Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Day in the Life of a Blogger

Today I have a couple of friends coming over and we are going to sew on our quilts. While I am waiting for them to come I decided to visit a few of my online friends.

I thought I'd start with one person and visit someone who commented. I started the day by visiting Kathy . Don't you love the birds and hearts she makes? I sure was disappointed I didn't win the doll she had for a giveaway. It is precious.
When I left a comment I noticed that Adrienne had left a comment, so I visited her next. Adrienne always encourages me with the poems and scripture. I love the way she talks about her sweet mother and dear husband. You can just tell she loves them so much.
I was the first comment of the day so I chose to visit one of my Canadian friends Deb. She was the first person to join me in Thankful Thursday. I love the photos in her constaantly changing banner. In her post Deb mentioned Sadie Olive was having a Shades of Inspiration challenge, so I went there next. Her photography is amazing and she has such style.

A girl named Kay had left a comment , so I decided to visit her blog. She had some beautiful photos of table settings, so I had to bookmark her. I didn't know anyone of the commenters there so I decided to pop in on Karen who always blesses me with her beautiful artwork and wonderful creative stories both true and imaginary. Today she posted about a place I knew from when we lived in Canada!

Penny was the next person who I visited today. I love her beautiful mosaics. When I read her post telling about getting together with a fellow blogger I was very envious because we had planned to do that but haven't yet. Cynthia had left a comment on Penny's blog so I popped over to see what she was up to. She has a beautiful blog and was playing with plates today. Lots of us love plates don't we? Ginger, who is another blogger who I visit often, commented on Cynthia's, so I visited her next. She is taking a blogging break for awhile.

Next I went across the pond to visit Marie. She has the most delicious recipes, but it is her sharing of her heart that I love the best. Right now her daughter is having some difficulty with her pregnancy so she would appreciate your prayers. I saw Tracy's comment and I haven't stopped by to visit her in quite awhile so that was my next stop. Tracy makes the most beautiful jewlery.

Cielo had left a comment at Tracy's so she was my next stop. Cielo is another blogger that just blows me away with her creativity. I love the imagination she has when it comes to writing her posts. BJ's comment was the next one I followed. Her posts are always fun and her "Sweet Nothings"music always makes me smile.

Next I followed Beverly's comment. She hosts pink Saturday and I am amazed at how faithful she is at leaving comments! Every wednesday she asks a question. Rue left a comment so that was my next stop. The next comment I followed was Diane and I stopped there for today because my friends have arrived.

I think I rambled on a bit too much today :) So this is an example of when I have no plan but just follow a rabbit trail around blogland. Do you ever do that? Or do you systematically make sure you visit all your friends equally?

Rhondi xo

Hope you have a great day today.


  1. And hubby wonders how a girl can stay on the computer for hours at a time!

    Hugz, Dolly

  2. Fun post! I am going to check some of these out. I feel like I have not said hello to you in ages. Hope you are doing well.


  3. Hi Rhondi,
    I do the same thing! And I end up spending way too much time on the computer! But it's worth it!


  4. Hi again, Rhondi -
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your kind words here. And thank you for sharing about your tour through blogland today. I'm going to check out some of those sites. I already visit and have become friends with several of the same friends you mentioned. Isn't this a fun world that has opened up to us?

  5. Your day sounds a lot like mine, I love to hop around and meet new friends:>) I'm sorry you didnt win the angel too, I have a long list of people who I would love to make angels for! Now I need to visit some of the links to people I havent met yet:>)

  6. I start out with good intentions, just to spend a short amount of time visiting blogs. blog comment and I am goner...
    I love it though, it's so much fun. Have fun with the quilting ladies.

  7. You have had a very busy time visiting blogs. I hope you have a good time with your friends today. One of mine just left. We were chrocheting together. We are both making afghans. She was very ill and lost some memory, so I was happy she picked it up again.

  8. Hi Rhondi...well you put into words pretty much what happens to my time everyday since I discovered blogging...haha. Isn't it fun though! ;-) Bo

  9. Hi Rhondi
    What a fun post! I've visited so many new blogs just following the links you mentioned :-) So happy my blog is one you take time to stop by and read :-)

  10. It's so much fun to keep up with special blog friends but it's like an adventure to check links on someone else's blog and keep going...and going! I'm glad you stopped to see me today, too! This is FUN!

