Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stimulus Shmimulus

Have you been watching the news?

Our government passed the economic stimulus bill on Friday. We were told how urgent it was to get it done as soon as possible . It was so urgent in fact that one of the senators who was attending his mother's funeral was flown back as soon as the funeral was over so he could vote!

Was part of the urgency the fact that Nancy Pelosi and 7 other democrats had a flight to Italy that night?

And if it was so urgent why is President Obama waiting until today to sign it ? And why is he signing it in Denver? Don't bills get signed in Washington?

What kind of representation do we have when NOBODY reads the entire bill.
How could they read? They received it at 11:00 PM to vote on the next day and it was over 1100 pages. Also, they received it in hard copy. Normally they can read it on their computers and can search keywords so if they don't read the entire thing they at least have a chance to check on key issues. They couldn't do that with this bill.

And one more thing, not one republican got to sit on the committee that drafted the bill! So much for bipartisanship.

Whatever happened to Obama's promise that they were going to take a look at everything "line by line" and that his administration was going to be open and above board about everything???

If I have offended you today with my tirade I'm not apologizing. I am outraged at how this administration is choosing to spend our money.

Speaking of money. We received a stimulus rebate check from the government already. At least we taxpayers are getting something out of this. Here's the check I received. I guess the only thing we are getting is the shaft.

Okay, I'm off my soapbox now. Thanks for listening! If you want to read the bill for yourself, you can find it here .

Rhondi xo


  1. I think I'll pass on that, Rhondi! We also have a stimulus package up here - equally incomprehensible!
    Your president visits Ottawa today. Believe me, there is great excitement, as many believe this will mean a return to the warm relationship our two countries once had. I hope so, because so many of us have family on the other side of our long border and love your country.

  2. Oh, dear Rhondi -
    I'm with you on this one! I fail to understand the urgency and then the President's signature waits until days later and at the expense of flying him around the country. And the Congressional group who flew to Italy? What was the rush all about? When I heard all of this I couldn't believe it. Well, I really should have believed something like this would happen. I'm afraid we are not going to see the fulfillment of many promises made a few months ago. And I pray that God will continue to be gracious to our country. Some of us are praying. Much!

  3. Well said! Can't agree with you more! Finally I found someone who see's things the way I do! My friends are all democrats I can't even talk to them now. Vicki Page thepages@charter.net

  4. I really hate to get involved in political discussions because everyone has their own opinion, but all I've got to say to you Rhondi is - you go, girl!!! I didn't want the job when George Bush had it and I don't want it now - not that anyone was offering it, but I'm just saying!! :)

  5. I totally agree with you Rhondi! Thanks for posting your thoughts!

  6. I so agree with everything you said Rhondi...

    The flight on Air Force one from DC to Denver is 68,000 dollars and then back again...

    If this bill was so URGENT why did he go to Chicago on a little vaca with the family..I'll tell you why: he didn't want anyone to read it...and that Nancy Pelosi how awful is she ??? I think America is going to revolt if this crap continues..I for one am outraged...

    I don't see any HOPE and CHANGE !!!!

    Just wait they will be blaming everything on BUSh and the Republicans; after all BIDEN said there was a 30% chance that the stimulus plan wouldn't work...

    God Bless Us All

  7. I am so ashamed of our government for this mess. I agree with you (though that check , I am pretty sure, isn't really from the treasury, I think someone is playing a trick on you). But as citizens we have to share in the blame for not voting more responsible people in and failing to vote the old scoundrels out. I can't stand Nancy Pelosi, talk about a power hungry woman! I think she is so abusive of her position!

  8. Dear Rhondi,
    I and my family could not agree with you more. We are sick.....REALLY SICK... about this bill and how it was pushed through when the majority of us American voters are totally against it. We heard on TV last night that millions are being spent to save a mouse that lives in CA.(I personally hate mice in the house and put out traps for them... but Obama wants to spend millions to protect them????) We also heard that the bill spends 30 billion on AIDS research. I think AIDS research is important. I had a nephew who died from AIDS...but 30 billion in a time when so many are out of work and loosing their homes...I mean please... give us a break. We could prevent AIDS for free if people would abstain from risky behaviors or practice safe sex. My dear son in law who is in construction just lost his job because the company he worked for had no more projects in line.... but we can't help him because we have to save a mouse...oh please!!

    Sorry that I hopped onto your band wagon too... but this bill just makes me so mad I could burst!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope that you will come by often. I plan to post more about my trip with Marie. I just love her.

    Have a good day, Lura

  9. Not only am I in complete agreement, I have the additional rant of my own on the nincompoopery going on in California- 6 months late on a budget, the state is insolvent, tax refunds on hold, workers being furloughed & laid off, no money left in the unemployment insurance fund & the highest unemployment in 20 years! GRRR!

  10. Thank you!!!! I couldn't have said it better.

  11. I was so happy to read what you had the courage to say, that I decided to follow you!

    We have made a terrible turn toward a socialist nation. (Some prefer to realize that it is a step toward Marcism or Communism, but most people squabble over technical interpretations of those words). So, accept whatever title you can stomach and know we are loosing a lot of freedoms quickly. The freedom for free enterprise and the ability to keep your own hard earned money was lost last week. I am afraid that in the months ahead we will loose the freedom to choose our own health care, our own religion, and the freedom to listen to whoever we want on radio. We have already lost a lot of our freedom of speech as we have to be politically correct all the time.

    Hats off to Grammy Staffy, too!

