Monday, February 9, 2009

Tea on the Porch

I've been sewing all morning on part of an applique quilt for our quilt guild raffle. Because I am handsewing it, it has taken me a very long time. I've finally finished it , so I'm going to take a break and make myself a cup if tea.
I've got a blue striped teacup and ...
a plate of my favorite chocolate covered digestive cookies which my sister brought from Canada. I just love them and we can't get them here!
I've set up a tray for tea, and prettied it up with a few daffodils picked from the garden.

It is an absolutely beautiful warm spring day here (sorry for all of you who still have snow on the ground) so I'm going to have my tea outside on the front porch. Maybe I'll read for a little while. After all those years growing up in Canada, it is still unbelievable to me that I can sit outside without a jacket on a February day.
Ah, this is the life!!
If you care to join me, I'll go and get another teacup. I made a big pot of tea just in case you had time to stay awhile.
Rhondi xo


  1. Isn't this weather heavenly? It feels so wonderful to be outside. I just got in from walking the dog and then had to look for weeds to pull. In a few months I won't have any trouble finding the weeds :-)
    You must feel good to have your quilting finished. The blue/white & yellow tea is gorgeous and I am envious of your daffodils. Mine are getting a bit bigger, but no blooms yet.

    Enjoy your day.

  2. I'll be there. That tea outside on the porch looks so inviting and nice.

  3. Hi, Rhondi -
    I wish I could be there to join you for tea on the porch. We would freeze if we tried that here today. A cold front has moved in with a threat of snow. Again. We probably won't get it where I live but we never know when the predictions are slightly off and we get it, too. So, I think since I can't have my tea outside I'll just enjoy a warm cup inside today. And I'll be thinking of you out on your porch!

  4. Put the tea kettle on, I'll be right over! I need a day to relax from yard work. I love the way the yellow daffs look in the cobalt blue!

  5. Hi Rhondi!
    We are having this wonderful spring weather here in the mountains too! Only I don't have any daffodils yet. I had to buy my spring flowers at Fresh Market.

  6. Rhondi,
    I love your tea-set it is so lovely and inviting. Thank you for sharing. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  7. you need bigger mugs if I've coming to tea!! lol I'm really looking forward to the warmer weather and getting out into our garden. Take care, Judith

  8. Hi Rhondi...what an enchanting time on your certainly deserve it after hand quilting!
    ;-) Bo

  9. Rhondi,
    Your porch, rocker and tea set look so inviting...I wish I could hop on a plane! This was such a pretty post for Blue Monday, thank you.

    I also just read your Thankful Thursday & although I'm a little late I want to say that it was beautiful. I feel so blessed all the time and I pray for all those things and more for the less fortunate. Thanks for reminding. :-)


  10. Oh , just so cozy and warm as I watch the snow fall outside!

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  11. Hi How are you???? !!! just beautiful post like always!!!

    Marina from summer


  12. Rhondi thanks for the visit to my blog. Your blog is so warm and inviting. The cookies look good too! I'll be back for many visits.Warmly, Sharon

  13. Daffodils! A sure sign of spring. Lucky you. Mimi

  14. What a charming, relaxing spot for your tea. Wish I could join you. laurie

  15. It looks so colorful and inviting. I'd love to join you. But tell me, please, what are digestive cookies? Never heard of them before. :-)

  16. Not quite warm enough in Jersey for tea on the porch, but it does look heavenly.
    ♥, Susan

  17. Rhondi, I would so love to join you on your beautiful porch for a cup of tea and fellowship.
    This has been such a long and busy day, perhaps tomorrow I will fix a tea tray ala Rhondi and enjoy the mild, fresh air here on the west are invited to drop by for a cup and a visit. :-)

  18. I'll be right over Rhondi :)

    What a lucky girl! yes, it's still cold here, but slowly warming up in NY today, Spring cannot come soon enough for me! I envy you :) what a beautiful setting too!

    Hugs, Cynthia

  19. I'm enjoying the same weather here too, Rhondi.

    Your tea set is lovely. Enjoy your day!


  20. Daffodils already?? We don't even have them poking their heads through the earth yet - everything is very late this year.
    Enjoy those cookies - that tea party for one looks very tempting!

  21. We have those digestive biscuits here and can get them with dark chocolate on them. I love them too! Wow, I wish I could invite you to my house for a cup of tea. But then we would have to sit indoors by my woodstove as it is not warm enough yet to be outdoors. I would have Carolien come over and join us and we would chat the hours away.

    Hugs ~

  22. What a wonderful setting for tea. We have new snow on the ground and am wishing the freezing weather would go away.

  23. I am enjoying your music as usual and dreaming of being there having tea with you and eating those yummy cookies. I have had them and love them. We can sometimes find them here.
    Ohio is in the 60s today but it is rainy. I will gladly take the rain over the snow. It is almost all melted now.
    Have a great day and hope we see your sewing soon.

  24. Rhondi- Better get more tea cups out-- The weather is sunny and a whopping 60* something here in Illinois!! :O) We are enjoying the Sunny February weather also!!!!
    Went for a walk and the flowers are starting to poke their green selves through the ground!! What do groundhogs know anyway!!!
    Happy Valentines!

  25. Perfect shade of blue on those delightful cups.... you sure know how to set a lovely tea....

  26. I'll have a bit of lemon in mine please. I just took a break from working all day. Getting some packages out for some etsy orders, and tidying up before I start dinner. I had grand plans to make pot roast, and then decided to keep working on some things.

    I am so jealous, we have icy snowy yucky remains from the day, and the coyotes are terrifying me and my dogs. They moved into the backyard and have made a den in the ravine. I have been losing sleep from the howls. Yikes!

    Your day seems so much more delightful than mine, but after all you did have your share of snow and cold in Canada.

    Have a beautiful evening. We used to get those cookies in Hong Kong and in Canada. I miss them too. The girls loved them and so did my mom.


    P.S. thank you for the nice compliment on your comment today.

  27. After being so gray and dreary here in NY, I think I need to get to your porch right away! Please move on over!

  28. Rhondi you have the cutest stuff. That blue stripe is so darling. Especially with the yellow.

  29. What a cheery tea time! You are so nice to share your cookies, especially since you can't get more here! I would probably not want to share if they were mine! LOL! ;-)


  30. Looks great, Rhondi, I believe I'll join you! :-)

    Glad you've had a turn in the weather. It's nice here, too, but oh what that cold snap did to some tropical plants! Hopefully, the Florida warmth will have them growing back again!


    Sheila :-)


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