  11. Hi Rhondi:)

    Thank you for the mention on your blog...
    Really a full week and a blessing to encourage women to be creative.

    I love your blog colors so cheery!!!


  12. I think it is so fun how one place leads to a whole new place.... but mostly I just have time to visit my regulars... like you ; 0 )

  13. Hello Rhondi, I am posting a Thankful Thursday tomorrow. Thanks for letting me know how you are posting the participants. I hope you see my post. I'm late today as I was gone most of the day and evening.

    I love the way you posted your different posts you visit. That is a very nice thing to do. Visiting our blogging friends can be over whelming when your list grows longer. I can never reach everyone I care about in one day. I do try though.

    see you tomorrow. Hugs...Jeanne

  14. Good Evening Rhondi! Well I am glad you stoppped by my blog on your travels today. I promise we will get together soon! It is something I am really looking forward too. At least we have talked on the phone :-).

    I have alot of bloggers on google reader and I try to go through that list every day. It doesn't always happen. Then there are bloggers who pop into my blog and leave a message that are not on my google reader - so I try to visit them. But like you, when I go visit someone I might wander to somewhere else visiting someone who posted on another blog. You could actually spend your day blogging!
    Hugs to you my sweet friend!

  15. Hi Rhondi,
    Thanks for the visit and the comment on your post!

    I'm not doing as well on commenting these days! It can be a little overwhelming. I usually at least peek at lots of blogs daily through google reader though!


  16. Sometimes I follow a rabbit trail as you say and meet the most interesting people. Other days I catch up with the wonderful ladies I keep up with regularly. Either way is time well spent.
    You're invited to share some of your good ideas at my Great Gift Ideas party on windycorner. Come on over!

  17. Thanks for also stopping to see me Rhondi. Yes, my heart is still in France and I dream of the beautiful places I visited. The weather was so kind to us most days making everything look even better I think!! Now it's turned cold and wet over there and Winter has arrived!

    I will eventually catch up with all my blog friends - I haven't forgotten anyone, just need more hours in my day.
    Hugs - Mary.

  18. What a beautiful poem on your Veterans Day post. So appropriate. I do the same thing at the computer and before I know it several hours have gone by...Mimi

  19. Hi Rhondi, I was fixing to write a post, but when I clicked on the daisy, it goes to the website, but there is nothing there like it should be. I then went to your profile to find your email address, and when I clicked on that a dialog box popped and said email isn't properly configured or somethng like that. I am on a brand new laptop, but I've been sending and receiving emails, so I don't think it is my problem, but who knows LOL.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. In a little while I will go ahead and make a new post for Thankful Thursday, guess I will give your blog address.

    Hope you day is great!

  20. What a great post, so fun and ... yes! The day in the live of a blogger! Roxanne

  21. Hi Rhondi,

    Oh that is so so true! you said it better than I could , that's exactly how I do it too :) How fun and wonderful it is to have a blog. I always think of it as a virtual magazine of sorts, like a place I can come to for stories and inspiration. But the very best part is, I can talk to the lovely women who post such poignant and beautiful things, or just stories that move me or make me think. In a word, its a fabulous gift that everyone kinda gives each other!

    Thanks so much for putting into words how wonderful it is to have a blog and share our lives!

    ~ Hugs ~ Cynthia

  22. I do the same thing Rhondi! I go to look at one's blog and then the next thing I know I am at anothers and hopping all over the blogosphere and visiting and making new friends. There's so much heart out there to see and discover! It's pretty wonderful and helps to restore one's faith in humanity. It's not all doom and gloom as the media would have us suppose. I do have a systematic list of people I visit but I ALWAYS get side tracked!!! XXOO Many thanks for your prayers!

  23. Rhondi, you are a sweetheart - and I love this post. Your blog always gives me a smile and a warm heart. Your kind spirit comes through in every post you write and every picture you share.

    Those who know me well would laugh and nod their heads in agreement when I tell you that I am a systematic blog visitor. I start at the top of my blog list and work my way down. Then I try to pop in and visit those that have visited me that aren't on my blog list. I am really that way about everything.

    I make an effort to visit everyone that participates in Pink Saturday, and as that has grown so large, it requires a great deal of time. There are so many other blogs that I would love to visit, but I just can't find more time.

    I love blogging, and I have been blessed to meet so many wonderful people. Life is good. And, thank you for making life better for all of us.


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