Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Good Life

When looking at other blogs do you ever imagine that someone else's life is better than yours? I do. There are beautiful homes, some very creative, some very expensive. We read about how great someone's kids or how awesome their husband is. We read about exciting trips, or rewarding jobs, or amazing generosity. It is so easy to imagine someone else's life is much better than ours and become dissatisfied with our own life.

I am reading a book titled The Creative Call by Janice Elsheimer. She suggests making this decision and each day say: " I choose today to quench my thirst for the "good life" I think others are living by acknowledging the good that already exists in my own life."
That's what I'm doing today. Care to join me?

Rhondi xo

The picture I posted today has nothing to do with what I wrote about. I've just always liked it!


  1. Absolutely, yes. How much nicer for us when we choose to find satisfaction and contentment with what we have. I will count my blessings and give thanks for what I have. :)

  2. I love the picture. No I don't envy anyone else their life when I read their blog but I do sometimes wish that I had more time to be creative on blogger and to respond to comments that are left on my blog. Interesting thought though :) Judith

  3. Wonderful post Rhondi. I made up my mind a long time ago to be happy with the many blessings I have. I work with and around beautiful things every day. In many ways it is like working in a museum, but I remain content with what I have at home. These things that are mine are eternal and worth so much more. Happiness and joy . . . they lie within onself.

  4. Hi Rhondi,
    What a lovely post. Loving our own lives as they have been given and blessed by God often does take time to learn. Yet I am glad this lesson was learned by me a long time ago. I know longer look at what others lives may or may not have that differ from mine, but merely remain ever so thankful for what things and blessings my precious Lord has placed in mine.
    Thank you for sharing this with us today. You are a blessing to many of us. Thank you for sharing your heart and life.

    Love & Prayers,

  5. I do invision others to have a better house; or other nice things.

    But, God has truly blessed me and what that person had to get where they are at, we might not want to pass through that tunnel. All things come to us and first, they pass throught the masters hands.

    When I get down and out, I often read the book " THe Prayer of Jabez" by Bruce Wilkinson. It is a reminder to ask God for the bounty he has for us. My prayer is bring it on Lord and give me sens enough to handle it.

  6. Hi Rhondi -
    I love that picture. I have a big one framed over the built-in bookcase next to my fireplace. I got it free many years ago before I was married. My dear mother framed it for me.

    Sometimes I feel the same way but I know that we usually don't share all of our 'dirty laundry' on our blogs. And I do know that I am truly blessed. Today I will be aware of what a really good life God has given me - and I will make the most of it!

  7. Well, I can honestly say I am for the most part very happy with my life. The only thing I would like to change is if I could take anything hurtful away from my family. Have a great day.

  8. I agree! We all would be so much more happier if we would just take a look around at what we have and be grateful for all the Lord has given us. No use comparing our homes to others, be thankful for the home we have!! I love my home and am so thankful for everything my hubby does to provide for us. Loved your post!!! Thanks so much for the reminder!!

  9. I've been doing this for awhile. It really helps, good for you!

  10. Great post Rhondi!!

    I try to remember to be Thankful every day, for what I have and where I'm at. That is part of the reason I post Devotions and Bible Verses...to honor God first!! After all, that is the main reason I am on my blog...to reach out to others and let them learn how much God loves them!

    ;-) Jan

  11. Rhondi, I have the picture you are showing in my bedroom...I just love it.

    The Good Life is being 'healthy.' If you have that...you have everything.


  12. I wouldn't trade places with anyone. If there is something you aspire to, it's still not to late.

  13. Oh Rhondi I have to peek at your blog every morning because you make me feel so darn good! Yes I will live the good life today!!!

  14. Excellent thought. If we are not content with what we have now, we would not be content with more 'grandeur'. It is an attitude of the heart!

  15. Good post, Rhondi, and thanks for a look of a painting I love. I think if you are a blog reader, contentment could be a problem. Magazines are one thing, but you know blogs are real people who you get to know. Thanks for the good thoughts and encouragement today!

  16. Hi there! This my basic philosophy of life ... and I am all the happier for it. Thank you for inspiring thought ...

  17. wonderful thoughts. i have to remind myself on a daily basis that i need to be content with what i have been given and that the good Lord has blessed me beyond measure.
    thanks for the reminder.
    PS i would love to participate in thankful thursday this week.

  18. I love to imagine their life and I love my own life too. Be sure to check out my giveaway at my Gloryfeathers Blog.

  19. Would you believe I actually DON'T ever imagine someone's life as being better or more exciting than mine, Rhondi?! I definitely see homes and gardens which are much more elaborate than mine, but I have a barn and pasture full of horses, which are my life's passion, so I always feel incredibly blessed. I know what you mean though, and perhaps when I was younger (not that I'm old! lol) I would have been more likely to consider the grass being a *tiny* bit greener if I saw something particularly covetable elsewhere! :-)

  20. My health is poor and I find it very hard daily to be thankful since most of the time I feel miserable. But reading what you wrote makes me feel much better. I know things could be worse. Thank you, Vicki Page

  21. What a wonderful quote! Oh Yes, I often think the grass is greener somewhere else. I'm going to save this quote to read when I feel that way. Thank you. laurie

  22. The one thing I have a sneaky hankering for is other people's sklls. You know, they always know just the right thing to say or write or they sew beautifully (and effortlessly apparently) or they're brilliant with kids. And you don't hear them complaining. Unlike me, I'm at it all the time!

    Everyone is welcome to our house though. I think if your door is open to everyone, it doesn't really matter if they have to sit on the floor. My north-eastern Little Grandma used to say a home should be "Clean enough to be healthy and mucky enough to be happy." That sounds about right.

    love, Angie, xx

  23. What a great post. Often, I find myself longing for more...but I do find inspiration here in blog land to be creative and happy with little things also.
    One of my favorite verses in the bible is philippians 4:11 where Paul says I have learned in whatsoever state I am in therewith to be content.

  24. Yep, I will join you, Rhondi!

    Hugs, Carolien

  25. This post hits home with me because I think people imagine my life is some sort of fairytale. I suppose it is to some, but it wasn't for a very long time. I still have days where things don't go right or I get angry and pitch a fit, but I love my life and wouldn't want to be anyone else. It took me 39 years to get to this point though ;)



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