that near your home.

    Daisy the deer is sweet....

  7. Hi Rhondi, you may not have quantity but you have quality pink, lovely things. The Wing Haven looks like a beautiful place, how lucky to have that in the neighbourhood. Happy Valentine's Day!
    Lucy x

  8. Happy Valentine's day Rhondi...
    Carol x

  9. Taht deer is just hanging around waiting for you to plant some of those spring perrienials!! She'll eat them up over night, if she is anything like her cousins that live in my yard. They are so pretty, but I really try to discourage their visits. Good luck with her.

  10. Beautiful pictures, Rhondi!
    My fav is the one with the glasses on the books...Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!!!
    xxxooo Ruth

  11. Rhondi,
    Your blog blessed me greatly today for so many reasons. I have the same books that you do.The deer in the yard is wonderful and the poem really super to ponder on and your Grandchildren are the best of all. Your blog is an oasis in times that can be sad or crazy.
    Keep up the inspirational work!
    Mary Lou

  12. Love all the beautful photos! What a wonderful and pretty post!

    kari & kijsa

  13. Hi Rhondi, beautiful post and lovely of Angela to host! Wing Haven Gardens sounds amazing! We love private gardens too and often visit them in the Open Gardens Scheme we have here in Australia. And love your rose coloured glasses too! What a great way to look at the world :) Jenn and Jacqui

  14. I love all your pinks! Thanks for visiting my one and only post!

  15. I love your pinks! Thanks for your comments on my fledgling blog!

  16. I'm so glad I stopped by. Love the garden and the stream. Thanks for the pink respite.~~Dee

  17. Hi Rhondi!

    I happened across your blog today, enticed by the title! I prefer to see the world through rose colored glasses too!

    I love your sweet tea cups. As a devotee of tea and all the accoutrements, I really covet that scenic cup!

    The garden is so beautiful and tranquil! How you must love spending time there each week!

    I will be visiting often. You have made a very welcoming place here!

    Warm Regards, Chris

  18. Hi Rhondi.....I had missed this post. Daisy is beautiful! I do have a garden but it is mostly out front......we kept the back au natural for the simple reason of wanting to feed the deer. So, far we haven't had too many problems with munching except for a couple rhodos in the back :-) Glad you stopped by for a visit.

    Have a Great Week......Rosie

  19. Thank YOU, for the welcome.
    I did stop by, because I was looking for Carol@Winghaven....a lovely and her garden on Whidbey Island in Puget Sound ( I enjoyed Daisy's visit, your stick chairs and Pink Stuffs and the reference to the winged ones being fed by youknowwho. My wife (83) doesn't feed the birds or me any more because she's afraid that "...if I go first you'll have forgotten to forage for yourselves". I like that in an octegenarian babe with a touch of Allzheimers in Morro Bay


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