Monday, December 7, 2009

Mosaic Monday

How are you on this Monday morning?  I got our tree up yesterday and took a few pictures of some of my favorite ornaments and made a collage of them for Mosaic Monday at Mary's.

I am very slow at getting the house looking like Christmas this year.  So far all I have done is the tree in our living room and the tree in our kitchen.  I think some of the things I usually put out will go back up in the attic unopened. 
Boy am I getting forgetful! Last year I bought some Christmas plates from Dollar Tree but I couldn't remember where I put them.  As I was checking in the back corner of the kitchen cabinets I came across a set of dishes with holly on which I had forgotten that I bought this summer at a yard sale!   I was so excited and  now we can have all our meals this month on Christmas dishes, which is something I always thought would be such a luxury.

Today I am joining in with Mary At Little Red House for her Mosaic Monday.   If you have the time to visit her, you will love looking at all the beautiful photos that are linked with her Mosaic Monday today.

My TO DO list is growing longer each day.  How about you?

Rhondi xo


  1. Beautiful, sweetpea!

  2. Your ornaments look beautiful and I am sure the tree is stunning. I look forward to seeing all your Christmas dishes too. Hugs, Marty

  3. If I can just get through the next two days at work I'll be able to sail into Christmas and get some things done. The tree will wait for the kids to arrive from Ontario, but there's the little matter of decorating the house.......

  4. Oh goodness, Rhondi. I don't feel so alone! Some people were finished decorating the day after Thanksgiving. We had things going on all weekend so I have a naked tree in the living room and can't start decorating until DH puts the lights on tonight (I am NO good at that!). And I think I am going to scale back on some decorating myself.

    Your ornament mosaic is beautiful. What a nice way to see all of your favorites!


  5. Morning, Rhondi! Looks so pretty! I'm moving slow too! Wish I could call up one of Santa's elves to help me! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Oh Rhondi...just as I cross one thing off the list , another one goes on!

  7. Hi Rhondi,
    Looking at some of the blogs out there I feel as if I'm way behind with my decorating too but there's still time to get it all done, I think!
    Love your vintage glass ornaments,.
    Have a great week.

  8. Beautiful collection of vintage glass ornaments & mosaic Rhondi.

  9. Haha .. I too forget about things; thanks for reminding me about the Dollar tree red and white plates I bought this summer!
    I got my old Christmas china out this weekend; it's Advent, so time to start using it. My Mom gave it to me nearly 30 years ago, so it has special memories for me.
    Happy Christmas!

  10. I love your mosiac -so pretty and red. It does seem as though my list grows longer every day too!

  11. I love your mosaic. Please tell me again where to go to do this. I know I have it written down somewhere...but for now it is hiding from me! Have a super week. Not everything got unpacked and set out at my house either this year.

  12. So pretty! I was intentionally slow this year, my first year to enjoy decorating at my leisure!

  13. Your ornaments are so pretty Rhondi, but then, knowing you, I'd expect no less!! I have not even begun to decorate for Christmas. I better get my act together huh!!!

  14. Things are moving at lightning speed, and yes, piling up, but I am having so much fun:>) Do we get to see your Christmas dishes? I don't have my main treeup yet, just a small artificial with Earls bird collection. I hope to get the tree this week:>)

  15. Hey, Rhondi, thanks for stopping by! Merry Christmas to you and I just love your ornaments. So pretty & they look vintage. I would love to have more vintage ones too.

  16. Hi Rhondi :)

    My to do list is HUGE! At least this year we won't be having a lot of people for dinner... less stress ;)

    Beautiful mosaic!


  17. Your ornaments are gorgeous! I wish I had my tree up, but it may be a couple of days. We have been so busy and I've been overcommitted. Remind me not to do that again! I'd love to see your dishes. I've been looking for holly dishes since we live on Holly Street and I feature holly in my decorating. I have a sweet set of holly plates and cups and saucers for a luncheon. I'm using them for the first time on Friday. I'll be sharing them soon! Hope we get to see yours. ~Adrienne~

  18. I must join the crowd too - Christmas decorating is simplified this year due to a broken wrist. But the benefit is in that what has been accomplished so far is more appreciated & enjoyed - rather than going over the edge & not seeing it all. There is alot to be said for Simplify!
    Thanks for sharing.

  19. Rhondi, you are ahead of me decorating. I think I'm going to be the caboose this year. Hopefully today..... Enjoy your plates!

  20. Very pretty !!
    love the sparkle:)

    Blessings to you~~have a wonderful week!


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  22. Beautiful. Thanks of r sharing some of your Christmas treasures.

  23. What a lovely mosaic of Christmas ornaments... would love to see your dishes. You have a lovely blog!!
    Lisa in Kentucky

  24. Love your vintage ornaments- they just sparkle!

  25. Love your blog and your beautiful ornaments.

    Thanks so much for sharing!


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