Monday, November 10, 2008

Surrounded by Beauty

I am so thankful to live in a part of the country where we experience the change of seasons. I sound like a broken record this time of year because I am constantly commenting on the beautiful colors of the foliage.

Every year it seems more spectacular than the year before. So here is just a glimpse of the beauty surrounding our home.

The Japanese maples turn red.

This maple turns such an amazing shade of gold .

This final picture is from our front porch, looking across the street to the neighbor's house.Well that's a view of our front yard in autumn. It is a constant source of delight and wonder to me every fall.

I apologize if I haven't stopped by to see you in awhile. I have only been home 2 days in the past 2 weeks! I want to visit each and every one of you and see what you've been up to lately. If I haven't made it there yet, I hope to visit soon.

Rhondi xo


  1. Hi Rhondi -
    The colors in your neighborhood are gorgeous! Ours are on the down side now. My big tree near the front door has just a few leaves way up at the top. The ground below is carpeted in color, though. Thanks for sharing your colors of Fall with us. It's a favorite time of year for me.

  2. Hi Rhondi

    Great shots of you part of the world!

  3. You certainly do have a wonderful view from your windows and porch. Our leaves are almost all down now and it is really cold today. Have a great day.

  4. Just like you, I really enjoy the glorious colors fall favorite time of the year too.
    ;-) Bo

  5. Just wonderful Rhondi
    the maples are always so
    go to
    and see our colors here
    thanks so much for caring
    !!!! it means so much

  6. Hi Rhondi,
    Your neighborhood is looking very beautiful right now. We certainly have had a gorgeous fall, haven't we?


  7. Hi Rhondi~ It is beautiful around your house now. Most of our leaves have fallen the last two days.

  8. How absolutely beautiful. We don't have the Autumn colours much here in the part of Australia I live (sub-tropical) but know how beautiful they are after having lived most of my life in NZ. On a return trip to NZ, the beauty of the Autumn colours reduced me to tears. Isn't nature wonderful!!


  9. Such beautioful colors. The leaves in Michigan are all but gone now, just a memory. Seeing yours extends the beautiful season for me:>)

  10. Beautiful views you have there...
    Miss Janice

  11. Hi, Rhondi. Fall is lovely, isn't it. Enjoyed seeing your pictures. Just about all of our leaves have fallen in the past week, so it is nice to see some colors still hanging on.

    I really like the picture you've put at the top of your blog, too.

    Regards. Joanie

  12. Thanks for sharing the fall pictures! I really enjoyed exploring your blog!

  13. Rhondi, the fall colors truly are such a beautiful blessing! I'm so thankful I can see!

  14. Rhondi,

    Our leaves in SC have changed so very quickly this year. What a beautiful home and yard you have!


  15. What beautiful pictures! It's been a spectacular autumn here this year, too!


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