Monday, December 14, 2009

A Day Full of Sunshine

Today was filled with sunshine in so many ways. Part of that sunshine was the delightful visit with someone many of you know.  Her back porch is lined with rubber boots in wonderful pastel colors.
Little vases of flowers and a welcome sign greet you.
I enjoyed a cup of tea with Lily....

while Lucy tried to knock over a few things on the tabletops.   Daisy was a little camera shy.

I'm sure you guesssed I had a visit with Fifi at her wonderfully inviting  home.  It is filled with all kinds of   beautiful things.  She is just as I imagined she would be,  gracious,  down to earth,  creative and delightful to be with.    I was too busy enjoying her company to take many photos, but you can see lots on her blog.  She is also a very talented lady and the editor of Romantic Country magazine.

Her home is charming and so is she.

Thank you Fifi for a lovely afternoon visit.

Rhondi xo


  1. You caught some good photos! Are you in Florida then? (or am I mistaken as to where F. lives? You are missing some dreadful weather here!

  2. It is so nice to meet fellow bloggers! I will have to visit Fifi's blog. I think the rubber boots lined up at the door are absolutely the cutest! And the kitties are too! Glad you had fun, Rhondi! :-)


  3. How nice for you to meet another fellow blogger. I love Fifi's blog. The boots lined up at the door is wonderful!

    Happy Holidays, Rhondi!

  4. Hi Rhondi, What a delight to meet FiFi and get a few great pics. I love the lined up boots in pastels colors. You must be on a vacation or is FiFi in your town? Anyway, what a sweet treat.
    Enjoy and have a wonderful Christmas!

    Love your header too.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  5. Oh how fun! I am envious. It looks like you had a great time....

  6. Sounds like a great visit Rhondi, and her home and blog look fantastic! How very creative!

  7. I know exactly how you felt~
    Thanks for friend sent me a link to your blog..

    I wholeheartedly agree that Fifi is a sweet sweet host and her home is just so amazingly her:)Perfectly magical.

  8. How fun ! I bet you had a great visit....

  9. Hi Rhondi....I have been by FiFi's home this past sister lives a few blocks from her and also went to her garage sale. She bought me some of her wonderful items she had for sale. How nice that you got to visit with her!~Patti

  10. Good for you, Rhondi. That must have been so special for both of you.

    I love the quilts you made for your friend and her children. It made me cry, too.

  11. Rhondi,

    How nice to meet a fellow blogger!! I love the pastel boots lined up on the back porch!!

  12. What a lovely home, you both have so much talent.

  13. What fun to actually visit Fifi's lovely home - did you see the guest cottage too? She's such a genuinely sweet lady and works so hard as editor of the magazine.

    Have a wonderful time in Florida - lousy weather still here. I'm off to the North Pole (well close by, lol!) Friday and I've bought snow boots just in case!

    Have a Merry Christmas dear Rhondi.

  14. How fun to meet Fifi! You got some great photos, aren't those pastel boots pretty?

  15. If you were at Fifi's, then you were just a hop, skip and a jump south of me! Hope the weather is wonderful while you are here. We've had more than our share of dreary, rainy weather here on the west coast of "sunny" Florida in the past couple weeks.

    Hmmmm...can we expect to see your pretty home in a future issue of Romantic Country magazine? :)


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