Friday, December 4, 2009

My Love Affair With Books

I love books.  I like to read them, look at the illustrations, feel the covers, and admire their beauty. 
I have books  everywhere                       
on tables...

in baskets....

on top of the fridge....

on the floor..  oh and in bookshelves too!

 I have a quite a few lovely Christmas books.

Earlier this week I found this book, Jan Brett's Christmas Treasury.  Do you know Jan Brett's books?  I LOVE her illustrations.  They remind me of Carl Larsson, a  Swedish painter whose work I admire.

DSC08657 - Copy

DSC08682 - Copy
 Each page is a work of art.
DSC08683 - Copy

DSC08665 - Copy

DSC08684 - Copy
One of the stories in the book is The Twelve Days Of Christmas.  It is so beautiful I just had to show it to you.

DSC08669 - Copy

DSC08670 - Copy

DSC08671 - Copy

DSC08672 - Copy

DSC08673 - Copy

DSC08674 - Copy

DSC08675 - Copy

DSC08676 - Copy




I hope you enjoyed looking at this book as much as I do.

When I was a child my favorite  Chrismas book was The Littlest Angel.  I felt so sorry for that little angel living with all those grown up angels in heaven!

What was your favorite Christmas book?

Rhondi xo


  1. What a beautiful book the Jan Brett is! I can remember reading the children stores that were illustrated by Carl Larsson and thinking how much I wanted to live in his rooms.

    I love books as well; and I always have a selection of Xmas books out during the Holidays as well as magazines (new and vintage) in each bathroom.

  2. You have quite a collection of books. I think they say so much about the people living in the home...and to makes a house a home!

    I haven't heard of either author but I do enjoy illustrated books. I have a few by Susan Branch and Mary Engelbreight and I love my illustrated version of Pride And Prejudice, a real keepsake.

    Wonderful post, Rhondi!


  3. Another thing we have in common, Rhondi. Every child in the family has received 'The Mitten' and 'The Hat' from me. Here at home I have the Christmas Treasury and The Night Before Christmas. I'd happily live in a Jan Brett world!

  4. I love books , too! I have the Jan Brett book, , I found it at good Will . I love it !
    Merry Christmas !

  5. Oh beautiful! Especially the ladies dancing, what dresses!

  6. Morning, Rhondi! Oh, what lovely books you have! I adore this sweet book with the beautiful illustrations! Brings out our childness, doesn't it?
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. I am a book lover too. You have a wonderful collection. I think my favorite Christmas book is the sweet story "The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey" by Susan Wojciechowski.


  8. Your blog looks so festive! That really is a beautiful book. Those illustrations really are works of art. Thank you for sharing these charming pages from your book. laurie

  9. I don't actually remember this Christmas book, but the Christmas before I was born, my sister had a little book called, "Around the Christmas Tree with Donna." Guess where I got my name?
    PS Love the new photo of you!

  10. That is a beautiful book! I love your new profile picture. You are a very inspirational person!

  11. Thank you for sharing the Twevle days of Christmas . My fav. song to sing. I love books too. Someday I will have a libary in my house. Wall to wall book shelves. I love bibles. I have many. My fav. christmas story is anything to do with the birth of baby jesus.

  12. All trimmed up for Christmas! Your blog looks lovely. As for books - I love everything about them specially the smell as in a library.

    love, Angie, xx

  13. Oh, thanks for sharing this book, I love Jan Bretts work. I remember reading several of these books to the kids when they were younger. I hope I can find this book, I love the art work. It's so nice to visit blogs and make these great finds.

  14. Hi Rhondi! Your Christmas treasury book is beautiful, the illustrations are just beautiful...I like your blog background too. My favorite christmas book is The night before christmas, I read it every year and pack it in my christmas stuff for the next year....When I take it out the next year it's like it is a brand new surprise! Have a nice weekend! Hugs, Jennifer

  15. What a lovely Christmas book, I just love her artwork!! When I was a girl my favourite Christmas book was (no surprise here) The Night Before Christmas. I know. I'm such a traditionalist . . . I guess I always was!

  16. Wonderful pictures. My house is full of books too.

  17. I LOVE books, too and what a treat to find Christmas books! I have a little giveaway that you might like...a book! Happy holidays!

  18. You are so right, Rhondi...that book is precious! I loved seeing the pages of the Twelve Days of Christmas..they are beautiful. What a wonderful collection you have...I also love books and love to read...I can't read them fast enough. After seeing your Christmas books, I think I'll visit our second hand bookstores to see if I can find these for my grands...they also love to read.

    Would you believe I have that exact same white birdcage? It was my mother's, and I love it. I also like your new blogbackground...looks so familiar..LOL! And I love your header photo...I also have the singing snowman and snowlady from Hallmark...great minds think alike!

    God bless,


  19. I am really liking Country Living's Merry & Bright. Full of fun decorating ideas. I love books and quilts. And books about quilts!

  20. My favorite was "the Littlest Angel" too! It was a pop up book with paper nativity in the box. How I wish I had that book now. I also love Jan Bretts illustrations. We bought a Christmas book about cats done by her that was amazing. I think it is in the attic with the rest of their childrens books.

  21. Hi Rhondi - hope your trip to Boston was fun over Thanksgiving with that adorable baby to hug - and that you didn't get stuck in the traffic on the way home!

    Lovely book illustrations. I love Carl Larsson's paintings too and buy the calendar every year for my kitchen.

    Busy days, never enough hours to accomplish all I plan. Just hope it dries/warms up soon so I can get outside and finish putting uo my lights and the gazebo tree - I'm falling behind.

    Hugs - Mary

  22. What a lovely post! Yes, I first discovered Jan Brett last year as I was looking for a book for a friend's grandchild. I immediately fell in love with her illustration style. I'm happy to know she's got this Christmas volume...I just might add it to my little collection of Christmas books.

  23. I think it's so neat you have books displayed all around your house. I need to do this too. I agree - Jan Brett's illustrations are beautiful! I used to teach and know about her books, but don't have any. I am going to have to buy a few for myself!

  24. Have you read "The Stupidest Angel V2.0" By Christopher Moore? It's an excellent novel, and super funny. It's a nice breath of humor into such a happy season :)

  25. What a lovely book. One of my favorites is Gift of the Magi. It's such a simple, but touching, story.

  26. I'm a book-a-holic myself, so I love all the pictures. I really liked how you put them on top of your fridge. I think I may go clean off the top of mine, just for that purpose now:)

  27. hi
    I am as much a book lover like you and would love to display my books just the way you have.
    In India we have very small houses which makes it impossible to display all and so i have a small shelf above my computer which has my books and the rest lots and lots of magazines and books are stocked away in cupboards...


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