Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blogger Love

Good morning my dear friends
I just want to say how wonderful all of you blogging friends are. You leave such kind and encouraging comments. That you bother to comment at all on some of the silly things I write about it is amazing! It is such fun to check my email and find that you have left a comment. I remember the old days with AOL, when I'd hear those words, "You've Got Mail". Well I don't hear those words anymore but it is exciting every morning to go online and see who has left a comment overnight, or to come home at the end of the day, make myself a cup of tea and see who has stopped by to visit today. I remember the first time someone commented and how thrilled I was. Now almost a year and a half later I still get excited when I see you have left a comment! If you have never left a comment, please do just once because I'd like to visit you too.

You know how you have friends who never call you back, or you invite over for dinner over and over again and they never reciprocate? I feel like that many times because some of you are so faithful at commenting and I am so bad at it. But even so you continue to visit. Thank you.
And if just receiving comments isn't enough, you give out awards.

Riet from The Netherlands gave me these two awards . Thank you for thinking of me Riet!
The blogging world really is a sisterhood isn't it and I have made so many friends here.

It is always hard to figure out who to give these awards to because I don't want to leave out any of you, but I know how fun it is to receive an award so I'll pass it on this time.
I'm giving the "Let's Be Friends" award to some blogs I've just discovered recently:
Wendy IVORY SPRING who is a fellow quilter
NancySOUTHERN LADY who hosted a "flaunt your red" party

I'm giving the "Sisterhood" award to a couple of my North Carolina blogging friends who I met when I first began blogging:
Donna at DONNA'S ART

I really think of all of you as my friends and being a blogger is like a sisterhood to me.
Hope you have a great day today my friends.
Rhondi xo
If you plan to post for thankful Thursday this week please let me know by tomorrow. Thanks!


  1. I know just what you mean Rhondi. I am somewhat new to blogging and I get such a kick out of people leaving me comments. I also enjoy visiting all the great blogs out there!

  2. Good Morning Rhondi!
    I came over here to visit with you this morning while drinking my coffee and what do I find? You have given me a wonderfully sweet award! Thank you so much.

    I love visiting with you here at your home or over at mine. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Thanks so much for the honor - I appreciate the award but most of all I love just being part of the 'sisterhood.' We NC gals must really all try to have a get together some time this year - wouldn't that be fun? Surely there's some place in the middle of the state where we could have a great day out! Let's think about it.

    Always nice to visit you Rhondi - you are a really good blog friend. I'm finding it hard to keep in touch daily with everyone, life seems so busy nowadays. You are in my thoughts a lot though.

    Enjoy this chilly week - the warm days are on the way.
    Hugs - Mary.

  4. Isn't this blogging world wonderful, Rhondi? I've been blessed to meet some really special people...you included! I think we all love getting comments...just makes us feel more connected.

    Congrats on all your awards...you deserve them all!

  5. Rhondi~
    Yes, count me in for Thankful Thursday this week!

  6. What a nice post. I know how you feel, it is fun to go online and see who commented on our blogs. I feel the same way. What wonderful people bloggers are. Have a good day.

  7. You are so right Rhondi..... it is a fun place to be with lovely ladies...... I have a fun award for you....

  8. Congrats on all your awards - friends mean a lot. Yes, Thankful Thursday will be posted!

  9. Hi Rhondi...this was such a sweet post...and I do enjoy visiting your blog regularly! ;-) Bo

  10. Ahhh, thank you, Rhondi, for the Sisterhood Award. You're so sweet, and I love coming over to visit you!

    Congrats on both your awards!

    Have a happy day!

  11. Rhondi, I totally agree with you about the 'sisterhood' and how wonderful it is to get comments on our blogs. Your blog is always such a joy to visit with your lovely colourful pictures and your positiveness. I really enjoy it.


  12. Hi Rhondi,

    What a sweetheart you are! Thanks for the award.

    I can't wait to see your dishaholic post. I am in the process of working a dishaholic post myself, haha.

  13. Rhondi,
    Would love to help w/ the Charlotte bloggers thing. We might even be able to get Carolina Mama help publicize it to other NC bloggers. The store is right off Exit 28 in downtown Cornelius behind the CVS. From Charlotte, take I-77 to exit 28, take a right off the exit and it will be on the right just before the road dead ends. Artsy Fartsy also tells me to visit the Sleepy Poet in Charlotte, but I haven't made it there yet.

  14. Hi Rhondi,
    Great post. Congrats on you awards. I am somewhat new to blogging. Comments are fun. I found your blog last week through someone else who posted a Thankful Thursday post. I like having a special post for each day of the week. Friday was the only day I didn't have something so I started my own. Count me in for Thankful Thursday this week. Sorry for going on so long.

  15. Rhondi, congratulations on your awards, but even more you are so kind to share them with others.

    Your good heart and kind spirit are a gift all of us find here waiting for our visits.

  16. That was such a sweet post. I agree with you completely.
    ♥, Susan

  17. One of my worst blogging faults is reading via my Dashboard so that I see most recent ones first only to find I missed one three days ago!

    When I was with AOL the only word I heard out loud was "Goodbye" just before they cut me off and I lost everything I'd been slaving at for a couple of hours. They didn't have any facility - do you remember? - for saving your blog entry as you went along or for leaving it and going back to it later.

    love, Angie, xx


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