Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday

When it rains, it pours. Last week my sewing machine stopped working, the laptop crashed and needed a new hard drive, and our car began to make a weird noise which my husband suspects is a wheel bearing. Then tonight while the dishwasher was going we noticed a huge puddle of water on the kitchen floor and when we checked under the sink we saw that the pipe had totally come apart and we can't see any way to re attach it. It looks like a job for a plumber! Why do things always come all at the same time?

So what do I have to be thankful for today? I am thankful to have a sewing machine, a laptop, a car and a dishwasher . These are things that most of the world could never even imagine owning. I mean I have a machine that washes the dishes for me! And every day I am so thankful for an endless supply of clean drinking water and hot water right out of a tap.

Here are some others who are thankful today. If you visit them take time to leave a comment. I know they'd like to hear from you.
So what are you thankful for today?

Rhondi xo

If I forgot to include you in the list today please let me know and I'll add your name.


  1. My goodness Rhondi, I am thankful to know a gracious person like you. I would be a little unglued with so many things breaking down. You are so right about how blessed we are to have conveniences like these. I hope things look better by tomorrow.

    Thank you for including me on your list when I was late getting my name in. I really enjoy todays event.


  2. Sometimes it's just important to remember what we do have. That might be the only thing holding you together. And remember Philippians 4:15 for pete's sake.
    Would you mind adding me to your list? thankyou.

  3. Hi Rhondi~
    Sometimes, it's so easy to overlook the little blessings in life...thank you for sharing your heart!♥

  4. We have so many luxuries the rest of the world does not. I think the dishwasher is my favorite; computer is a close second!

  5. Hello Miss Rhondi. I have my post ready, so you can add it now. I had a similar week last week, now what is going on? But you know remembering to be thankful seems to be like a soothing balm. I am so thankful that I met you, sweet lady. You remind me every Thursday to be mindful.

    Have a beautiful day, and I will send blessings your way today.


  6. Rhondi, my mama always said that things happened in threes, both the good and the bad. Sounds like you will now be in for a run of good luck! I am thankful for my and Todd's good health.

  7. we are so blessed in this country with so many things we don't NEED but are nice to have. sometimes i think we have it too easy.

    every good gift and every perfect gift is from above...
    thanks for putting this together.

  8. So sorry about your difficulties! We have that stuff happen too, everything at once. Not sure about the Murphy's law on that one!
    We are home and I would love to be a part of Thankful Thursday.
    Good luck with everything!

  9. Oh wow, well I must say this week was a great week for us. We have ours those where it seems like everything hits at once, like yours did. We do tend to appreciate the good stuff even more though after huge trials and defeats like that. I would say out of all my appliances it would be my washing machine I would be the most thankful for. We didnt have it for nearly two weeks back in the hurricane and wow, washing all that by hand was so much work! So yes very good thing to be thankful for.
    I would love to be added to your list. I tried responding to your email last week and it got sent back. Here is my info
    Thanks so much for your posting. Very encouraging.

  10. You have the perfect attitude. I am grateful every day when I put my feet on the floor and I can feel those aches and pains, but that I can walk...out to the fresh cup of coffee that my husband made me.

  11. Thank you for the THANKFUL THURSDAYs. Please check out my post today at

  12. I like the way you look at things, Rhondi. We are indeed blessed to have as much clean water as we need or want - clean air - heat - safe food. Everything else (and don't we have a lot of that 'everything else'?)is extra.

  13. Good morning Rhondi. It is so true that we don't often realize how much "things" mean to us until they stop working :-)I found that out last week when my computer modem burnt out! Happy Thankful Thursday!

