Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm Not Addicted, I'm Really Not

Yesterday Linda at Linda's Blue Gate blog gave me this Dishaholic Award. It got me thinking that maybe there needs to be a group for dishaholics, not an award.... So the rules were I am to show my favorite dishes, tell the dishes I'd love to own and show my favorite accessory.
This is our everyday blue willow. Every time I see a piece of it that is $2 or less I pick it up, so I have enough to feed at least 30 people. These have been our everyday dishes for over 30 years and I never tire of it!
This is my favorite set, Dainty Blue by Shelley. You've seen it before if you visit very often. It's a tea set. I used to have 8 cups and saucers but over the years they have broken and I still have 8 saucers, I only have 4 cups now. I just love to serve tea in it.

The dishes I'd love to own are red transferware.
My favorite accessory is any kind of blue and white china.
This is the china that I picked out as a young bride. My mother said to get something classic, so I chose this Wedgwood set, plain white with a gold edge. It is so boring looking but food looks great on it!

This is the oldest set of dishes I have. My mom bought it at an antique store years ago . It's well over 100 years old, made by Royal Worcester. I don't know the pattern name.

Here is a close up.
I have lots of odd bits and pieces.... Lots of mismatched plates..I like to display my dishes in this red hutch in the kitchen.
On the wall and shelves in the kitchen.... On lots of walls...the dining room....I hide, I mean, store extra dishes in bedroom closets. So as you can see I have quite a few dishes, but I don't think I'm a dishaholic. I mean really, I can walk in to any china department in a big department store and not buy a thing. I can pass by a display of dishes at a thrift shop and not buy anything. Well maybe if it was blue and white and very cheap I'd have to buy it. I mean it would be a crime to let someone else get the deal wouldn't it? And what's one more piece of china, now really! No I don't think I'm a dishaholic. I can control myself. So Linda I think I should return this award because I really don't qualify. Guess I'm just in denial!
Rhondi xo


  1. Ah, Rhondi, we are kindred spirits, obviously!!
    There was a time when I couldn't resist china, so have two services for 16 (Naif, and B&G Seagull) a breakfast service, Everyday Doulton for everyday, Loti for tea, an attic full of Johnson Bros Hearts and Flowers that I'll divide for the kids, a set of glass plates for large parties........and on and on. I have the same blue and white addiction, but also collect red and white transferware for the red kitchen.
    Hmmm - we might need a 12 step group!

  2. You have a lot of great dishes! I love the blue & white!

  3. OK...I'm calling Intervention right now! I have never seen so many dishes in all my life! Get some help before this gets out of hand! LOL! Of course, I think we might be a tad too late! :)

    Please count me in tomorrow for Thankful Thursday!

  4. Yep,! I love dishes too, of course, I break alot of mine up.

    I love mixing my red and blue transferware dishes. Especially since now I am trying to add more blue into my decorating scheme.

  5. Goodness gracious! Do you have only one outfit to wear? If you're using your bedroom closets for all those! You do have some beautiful collections though! All in good fun, right?

  6. Rhondi, You're too cute... I think you are just an Avid ADMIRER of dishes., and you are selective as to when you buy and how much you spend. These plates are gorgeous! I'm sure each time you set a are enjoying yourself to the hilt! ENJOY them, as I'm sure both you and your family and guests do~ ~CC Catherine

  7. whatever gave you the impression that you are dishaholic? LOL they are indeed a fantastic collection. Judith

  8. Yep! It's called denial! You are deserving of the award.....sorry but just accept it.

    I would love to go shopping off your walls and shelves if it ever overwhelmes you.

    Kathy b

  9. Gosh I had to LOL and nod my head reading this post. I so relate to this and You do have such a beautiful collection!!! yep, you do deserve this

  10. Oh me too Rhondi! I cant resist beautiful china. I have a day by day blue and white one, and a lovely white Limoges set for dinners. Then there is the antique Spode Copeland one, only a part set now, the Wedgwood pale green one, the.........
    I wont go on!

  11. I absolutely LOVE your red hutch and I also love mis-matched dishes in a tablescape ... thanks for sharing.

  12. Oh Rhondi, this post has certainly been worth waiting for. Love Blue Willow. I helped my mom get a full collection of it. Your wedding china is lovely and can be mixed and matched with everything. All of it is so beautiful!

  13. Sorry Rhondi..... there can be no turning back...... It is a badge to be proud of .... you love dishes it can NOT be denied...... ; - )
    I adore that large Blue Willow platter in the first picture...

  14. Sorry dear you are a true dishaholic...and I think that's a good thing! I LOVE the Dainty Blue china...well, I really LOVE it all..;-) Bo

  15. I am right up there with you on collecting bits of dishes here and there. I like to use them as platters for serving food. Sometimes I get so much it almost is a set, or could be if I liked it enough to buy the rest at Replacements. But I now have 4 full sets of China which is not bad since I have 2 houses. And I have 12 plates just like your blue & white ones in your pic.

    I agree that food looks better on a clean white plate so I just love your wedding china I had Fiestaware for awhile as everyday dishes and was happy to give it away~food looked awful on it!!!


  16. Oh I'm so glad to know that there isn't something seriously wrong with me. I thought I was the only person who could love dishes so much. Your's are so pretty. I'm partial to the mismatched one's though. I feel like I'm saving a lost soul whenever I find pretty plates that just need happy homes.

  17. Hi Rhondi, Your dishes are lovely, every one. I think you fit your award. Smile. I do not have any dishes in blue and white although I do admire them. My dishes are flowers
    fruit or green transfer ware. Love your dishes.

    I am doing Thankful Thursday. I left a comment on your previous post. See you then.


  18. Hi Rhondi,
    That is a beautiful collection of dishes!I love how you have them displayed in your kitchen hutch.

  19. Oh Rhondi! This was a great post!! I love dishes and my family thinks I'm nuts! I'm so glad I'm not!!! There are so many beautiful dishes out there and I just cannot resist them. My kitchen cabinets are stuffed, under my china cabinet is stuffed. Mmmm, maybe my closets are the next best idea. Thanks for that suggestion!!

  20. WOW I don't think I have ever seen so many dishes in one place, LUCKY you..Gosh I thought I had alot, I have nothing compared to you. Guess I better get shopping (hehe).

  21. Hi Rhondi,
    What a wonderful array of dishes you have! Congratulations on your award; you truly deserve it! Have a wonderful day and enjoy your family.


  22. You seem 100% normal to me. ;-)

  23. Rhondi, you have a beautiful collection of china. I enjoyed seeing each and every one.

  24. I love looking at your dishes. I'm a dishaholic myself.

  25. hi
    Good morning to you!!!
    Thought of you while having my first cup of tea in the morning....
    You have such a great great collection and you have taken so much trouble to bring them down so as to share your pleasure with us...


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