Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Good morning my dear friends
I am in good health, have a husband who loves me, children that I'm proud of, grandchildren that I adore, and a heavenly Father who loves me too. All very simple things to be thankful for today.
My laptop crashed so I don't have any photos to show and I wasn't able to email to see who is joining in today, so I'll just list the blogs from last week and hope they're participating again!

Sorry this is such a short post! I am thankful for each of you who read my blog and leave me such sweet comments. You are all dear to my heart.
I will be offline for a couple of days. Hope you have a great weekend. I am spending mine with my sister at the beach.

What are you thankful for today?

Rhondi xo


  1. I'm in for "thankful thursday"!!! have a good one.

  2. Hi Rhondi,
    I have posted today,and I am still being thankful for you and you courage to speak your heart.

  3. So sorry to hear about your crash! Isn't it a bother? I hope you have good tech help.
    Another lovely list of thanks - could be mine too!

  4. Have a wonderful weekend at the beach with your sister Rhondi!

  5. The beach sounds wonderful hope you have a great time. We will be working on our garden again I think. I love the idea of that for sure. I am posting again for Thankful Thursday.
    Jenn at Growth in God

  6. Hi! I found you through Becky at Holiday in the Sun. I always loved her Thankful Thursday posts and am going to participate next Thursday!! Thanks for doing this!!!

  7. Happy Thursday, Rhondi. Hope you get your 'puter issues fixed soon.
    Have fun with your sister. I hope you're at the beach in South Florida as it's cold up this way.


    Sheila... whose packing and trip were delayed due to rain. :-)

  8. Rhondi,

    Don't worry about pictures, you have the gift for the written word and we are all thankful for that!

    Have fun in Florida, lucky you!


  9. I posted today at

  10. Have fun with your sister, Rhondi!


  11. Hello Rhondi, I lost my connection to the net big time and we are now finally up. Lightening struck my sister's home and our tower is on her mountain. She is still trying to figure out what she lost electronically. What a mess. Anyway, I am posting my thankful post now. Like yours, mine will be short too. I just wanted to let you know. Have a thankful day if you can knowing that your lap top crashed. Sigh. I'm sorry.

    Hugs to you...Jeanne

  12. Have a wonderful time with your sister making memories!

    All the best, Lana

  13. Rhondi:
    Have a wonderful time with your sister and we will be waiting for you when you get back.

  14. This fell on the perfect day. I had so many people to thank!

  15. Hello Miss Rhondi~ I've strolled into your charming blog for the first time.... I would love to take a trip to the beach with my sis. She's in sunny So Cal. I'm in the rainy northwest. Sister's are truly a gift to be thankful for.

    Come for a visit. I enjoy meeting new friends.

  16. Hi Rhondi!
    I missed your post this morning and was worried that you weren't going to do "Thankful Thursday", afterall. So glad you did as I always enjoy participating!

  17. I'm thankful today for my two sisters and wish I could spend a few days at the beach with them. But, alas we all live too far apart.

  18. PC problems are no fun!! My hubby knows now that I really NEED my computer up and running, and he does his best to make it happen if ours is down!!

    Have a great time! I visit my sis often and there's nothing like it!!

  19. I posted too, so you guessed may take me all day but in the end there I am! I just love doing this. I always find things to be thankful for, but it is great to publicly acknowledge them and maybe it inspires other people! Melinda

  20. Rest and relax dear - kick sand for me, and make a wish for better times as you view the ocean in all its loveliness on a later Winter day.
    Hugs - Mary.

    P.S. Computers have been struggling lately - I've changed to Firefox as Explorer is becoming so slow and crashes often.

  21. We all have so much to be thankful for don't we? It's just too ez nowadays to forget to count our blessings. Have a wonderful time at the beach!

  22. Love your thankful Thursday's Rhondi! Sorry to hear about your computer though. How annoying!!

  23. Those who wisely remember to count their blessings are doubly blessed. Your blessings are those most perfect.

    Have a wonderful time with your sister.

  24. Hi Rhondi,
    I love all your blessings you are thankful for! Who could ask for more? Have a wonderful time!
    Love, Ann

  25. Rhondi, you have such a restful and lovely blog.

    I am thankful for God's enduring grace and peace.


  26. Rhondi, you are always such an inspiration... Enjoy everything life have to offer, sweet friend..

    blessings and smiles


  27. How lovely to think of you at the beach! We are shivering here.

  28. Hi! I happened across your blog, and love it! What's so funny, is that I started doing a "Thankful Thursday" post on my blog in November. I was inspired by Thanksgiving to do a weekly reminder of things that I am thankful for.


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