    Keep praying and trusting God. I think we will all get to know God better in the days ahead.

  12. I'm with you on this one Rhondi...why the heck is it so important that to sign it he has to do it in Denver? What the hell is up with that? I see some big fat zero's comin this way too!


  13. Oh, yes...I do agree with every single thing you have here. so much so that I almost want to copy and paste and post it on MY blog.
    Good Gosh Almighty...we are, by far, in the worst mess I have ever seen in my lifetime. I did my damdest to try to get folks I was in contact with to NOT VOTE FOR OBAMA. I hope I am wrong about the man...I PRAY I AM WRONG....but I don't think I am !!

  14. Oh, yes...meant to say I posted all my fakes not too long ago...good grief, yes..I use fakes a lot. I love the color, I can't afford fresh flowers very often, I do have a few REAL plants...but I adore pretty faux flowers with a passion....

  15. Rhondi,
    I agree with you 100%. This is a really bad way for our new President to start out. Is our new philosophy going to be "when in doubt, spend?" I know it's a tough problem, but is there anybody up there on the hill with any smarts? It's all just too shady for me. But thank God, the Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.


  16. Such a couragous post. You have said what needs to be said, and I am so glad to read it. Thank you. These are such frightening times. I feel that all we can do is pray, and I am doing that. laurie

  17. I'm in awe of your ability to speak your mind. I wish more people would. I am offering my support because I agree with you completely.

  18. I agree! Thanks for having the courage to speak out!

    May God have mercy on us!


  19. You go girl! You hit it right on the button!

  20. Amen, Rhondi, and Amen to your commentors. What is our "new" and "changed" leadership doing to us? Is this some kind of a sick joke they're pulling on Capital Hill? Unfortunately, we are getting exactly what the majority of our "informed" citizens voted for---let us pray we don't get attacked again. I can not imagine how "this group" in DC would handle it.


  21. Dear Rhondi, I totally agree with you and the subsequent posts. All that is left is for us to get on our knees and pray and pray often. I just don't understand how seemingly intelligent people voted this man in. These people do not love our wonderful country, they want to destroy it. Nancy Pelosi is such a hypocrite, having an audience with he Pope, please...

  22. Hi Rhondi...in a nutshell, I could not agree with you more!!!

  23. Hi Rhondi...in a nutshell, I could not agree with you more!!!

  24. Hi Rhondi:
    I totally agree with all you have said. I wondered also, why did he have to wait then leave Wash. DC to sign the OH SO URGENT bill. Wonder what is going to come of all of this. It is scarry.

  25. Amen! Well said. Millions are thinking the same thoughts!!! Linda

  26. And the car companies want MORE..... maybe they should try handling what they have a little better.... that what WE have to do.... madding

  27. Rhondi,
    You have just wrote exactly what I have been wanting to say, but did not know how to put it. My dear blogging friend my hat is tipped off to you. You did such a marvelous job,do not step off of your soap box. My husband, mother and I have almost the same conversation every time we talk. And we always say to each other "This country is in a mess, and God is our only hope and I am so glad that we have Him to call on!!!!!! Thank you for taking a stand and letting it be known . So many times in this country too many of us have done or said nothing....

  28. Rhondi, you said it girl! What a load of....nonsense! The check is brilliant and oh so apropos! I'm sending a link to this post to everyone I know!


  29. It makes me so sad...and afraid for our country. blessings, marlene

  30. Oh my word...you are so in tune with me!!! I agree with everything you said. Why is Obama flying everywhere to promote this bill? Do you know how much money that is costing the taxpayers to fly around in Airforce One??? Does he know??? I didn't hear the thing about Nancy Pelosi needing to fly to Italy!! Thanks so much!!!

  31. Many thanks Rhondi, you had the courage and guts to spell it all out so clearly - I am completely in agreement with everything you say on this matter. A 'talking head' on TV made a concise statement the other night - we are facing "depression and revolution". This country is starting to lean toward socialism already since the new government took over, communism could follow. It is frightening and disgusting that America has fallen so far in such a brief period of time. Our people deserve better, so much better. 'Time limits' must come - we have to get rid of these politicians who have dragged this country into the mire - our grandchildren deserve better.

    Yes, I too dislike getting into politics online - but I just want you to know I support you in this.

  32. Hi Rhondi - as an Engish woman who knows diddly squat about poltics of any sort, I'm not holding forth on any of this! Playing catch-up on reading as I am, my comment is really about fake flowers vs real ones. I do love real plants but I always either over-water or forget to water at all and they end up dead poor things. Therefore give me a genuine fake any day!
    love, Angie, xx

  33. I'm totally, 100% in agreement with your thoughts on this ridiculous stimulous c**p, Rhondi...rant away, I'll join in right along with you!

  34. Hi Rhondi, What a gal you are! I couldn't agree with you more and your followers too. I think with what this new regime is spending, we could pay off the war! Probably ALL the wars! What really scares me is that Obama actually says " I will change the country AND THE WORLD" (Sounds a bit like Hitler, and all dictators to me!) Talk about a Socialist! With what Pelosi spends jetting back and forth to D.C., I think they should donate that money to her sorry state: California! And force her to LIVE in D.C. I knew this would happen, and I am so sorry it has! May the Good Lord bless us (and give those politicians some brains!)
    xxxooo grrrrrr!

  35. I also COMPLETELY agree with you. They are behaving as if we work for them, not them for us. We need term limits for congress (as well as a lot of other things, but we'll start there!) We are getting just the kind of change that was voted for by so many I'm afraid.


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