Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful Thursday Thanksgiving

I am thankful for so many things today, but most of all I am thankful to the Lord who has been so good to my family and me. I am thankful that we are all in good health and our needs are provided for. I am thankful that I have 4 wonderful children, 2 great daughter in laws, 3 awesome grandchildren and one very sweet and kind husband.

I am thankful that I have a roof over my head, clothes to wear and food to eat.

I am thankful for all the wonderful friends I have had over the years, both old friends and new ones.

I am glad that we have one day in the year where we all remember to be thankful for God's many blessings on our lives.

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I hope you enjoy this Thanksgiving day and that it is a time of thanksgiving for all of you.

Rhondi xo


  1. Good Morning, Rhondi!

    That's a wonderful list, and I'm thankful for the Lord, my family, friends, this country, and so many, many things, too. And I'm thankful to you for creating Thankful Thursday so we can celebrate our blessings together. And on this most special day of days...

    Happy Thanksgivng! :-)



  2. Wonderful list and Happy Thanksgiving :D

  3. What a delight your list is Rhondi. I am thankful for my husband's continued recovery.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Rhondi. I have much to be thankful for too...hugs, Linda

  5. I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving, too!

  6. what a lovely list.
    I wrote in my blog that I am thankful for YOU !!!
    Happy Thanksgiving from Canada ^^

  7. Wishing you and your family a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving Day dear Rhondi! Thank you also for the sweet comment yesterday on my blog. I did enjoy wonderful holidays as a child.

    Hugs ~

  8. May God bless you today with love and laughter and family. blessings, marlene

  9. Hi:
    I hope you have a wonderful day with your family.

  10. Hi Rhondi,
    Stopping by to say Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


  11. Rhondi, I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. How could you not with your positive outlook? Keep up being the light you are to all of us...we love this blog.
    Mary Lou Weidman

  12. Hi Rhondi! I hope this was a wonderful Thanksgiving for you and yours---your tablesetting looked absolutely lovely!!!
    I can't believe you have only been blogging for one year---you are so polished with your blog page and your posts!!! Congrats on that great milestone.
    It has been so great to "meet" you this year through blogland! You are such a nice gal--with wonderful posts! I can so identify with your likes and decorating style as I feel we are on the same page!
    Best wishes for year number 2! Dana

  13. What a lovely offering of thankfulness!!
    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving - delicious meal, good company and lovely rest afterwards.
    Don't forget to check your email as I've sent you a card!

  14. Hi Rhondi...A wonderful Thankful Thursday read! ;-) Bo


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