Friday, March 13, 2009

Just Had To Freshen Up A Bit

Good morning friends
Like many of you I am often re arranging things in my home, giving it a fresh look, removing some things, adding others. Sometimes I leave it for awhile but then go back to how it was before, but it's always fun to have a change .
This is our front hall yesterday.
Here it is now.

I made these slipcovers for our wing chairs several years ago and they have been in our living room all that time with a ragged unfinished edge at the bottom. So I added this pleated skirt to finally finish them. (Karen K, if you read this, you'll be proud of me!) I also flipped the seat cushion over because there is a different pattern on it, just for variety. I love lots of different patterns mixed together. Do you?
I think my furniture would look right at home in this house don't you? It's new but has lots of charm. I took a picture of it when I was out and about yesterday.

We had a wonderful visit with our son and daughter in law. I've missed my visits with you!
We're having a painting party at a friend's house on Saturday to paint all the walls and trim on the first floor of her home. What are your plans for the weekend?
Rhondi xo

Someone asked me about the quilts in the pictures today.
The first one is from a pattern by Maggie Walker. I appliqued it by hand and quilted it by hand.
Inspired by Maggie Walker, I designed the blue and white one myself. I drew things from our home: teapots, teacups, roosters, planters etc and tried to use fabric that was similar to the patterns on the actual objects. It's all done by hand also. I'll do a post on it sometime and show you more.


  1. Simply stunning quilt--- you have to talk about it? Is it filled with memories?
    Have a good weekend.

  2. BEautiful! I love that quilt and all your blue and white is so cheerful and pretty:>) Have a great weekend Rhondi!

  3. Beautiful quilt! I love your chair also. I like the look of different patterns, great job!

  4. Such a pretty quilt. And love that teapot chair also. The home is beautiful!!!

    Have a GREAT weekend!! :)

    Hugs & Blessings,


  5. Simply gorgeous, Rhondi! You definitely have a flair for decorating. Everything looks so springy and welcoming! Yes, I think I could move into that house without thinking twice!

  6. Hi Rhondi! I am back from the hospital and tired but doing fine. I am trying to catch up with my blogging friends today. I love the changes you have made. Just the littlest details can change the feel of a space. The yellow accents say Spring Is Here! I, like you, am always tweaking my home. You just sometimes suddenly see what you need to do when you walk past something. Your hall looks fabulous!

    Hugs ~

  7. Rhondi,

    Your entryway looks beautiful both ways but I'm inspired by how you "freshend" it up! Are those forsythia branch's real? If not can you tell me where you bought them~they are so pretty!

    I love what you did with your chair. Your blue & yellow combo is just so striking... Your quilts add a great impact. Your talent is just incredible!

    I get first dibs on the new house!! It is so "me"!! :-)


  8. You are quite the talented woman!

  9. I love your new entry arrangement. Those forsythias are great!

    Cute, Cute job on the chair skirt...Love it!

    I am making homemade soup today, tomorrow we are having friends over for dinner....and if it doesn't rain, I am adding more dirt to my raised veggie gardens.

  10. Rhondi, I love your front hall before and after!!. So many wonderful details. Every household in America seems to have a bunny somewhere, while I can't seem to find any here in Denmark :). Your quilt is amazing and I can't wait to show this to my dear grandma. I call her the queen of quilt. She does every stitch by hand too, she made some wonderful quilts over the years. She's 94yo now , working on a quilt of squares that are barely 1 inc. I plan to do a Post about her soon.
    Love the chair too, you have such a beautiful home!!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Jannet

  11. I love the changes you made to your entryway. The big bouquet of forsythias really makes it look fresh and springy.

    I really admire your sewing talents. Both quilts are gorgeous as is the chair you upholstered. The seat of the chair is the same fabric that I have on my dining room drapes. I love it!!

    So glad to hear that you enjoyed your visit with your son and family.

    Put on a sweater and enjoy our cooler weekend. It's hard to know how to dress lately, isn't it?

  12. I love blue & yellow combos...and that chair is GORGEOUS! The flowers in the entry really do say spring! ;-) Bo

  13. Looks like you're all set for spring.

    You surely are surrounded by beautiful things.

  14. You've done a lot of work! It all looks so nice. The changes you made are just right. A nice touch! And I love that yellow house you have your eye on. Yes, your things would be wonderful in it - so would mine! ~Adrienne~

  15. The quilts are absolutely gorgeous! I am a quilt lover, but I've never made one (Of course, when they could be found at a better price, I bought a lot of them). I love both ways you've shown your entry. so pretty, and I love that fabric on your chair. laurie

  16. Welcome back, Rhondi! It sounds as though you are back with renewed vigor - all that re-arranging!
    I love your slipcover. That wing chair looks like a wonderful place to settle in with a good book and nice cup of tea.

  17. YOu have a lovely home. YOu must be quite busy rearranging. But to reward you... you've won Miss Beverly's giveaway of How Sweet the Sound! Congratulations Rhondi!

    Happy Pink Saturday

  18. I always enjoy seeing your rearranging! I didn't realize that you had two versions of the quilt. I love both of them. Your slipcover is beautiful!

  19. Rhondi,
    This looks very lovely. Of course these are my favorite colors together. Yes, I think that house would be perfect. The material on your wing chair is stunning.

  20. Hi again Rhondi...just coming back by to congratulate for winning Beverly's giveaway! I'm glad you are the winner...couldn't have gone to a sweeter lady! ;-) Bo

  21. What a difference the yellow blossoms made..... gosh that quilt is exquisite....... and that chair is wonderful what a good job you did on the slip cover...... LOVE those colors...

  22. Love your quilt!!! The chair is awesome too...and I bet your house is just as perfect for both!
    Congrats on winning Beverly's hatbox!

  23. I love the new look. The yellow flowers are so cheerful. That quilt is so beautiful. You did a great job on the slip cover and what a good idea to be able to turn the cushion.

  24. i love the slip cover. i'm also making a cover for our dining chair. i've only manage to finish 4 in 2 years.

    congratulations for winning bev's giveaway.

    have a great day!

  25. This blog is truly a delight; a bright spot in a gloomy part of the nation that is often overcast and cold and wet and rainy. Thank you for all you do--it is lovely!

  26. This is such a lovely blog, which does my heart good when I wake up in part of the country that is cloudy and gray and cold and snowy and wet for much of the time. Thanks for all you do here. I do not think it is from rose colored glasses. I think it is real life if you are looking at it the right way!

  27. The quilts are gorgeous. Yes I move things even it is only one item - somehow it makes me feel better!! Judith

  28. Hi Rhondi,
    Your quilt in the hallway is beautiful, and I like your decorating. I move things around all the time, especially in the LR. You did a fabulous job with the chair. I love lots of patterns together too. The chair looks so pretty.

    Hope you're having a good weekend.

  29. Rhondi,
    Beautiful quilt! You have inspired me to spend some time on my much to do!

  30. you are one talented lady! the quilt is beautiful and amazing in your home. i agree that the yellow how is perfect for you and possibly for me. i have a thing for yellow houses--maybe someday:)

  31. Stunning quilts ..... you are a master quilter! You have a beautiful home and I love your b/w china. Thanks so much for stopping by and I will be back to read your older posts .... you have a very interesting blog. Happy Thanksgiving!


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