Friday, February 27, 2009

Flaunt Your Red

Nancy at Southern Lady is hosting a Flaunt Your Red party today. I love red so I thought it would be fun to join in and "flaunt my red".
Here is our red dining room.

Red pillows on the couch.
Red books on the mantle.
I painted the hutch in our kitchen red.

Sometimes I hang this red quilt I made on the wall in our front hall.
If you have time I'll make us a pot of tea in my red teapot. Some red hearts I made nestle in a white bowl.
Madeleine sits beside a red patchwork pillow.So that's just a little sample of some of the red in my house.
Make sure you stop by and visit Southern Lady to see lots blogs flaunting their red.
Hope you have a great weekend.
Rhondi xo


  1. Hi Rhondi, I loooove all your reds! However, I am blown away by your gorgeous blue and white collection!!!! It is stunning...I am a huge fan of blue and white also! I use to have a lot of it and I did away with blues a few years ago...REGRET!!!! I am slowly adding some back to my home.
    Thank you so much for joining the fun!!! It is a pleasure to have you come to the party! You have Flaunted your REDS beautifuly!!!!!! Blessings, Nancy

  2. I don't think that there's a better colour combination than blue, red and white. This post made me smile!

  3. Rhondi,

    I didn't think that you had so much red in your house! Now your really have the opportunity to show it off (and I will be running around with my head cut off like a chicken as I do on P. Saturday and B. Monday!). I love your decor & of course all of your pretty quilts & pillows. Your red & white furniture is so bright and cheery!

    Yes, I would love to come for a cup of tea and see more of your beautiful home! Oh, yes, I also love, love, love the blue and white china! :-)


  4. I love your red! And you know I have been adding a little blue to my home. Happy weekend!

  5. Enjoyed "seeing red" at your beautiful house!

    Your red hearts have inspired me to make some!


  6. Rhondi your house is so very pretty. Everything looks so crisp and striking. You really have a way with coordinating things and your placement is so very attractive. I always love to see your pictures. You did a very nice job!

  7. Oh Wow! You "do" red so well! I love the blues and reds in our d.r., and that hutch is making me want to paint a large piece of furniture red. laurie

  8. Hi Rhondi,

    What a beautifully done dining room in Red.
    It's simply out of this world.

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    ~Melissa :)

  9. I have always loved your red things Rhondi, but I confess, I LOVE your tea set mostest of all!

  10. my word Rhondi you certainly do like red!! lol however, my favourite is the teapot & set - Judith

  11. you really DO love red!! my favorite is the red hutch in your kitchen!!!

  12. I also love red, honey! Right after pink, of course, but your reds are beautifully....

  13. OMGosh! I am soooo loving all of your RED! I've enjoyed my visit, and hope you can come by to see my red.

    Back Porch Blessings,

  14. I absolutely love all the red and your beautiful collection of blue and white!! Everything is so pretty!! Must make you very happy to just walk into one of those rooms!!! Thanks for sharing!

  15. I have seen a couple of your photos before and I never grow tired of them. Lovely reds!

  16. Hi Rhondi,
    It's nice to meet you! I love all your red, especially your dining room. Love all the blue & white dishes and accents - perfect mix. I'm glad to meet another Charlotte girl! Hope you are staying in out of this rain. Burr.
    See ya soon in blogland. Smiles

  17. Hi Rhodi! You have some green reds in your home. That dining room is gorgeous. Your pillows are amazing. I really enjoyed my visit. :)

  18. Hi Rhondi! Oh, how I love all of your reds! I love that red hutch. I'm about to paint my kitchen a similar yellow color. Right now it's red! :)
    I'm entering your name in my giveaway.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  19. Hi Rhondi!
    Thanks for stopping by That Old House and leaving such a lovely comment. I wish I could still enter you in the giveaway for the gravy boat, but it's over! Shelia (who I think has the comment just before mine!) is the winner.

    She's lucky -- it's a pretty piece! Maybe next time, as I'm sure to find something else to give away sooner or later!

    Love your red post -- and WOW that cupboard looks fantastic in red. Gorgeous!
    Cass (whose dining room is RED!)

  20. Rhondi, no one does red like you. I love it all!!!

    And, I do have time for some tea. I'll bring red velvet cupcakes.

  21. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...
    Hi Rhondi, did I tell you your reds are the red hutch & the way you have used your blue & whites with it!
    ;-) Bo

  22. Your home is gorgeous, and your quilts stunning! And now I have a little piece of your art for my very own! I am honored to have won your OWOH giveaway!

  23. Oh I love RED, and since I also love blue, your dishes are great.
    Everything in your house is beautiful. Madeline is a cutie too.

  24. These are all so awesome. Madeline was one of my childhood favs, so that one really caught my attention. I have a great red wall in my bedroom...wish I were at home to have posted a photo to this fun collection.

  25. Lovely reds, Rhondi! I am a fan of red too.

    Have a nice week & hugs, Carolien

  26. these pictures are stunning but what I like most is your favourite quilt with the blue china!!

  27. I'd love your red cushions for our sofa! x


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