Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Delightful Morning

I headed out to the shops first thing this morning to get a few last minute things for our Thanksgiving dinner. It was one of those beautiful sunny mild days we get in winter here in North Carolina, which is one of the things I love about living here.

My first stop was The Dollar Tree where I got these red plates. Aren't they great? There were also large bowls and mugs too and cute wine glasses with white snowflakes. I resisted and just got 8 plates. By the way, notice my apron has cherries on it? I forgot about it yesterday when I was photographing cherries! My next stop was Wal Mart. I thought it would be busy but it wasn't and the lady who was at the check out was singing Christmas songs and was just as cheerful as could be.
As I was heading home, I passed by the nursery and saw their "half off pansies" sign. I am really late getting pansies this year and thought I had missed my opportunity. So I was able to get all the pansies I needed for much less than I usually paid and they were bigger than what I usually get too.
I was back home by 11:15. A delightful morning full of bargains, sunshine and cheerful people.
I hope you find some sunshine and cheer in your day today.
Rhondi xo


  1. How perfect are they for the holidays? You're off to a great start today! You go girl!

  2. Well dear Rhondi, you certainly had a fruitful morning - great finds. Meanwhile I'm stuck here with the HVAC repair guy as our system is on the blink!!

    But the day is bright after last night's heavy rain - we have much to be thankful for during the week of Thanksgiving - enjoy each moment.
    Hugs - Mary.

  3. Hi Rhondi,

    Sounds like a great start to the day. Those plates are so cute! 1/2 off pansies AND a cheerful cashier - it was your lucky day!

    I hope you and your family have a fantastic Thanksgiving!


  4. Hi Rhondi...I saw those darling plates at our Dollar Tree and was so wanting them, but I had to close my eyes and walk on...LOL I have dishes in every conceivable place I can find to put them...Haha
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving! ;-) Bo

  5. I wish I'd gotten my errands run earlier. By the time I got to the "big W", it was a nightmare!
    Hope you and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. I love a great deal, those plates are so cute and cheap too! Happy Thanksgiving to you Rhondi:>)

  7. Oh I saw those plates at The Dollar Store the other day. They are so pretty. I hope you show us your table when you set it so we can see what you do with them. ~Adrienne~

  8. What fun you'll have putting your Thanksgiving table together! Will you be cooking for the two of you, or will you have guests?
    I had a look at your 'cherry' post too - very cheery!!!

  9. Hi:
    You are the second person who has shown wonderful plates from Dollar Tree this week on blogs. I need to check out the china. I never even look at it. Great picture of you and the apron is really cute. It is fun to find happy people in stores. Good for you.

  10. Rhondi, I'm checking in to say, "Hi." Look at you with those cute plates! Great deal on those. Don't you love the Dollar Tree? Glad you had a wonderful day!

    I prepared a post for Thankful Thursday, but I'm not sure whether you're going to do it or not this week with Thanksgiving. If you see this, please pop by my blog and let me know if you are. If not, I might decide to do something else. I was supposed to be at lunch at the beach, but we had lunch elsewhere so that freed up some time. Please let me know, and I can switch it! Thanks! :-)




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