  14. HI Rhondi! I'm thankful for the couple I spent time with yesterday, 67 years of marriage., and I was so lifted out of my own situations in life and transported into a romance of a lifetime still shared with this couple that are 83 and 86. He has the early stages of Alzheimers and yet the entire afternoon spent with them made me feel so blessed. I captured the story on my tablescape today., come over and visit, and be prepared to be elevated to another place of thankfulness. This thankful for the time she has with him, regardless of his health or his memory that lapses from time to time. I drove away a different woman... ;) Be Blessed Rhondi! ~CC Catherine from "Catherine de th`e Cups"

  15. We are thankful for such a wonderful post! Have a great thursday!
    kari & kijsa

  16. Hi've made some excellent thankful observations today...I'm afraid I take things for granted too often in my life. I need to adopt your sweet attitude! ;-) Bo

  17. We all take so much for granted. It's nice to be reminded that most of the world doesn't have it as good as we do. Mimi

  18. It does always happen like this. One silver lining in such a cloud is that you will have everything in tip top shape once all is repaired. :) It is only when these things are broken that we realize how grateful we really are to have them.

    Hugs ~

  19. Rhondi, Good Morning! I am thankful for waking this morning to an unexpected snowfall. My friends are all grumbling and I just smile. It is so beautiful and peaceful. I shall spend the day creating and enjoying the view. Sharon
    PS Rhondi may I add your Thankful Thursday logo to my blog?

  20. Dear Rhondi -
    You'll make it through this - you're on the right track with your thankful attitude. Even though it's so hard to have everything all apart at the same time, we are blessed. SO blessed! I'm thankful for health and for my family and dear friends. You're one of those friends I give thanks for.

  21. What a wonderful attitude about some disasterous happenings! Why is it that everything seems to go wrong at once? Newton's Law? At some point, I always start feeling like, "what's next". I hope you don't have any more breakdowns any time soon. laurie

  22. Beautiful post Rhondi. Wonderful attitude.
    There are one or two awards waiting for you in my blog

  23. Hi! So sorry, I didn't get to post today!! I'm still getting over this flu and just did a simple post.

    I loved your list. I think a lot of us take for granted all the wonderful things we have right under our noses! I for one am forever thankful for my garage!! This is our third house and the first one with a garage! I thank God maybe 3 times a week for it and for the ability to not get wet or cold when running to my car!

    I'll do one next week! Thanks!

  24. You certainly put things into perspective. Yes, we should all be thankful for what we have. I hope you do manage to get all your repairs done.

  25. what a nice post, rhondi! sorry you've had a bad run of luck but i love your outlook -- so bright and optimistic. i am grateful every day when i get home form work and my dear sweet presley (16 yr old min schnauzer) is still alive and glad to see me. it sure makes my heart sing!

  26. Rhondi,

    The special feeling I get from reading the posts for Thankful Thursday is unbelievable. Although I am sorry for all the aggrevations you have had this week, this too shall pass. For others, it won't. This is a powerful message that you have gotten across so simply stated.

    Thank you so much for reminding us for what we must truly be thankful for!


  27. Rhondi,
    I lovee the idea of Thankful Thursdays. I would love to join the froup of grateful bloggers. I will have my post posted within the next few minutes or so. Here is my blog information:
    Blessings For the Day-

  28. oh, how i loved this post!
    you have the right attitude, one that i try to live by daily, which is "live in gratitude".

    im going to read the rest of your blog because i so love what i've read so far!

    warmly and God bless,

  29. I hope everything gets fixed soon! You have a great attitude! "In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God!" is a song I'm thinking about right now!


  30. I am so blessed by this idea! There are so many things to be Thankful for! What a wonderful idea!

    I would like to be included with you listing.

    Please visit my posting for today!

    I hope you have an most wonderful day!

  31. You are so's so easy to get caught up in the world's problems and forget to be amazed at what we do to see sunsets...a warm cat on out lap! :)

    M ^..^

  32. You are such a great person Rhondi! I need to look at things like that and more often than not I don't. Thank you for the reminder :)


  33. Hi Rhondi,
    I agree, we do have many blessings and much to be thankful for. I am thankful for the sunshine and the warm day today.



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