Wednesday, February 4, 2009

You never know...

I love living in North Carolina. Since I grew up in Canada, it is particularly exciting for me when I see flowers blooming in February. Here is what was blooming yesterday.

But spring canbe a little unpredictable and you never know whatthe weather might do. This was the hellebore yesterday. And here it is this morning, covered in an inch of snow which fell overnight!

You never know what the next day holds....Hope you enjoy this day.
Rhondi xo


  1. It is so strange that we live in the same state, not that far from each other and you have all of those blooms and I have none :-(. We only got a very light dusting of snow last night. Your blooms are beautiful Rhondi!

  2. beautiful!! I'd give anything to ONLY have a couple of inches of snow on the ground and temps even close to warm enough for things to be blooming!!

    We still have about a foot of snow on the ground and a temp of 6 degrees right now!!!

    Come on SPRING!!!


  3. Rhondi, thank you so much, it's 11 degrees here and you can't even play in the snow because it's all ice now. How wonderful to know that somewhere it's sunny and flowers are in bloom!!!!

  4. The flowers and photography are beautiful. I love daffodils! I hope the snow doesn't fill the blossoms.


  5. Just a few snow drops and hellebores here - I can't wait for the daffodils, though. After 12 years on the coast I am still thrilled to see these blooms so early.

  6. Love your garden pictures. My daffodils are just starting to poke out of the ground. Do you know what kind yours are? They must be earlier bloomers than any of mine. Although I do think we are a bit behind the Charlotte area. I also love the hellebores. I need to get some. We got a light dusting of snow but it sure is pretty.

    Enjoy your day.

  7. i'm so envious of your spring blossoms. the yellow crocuses peeking up out of the brown leaves warms my heart!!! enjoy all the spring beauty and hopefully the snow will stay away now and not ruin anything.

    take care!

  8. Rhondi,

    Good for you!! We all need a little taste of spring!!


  9. what a beautiful display of flowers - my daffs are coming through and I am looking forward to spring. Judith

  10. What!? Spring already? I´m enviuos!! But then again...this way I can enjoy spring several times simply by visiting Your blog while waiting for "my" spring!

    Have a great week and weekend!


  11. Hi Rhondi -
    First, I love your header - such cute hearts. And I'm spellbound by your flowers. Daffodils have a lot of special meaning to me. We haven't even seen them peeking through the soil yet but we know they WILL come. If we are patient and wait.

  12. The flowers do make me smile, even popping their heads up out of the snow.
    I should have said we still live aprox. 5 hours away from the parks... So we do not get there as oftn as we would like.
    I would like to join Thankful Thursday if I can get my post written. I am helping my daughter today with the Gold & Blue Banquet for the cubscouts. She is in charge tonight and expects 150 for dinner. So it is a positive~ maybe... I will really try!


  13. Hi Rhondi!
    What gorgeous flowers you have! Really makes me wish for springtime!

    I would love to join you for Thankful Thursday tomorrow, but I already have my post written. How about I plan on it for next week? Are you the one who hosts it? Thanks for the invite! :)

  14. Hi in Texas we say if you don't like the weather, just wait a minute...LOL...sounds like that would apply there too...
    ;-) Bo

  15. Flowers in February! Lucky you! They look so springy-and even though the snow probably wasn't so great for the hellebore, the pink and green against the white of the snow made a very pretty picture.

  16. Rhondi, those are so pretty! We're going into the deep freeze tonight, so I don't know what is going to happen with our flowers. But prior, some irises were blooming and loving it.

    See you tomorrow!


    Sheila :-)

  17. Wow, you have blooms. We don't have anything blooming right now - except our camellias.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed your time with your sister. What a great blessing.

  18. I would love to be included in Thankful Thursday this week, how can I make that happen?

  19. I am SO eager to see some new life growing out of the ground and to just see some green! We're still mired in the snow and ice in northern Ohio.

    Sorry I haven't visited in such a very long time. Life has been throwing a lot of challenges my way.


  20. Beautiful pictures Rhondi! Pretty flowers. What a wonderful glimpse of spring in the middle of winter. We have snow drops and crocus blooming here and of course very early daffs, but we also have had a lot of snow earlier this week as well. I love this time of year, it's just full of surprises!

  21. Hi Rhonda, what lovely blooms you have this time of the year. We also have spring flowers blooming because our weather has been warm which is odd for this time of the year. Isn't it wonderful, Enjoy!
    Love, Ann

  22. How pretty! It's 0 degree's here and I can't even see over the snowbanks! But we have April to look forward to.

  23. Hi Rhondi,
    What beautiful plants,I think we all are so looking forward to spring.

    Thank you for allowing me to participate in Thankful Thursday. This is my second post and I am so enjoying it and I would like to continue.

  24. Gorgeous photos, especially the crocus amongst the leaves and the hellebore in the snow. x


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