Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Early Morning

I love mornings, getting up before the sun rises.

Everything is still.

The only sound is the hum of the furnace and the quiet ticking of the clock.

I write in my journal, read my bible,sip my mug of hot tea, and talk to the Creator.

It's my chance to think about the day ahead, count the things I'm grateful for and watch the sun as it  rises through  the silhouette of the trees in the woods.  I wonder if it will be pink today......Oh my goodness, I was just about to click the "publish" button when I noticed the sun was beginning to rise. 

If I had slept in or had the curtains closed I would have missed it.  I'm glad I'm a morning person, especially today!

I love mornings!  Are you a morning person?

Rhondi xo


  1. Oh Rhonda-
    This is a beautiful post. I too love early morning. I value the quiet.

    I hope you have a wonderful Happy New Year!


  2. Sometimes I wake up at 3am anticipating and patiently waiting for that first glimpse of favorite part of the day!

  3. I'm right here with you this morning, but don't have as beautiful view of the sunrise over here on my street that you do!

    Have a great day. The right kind of start always makes the day go mores smoothly, doesn't it?

  4. Hi Rhondi, I can see why you would love Mia's blog as your photos remind me of hers and her house. I can actually *feel* the I'm there with you. Also, I saw that same sunrise this morning since I'm in the Triad of NC, and I am a morning person too. Have a wonderful day...

  5. Loved sharing your early morning with you Rhondi. As you know I am a very early morning person. It's the best time of the day. I am up by 5 every morning.

  6. Yesmam, I am a morning person. Love to sip that first cup of coffee and hear the gentle breathing of my family tucked safely in their beds...beautiful sunrise!!

  7. I'm raising my hand! The very early mornings are so wonderful aren't they? I often see deer walking past my kitchen window, and the best bird-watching comes in the new dawn.

  8. I have not always been an early morning person, but in the last 25 years that has changed. I love early morning now, it is so peaceful. It gives me time to plan my day, with a cup of coffee and a clear head. Your sunrise pictures are beautiful.

  9. Oh Rhondi, what a beautiful post! Your pictures are so warm and inviting. And the sunrise is awesome. Thanks for sharing this moment.

  10. Beautiful pictures, so relaxing! I love sunrise and sunsets. Thank you for posting these pictures!
    Happy New Year to you and your family

  11. Blessings to you Rhondi, I love this post and the wonderful photos-I can just imagine you sitting at the table having your quiet time. How delightful! I am not naturally a morning person but when I worked and hubby was gone early I got up early to have my quiet time. Now that we are retired and together all the time I don't get up like I used to unless he is gone golfing. Love the sunrise-I feel like I'm missing so much!
    Happy New Year and hugs to you.

  12. Oh your sitting area by the window is perfect! And what a beautiful "rose-colored" view of the sun coming up and peeking through...

    Blessings & aloha!
    (ah...thank you for sharing this pretty pink sight!)

  13. What a glorious sunrise by our creator. I am not a morning person.... I wish I were. How wonderful that you start your morning with the Lord. Blessings!

  14. Hi Rhondi,

    I do almost the same thing in the morning. I love getting up in the morning and see the sun rise while sipping my tea. I too write in a journal, but this year I am going to add pictures to it. Just love how you have done yours.


  15. hi
    Such a beautiful way to write...
    Reading your blog gives me so much pleasure and makes me see the goodness in small things that we do every morning....
    your tea cup or mug is great all white and blue I see that you love tea with milk just like mine...
    You seem to have a great journal what pictures do you stick to your journal.
    I usually have a small diary in my kitchen where i write what i will cook the whole day as i have to make 3 meals and what are my to do list ... but it does help me a lot....

  16. Oh the pictures are so lovely! Thank you for sharing them!! I would have missed that ;)

  17. yes I am a morning person, usually up at 4 am!
    I love the quiteness of the house and time to just think and start my day at my own pace.

  18. What a beautiful sunrise! I know another blogger who gets up before the sunrise and takes her shower by candlelight. She says it is the most gentle way to ease into the day.

    I am more of a night person, but once up I do love mornings.

  19. Hi fellow morning person! I amy not make it for sunrise but I do enjoy the quiet of the morning before anything is stirring in the house. I can get more done then than any other time of the day.

  20. I'm a morning person, too. I love the early mornings - the quiet of the world around before everyone gets busy and out of their houses and running like crazy! My favorite time is early Sunday morning when it's just barely light - no one is outside except me and my dog. And once in awhile another person and their dog! A smile and a nod of the head are all the communication needed so we don't interrupt the silence!

  21. How beautiful the sunrise looks from your window Rhondi. I too, love mornings and love to walk my dog early and take in all Nature's beauty. This morning I saw the beauty in a rainbow and heard the wind gently blowing through the trees.


  22. Hi Rhondi! This post was so beautiful--your sunrise photos are simply breathtaking! I'm not a morning person, but when I do make myself rise early, I am awed by the beauty of the sunrise and of the stillness in the early morning. Thank you for sharing this special part of your day. :)

    Loretta M.

  23. Rhondi, you are an amazing lady! What a wonderful way to start one's day. I agree, early mornings are special, but I often sleep through the sunrise. But when I don't, it is one of my favorite times. Thank you for sharing this peaceful time and that awesome sunrise.
    Hugs, dear friend....Sarah

  24. I am absolutely a morning person! That is a beautiful sunrise you captured for us. Early morning is my favorite time of the day...for the same reasons you have stated.

  25. Rhondi,
    What a lovely, peaceful setting to begin your day. Stunning sunrise. I used to be more of morning person but as I get older I look forward to my Saturday's to sleep in. I work full time, go into the office two days a week and work home three. I love to sing (with windows closed and a/c on or heat this week in FL) How Great Thou Art as the I watch the sunrise driving to work,if the timing is right.
    I will think of you next week when I am driving, sitting in your lovely home starting your day. God Bless and Happy New Year!

  26. A lovely way to start any day and the promising new year!

  27. What a great way to start your day! So peaceful! Thank you for the beautiful pictures! Have a Happy New Year!

  28. Hi are almost making me WANT to be an early riser. ;-) My days start pretty early since I have to be at work by 7:30...but one day, when I retire, I think getting up early will be fun then. :-) I love your sweet writing desk/area. Even your journal looks lovely. What a nice way to gather your thoughts and prepare for another glorious day! Congrats on your new grandbaby. Life is good, isn't it?! :-)
    Happy New Year!

  29. Thank you for sharing your sweet self this past year. I have enjoyed your Thankful Thursday more than you'll ever know.

    Yes! I am a morning person. I pop out of bed annoyingly cheerful as my daughter would often tell me.

    You have the most wonderful New Year and may God bless you richly sweet lady!! :o)

  30. Early in the morning will I seek Thee. eSPECIALly loved the sunrise photos... Oh, how He loves you and me!


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