Sunday, March 1, 2009

That's The Way I Like It

I have a round table and a couple of chairs in front of the windows in my studio, which is where have our breakfast every morning. Here is an arrangement of things I had on the table and I showed it to you recently. I really love the way the light shines through the glass on a sunny day, but I also like to change things around. So when the flowers wilted I decided to do a new arrangement. So I tried a few different ideas.

This was the first one. Then I thought I'd put all the blue glass away for awhile and add something yellow to match the forsythia (fake) that I purchased at Michaels. As I said in another post I think forsythia looks very real! I tried this pretty pale yellow lamp with it's yellow, blue and white shade. It looks pretty in the evening, kind of gives a warm glow to the room, but since it's almost spring, "warm glow" wasn't the look I was going for.
Little details can add a lot of punch and I love this pair of birds.
And I really like this little framed poem. And the detail on this Noritake creamer draws your eye in closer.
But something is missing...Some blue and white china of course! So I removed the yellow vase and replaced it with a blue and white one and added some daffodils from the garden in a blue willow pitcher.
That's the way I like it ...for now at least! I'll leave it like this until the flowers wilt again.

We just got home from church and I plan to just relax the rest of the day. It's cold and rainy, a perfect day for curling up with a good book, warmed by one of my quilts and a cup of tea.

Sunday was meant as a day for rest. I hope you get some rest today!

Rhondi xo


  1. As you can tell (because I'm first to comment!) I'm just relaxing on this sunny Sunday.
    Your arrangement is just right - the blue and white was the missing ingredient!

  2. Your arrangement is beautiful.I love it. As for me, my favorite is the yellow vase with the forsytsia in it. That looks so sunny in this time of year. I love the daffodils too. Makes me think of spring

  3. Love every photo you've shown us today .. it cool here too and perfect for tea and a good book! Enjoy ....

  4. I love your new arrangement! We are having a snow storm here and I thought it was heading your way. So far we have about 3 inches of snow and it is still snowing!

  5. Hi Rhondi,
    Daffodils from your garden-I'm turning a little green with envy.I am resting now after a few hours of playing hide and go seek and tag wth 5 of our grandchildren!
    Beautiful photos you shared.

  6. Really enjoyed seeing the Yellow and blue together-- very cheerful and springlike!!! :o)Those 2 colors together are some of my favorites!

  7. Hi Rhondi~
    Yes, it was a day of rest for me, too. After we returned from church, it began snowing and it still hasn't stopped! So BEAUTIFUL!

    I love your forsythia, by the way...HURRY BACK SPRING!!!

  8. That was fun to watch you play. That is one of my favorite things to do in my spare time and I'm glad to see I'm not alone.

    I love all of your vignettes ~ most likely because of all the blue and yellow. The daffodils are such a welcome sight. Mine have finally begun to open. I sure hope this big snowstorm doesn't hurt them.

  9. Each arrangement is lovelier than the next. I really love your colors. Happy Sunday. We had a bit of snow today and it's chilly here too. A cup of tea, a fire and a good book sounds delightful.

  10. Oh how pretty! I love the blue and yellow and I thought the "for cynthia" was real.

  11. Loved the little yellow birds.

  12. Beautiful vignettes! Those are my colors, and I loved each and every one of them. laurie

  13. What a beautiful springtime arrangement! I just love your little yellow birds. You certainly have some beautiful things Rhondi. XXOO

  14. Hi Rhondi~I love your new arrangement!!


    Marina at Only cute things

  15. Hi Rhondi!

    Your table vignette is beautiful! I love the little birds. So sweet and adorable. Daffodils! Oh I wish we had daffodils starting! It's still sooo cold here. I need SPRING to appear here!!

    Hugs, Sherry

  16. Love the display! Love how you mixed some yellow into the blue and white. Very pretty!

  17. I adore those little chicks so sweet...... you really have a skill with putting together lovely arrangements.... they are all so pretty..
    PS I have customer from Houston each is about 4 or 5 hours ...... you should try and come .... bring those little darlings with you.... yes I did sell Rosie's cart liners

  18. What a cheerful and springlike scene. It looks beautiful Rhondi!
    Did you get snow there last night? Perhaps that warm glow will have to! I hope you are doing well and staying warm if you did get snow.

    Hugs ~

  19. A perfect arrangement Rhondi....and it wouldnt be you without the blue and white!

  20. Well, I like every look you did. Any one of them would have been perfect. The one you decided on is really nice. I love blue too so it would work for me too.
    Have a good day.

  21. Hello Rhondi,

    Thank you for visiting me and leaving the lovely comments. I popped on over to visit you back -- you are definitely a woman after my own heart, haha! Your quilts are lovely, and your home decorating is just scrumptious. And... and... you even have a red dining room like I do, and LOTS of blue and whites porcelain which is also what I collect.

    I am glad to make your acquaintance. Please visit again so that we can chat dishes, quilting and the lovely things in life!

  22. I have forsythia just like yours and use it every year, it does look real! Wanted to let you know that I took pictures of the beautiful wall hanging and did a post about winning, if you want to check it out!
    Thanks again, it is amazing!

  23. SO LOVELY!!!


  24. I like all of the vignettes, and I like the one you ended with, but my favorite is the second one with the yellow lamp, etc! Of course I love the yellow!


  25. The colors are so beautiful, reminds me of the Summer in Provence - the yellow of the sunflowers in the vast fields and the blue sky reflected in the Mediterranean!

    You make it all look so refreshing and pretty - great vignettes Rhondi.
    Love those yellow birdies, and of course daffodils are always a true sign of Spring to come.

  26. I do like the yellow and blue - it's so cheery and springy - and I'm ready for SPRING! I know what you're talking about on the "reciprocity". I got so tired of being the only one that instigated that I finally backed off and still no one takes over for organizing get-togethers. I don't get it! I guess they're content "not to". PAM

  27. Hi Rhondi,
    I love the blue and yellow. All your table vignettes are lovely and perfect!.

    Have a great day,

  28. Rhondi,
    I love your pretty spring arrangement! It's lovely. I think I might have to get some of those fake forsythia...they really do look real!


  29. I love the little yellow birds. So sweet!

  30. Rhondi, Since I'm all about cobalt blue(I collect) and blues, whites, and yellows (I collect) ;) I loved this post........and when you put that forsythia in the vase., it POPPED~ So sweet and encouraging! ;) Have a Blessed Day! ~CC Catherine

  31. I enjoyed seeing each of your table top vignettes--though as a lover of blue and white, i like that you settled on the blue and white vase.

  32. These are gorgeous photos. I really like your blog.


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