Monday, March 15, 2010

Tea Party Tuesday

Hi.  I am so glad you came for tea today!  I just finished picking some daffodils for you!
And I made some lemon squares.

The yellow teapot just seemed to say "Use me today."
I got a couple of mugs for us, blue and white of course.

and lemon for those of you who don't like milk.

and I put it all on the wicker tea cart
and rolled it in front of the window in our dining room.

Then I moved the dining room table over against the wall and got two of our dining room chairs  for us to sit in.
We can enjoy the sunshine coming through the window
and have a view of outside as we drink our tea today.
Just having a cup of tea and a chat with a good friend like you is my idea of the ideal way to spend an afternoon.  Thanks for coming to my Tea Party Tuesday.

Rhondi xo

If you are participating in Tea Party Tuesday this week here are the rules:
Write a post about the tea party you are having. 
Use my tea party button in the post.
Link to my blog in your post.
Publish your post.
Come to my blog and sign in with mr linky. 
Leave a comment letting me know you are participating.
If you have any questions just email me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
I'm glad you decided to join me today :)


  1. I love you your blue, white and yellow setting. The daffodils are soooo pretty. I can't wait until they start blooming in my garden and your wicker tea cart is PERFECT!!!

  2. Rhondi-
    Thank You for the Tea Party and all the Eye Candy!! Enjoy all the Yellow and Blue together --very cheerful!!!! It's raining in Illinois and you 'brighten" the day! Happy Spring!

  3. Hi Rhondi....So dreary outside my house today. Your home is a breath of Spring! Yum...I can taste those lemon squares!~Patti

  4. What a lovely spring like setting. Thank you for letting me sit and enjoy all your pretty blue and yellow.

  5. Rhondi,
    I love your setting for tea. All my favorite colors. Thanks for making this dreary day bright!

  6. Daffodils and lemon squares with blue and white china. I'll be right over. I am not going to join you tomorrow for Tea party tuesday, but please stop by I found an awesome site, where you can tour Paris. Oooh la lah. Happy Tea party tuesday Rhondi.

  7. You really know how to host the perfect tea party. As always, everything looks so inviting and pretty. Lemon bars are a beautiful treat to serve at daffodil time. The colors look so nice together.

  8. What a pretty room! I love wicker..And your blue and white is so pretty! Love the daffodils too.
    Thanks for hosting!

  9. My mouth watered at the sight of the lemon square. How lovely all the blue and yellow is together. My daffodils have yet to bloom, but soon! xo,

  10. Rhondi, Love the yellow teapot with the blue and white cups. The color scheme is lovely, Rhondi! You did a great post and I appreciate you having me for tea. I posted for your Tea Party Tuesday also. Hope you can stop by for a visit. I just finished a cup of green tea - it came all the way from a blogging friend from Japan, in a swap! What fun that was. Thanks again and Happy Tea Party Tuesday!

  11. Hello Rhondi! I LOVE your yellow teapot and your wicker tea trolley...reminds me of my English Grandmothers. One of these days I will join you for your Tea Party...I need to practice up on my photography skills and computer skills first though. There's just something about blue and white that just goes so well with yellow...feels like spring. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. Have a wonderful evening....Maura

  12. Hi Rhondi,
    It certainly looks very cheerful and springlike at your house. I love the blue, white and yellow combo!
    Thank you for hosting,

  13. I love how the blue and white chairs provide such a fabulous backdrop for the tea setting...the blue and white with yellow is striking and beautiful!

  14. Rhondi, what a treat it is to visit you! I love it when you pull out your wicker tea cart. It is one of my favorite things in Blogville. I mean that! I'l love to find one to add to our home. Vintage wicker has long been part of our home, and a tea cart would be a welcome addition. And of course your blue and white covers for your chairs are another favorite of mine. So I'm just having the best visit! Thank you for having me, sweet friend.

  15. Hi Rhondi! Oh, this is just so beautiful! Love that pretty spot and those chairs! I love them. The little touches of yellow just sing to me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. Hi Rhondi! Thanks for inviting us to such a delightful tea party! Absolutely beautiful. The yellows and the blues so gorgeous! And those lemon bars. Yummo! Have a bright and beautiful day! I will try and post later today to join the party. Blessings, Tammy

  17. I just love your tea party. I joined in this week, but mine is not as beautiful as yours. It gives me a goal to work on though. I love tea and take time out each day to sit down and enjoy it.


  18. Hi Rhondi - sorry I'm late, the bus was cancelled. Thanks for the invite and for saving one of those lemon squares for me. The daffs are beautiful. Ours are very much behind this year but wth luck they'll be out for Easter. I hope you like these few snowdrops and crocuses - sent with love.

  19. Good morning Rhondi... I'm joining in your party! How fun! Come visit!

    Have a lovely day


  20. Oh my! Daffodils AND lemon squares? And I'm invited? Thank you, Rhondi!

  21. I don't have a tea party posted on my blog yet but I am hosting a 6 plate dessert plate giveaway. I will post a tea party soon because I absolutely love tea parties.

    Come on By.

  22. Hi Rhondi, I just put your picture on my blog and linked to your party. I look forward to coming back often.

  23. How lovely! The yellow and blue is so spring-y. Lemon squares are my favorite, I'll be right over! LOL I'll definitely be participating in the future Rhondi, it looks like alot of fun.

  24. I'm loving that cup of tea this cool Tuesday morning! Good day for it.

  25. You had me at lemon squares! What a wonderful tea party, thank you.

  26. Yumm, lemon squares! Yellow and blue is such a happy springtime color combination. Love those chairs and the tea cart!


  27. Oh Rhondi how pretty everything looks. I love coming having tea with you. How did you know lemon bars were my favorite! They sure were yummy. Thank you for having me.

  28. Hello Rhondi,

    O love that combination of blue and yellow ... and those chairs are so beautiful!!!

    Have a nice day & hugs, Carolien

  29. You have another lovely tea. Love the yellow, I love the lemons.


  30. Mmmm, lemon squares are one of my favorites! I'm a bit late, do you have any left?:>)

  31. Really gorgeous blue and yellow combo. What a great idea, Tea Party Tuesday. Your style is wonderful.


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