Monday, March 22, 2010

Tea Party Tuesday

Hi!  I'm so glad you came to my tea party today because I want to tell you about a very special person in my life and how tea at her home had a great influence on my life. The person is Aunt Lottie, my dad's older sister.  It was Aunt Lottie that started me on collecting my Dainty Blue china.
She had a wonderful collection of tea cups and whenever we went to visit she always used them for tea.  I feel so fortunate to have a couple of them.

Aren't they beautiful?
So let me tell you about my aunt.  She was always so loving and caring , but there was a particular time in my life when she was an even greater blessing than usual. I lived fairly close to her for a few years when the children were young and often when we needed an outing, we would  just drop by to visit unannounced. She was always so happy to see us and stopped whatever she was doing and put the kettle on for tea. Then she would get out her bone china cups and saucers and we would sit at her kitchen table. 
She ALWAYS had a fresh baked batch of chocolate chip cookies and she always had time to stop and have a visit. For a young mom who desperately needed some adult conversation, it was heaven!

I can't remember what kind of a teapot she had but I don't think it was anything fancy. 

We would chat about all kinds of things, how the children were doing, how her ministry to all the ladies in the apartment building across the street was going, and how the rest of the family was.  There was always this little plastic loaf of bread with bible verses which the kids loved to pick and have her read it to them.
I have such fond memories as a young child, then a teenager and then a young mother with children of my own of sitting at her simple kitchen table, with her fancy cups munching on chocolate chip cookies enjoying the peace that filled her home and  feeling so loved.   Thank you Aunt Lottie..
So come sit at my table, munch on some chocolate chip cookies and have some tea from one of Aunt Lottie's teacups and maybe I can make you feel special and loved the way my Aunt Lottie did.  After all, you are special and I do love every one of you.

Rhondi xo

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  1. Oh, what beautiful teacups! How special I know they are as I have a few of my great-aunt's who I called "Echie" Estelle. My Echie always made things so special for me as your Aunt Lottie did for you...we're both blessed to have had them in our lives.

  2. Hi Rhondi!

    Oh, those teacups and saucers are gorgeous! And what wonderful memories you have of your Aunt. We all need an "Aunt Lottie" in our lives. I hope one day my nephews will have those kinds of special memories of me!

  3. How lovely to have such beautiful tea cups filled to the brim with loving memories. You were so fortunate have such a loving aunt and thank for sharing your memories with us. We all wish we could have had an anunt like her.

  4. Rhondi, What a lovely post, I have several Aunts left and I treasure them. Beautiful tea cups.
    Happy Tuesday.


  5. That is a very sweet memory of your aunt. Isn't it nice to have those to keep with us all our lives?~Patti

  6. Rhondi, Your teacups are so beautiful! And what treasured memories with your Aunt Lottie! Thanks for sharing these with us. Love your tea party!

  7. Rhondi,
    I love your story and your cups and saucers. Thanks for sharing!

  8. That is a precious post. My grandma had that same loaf with Bible verses in it and we'd have to pull one out too, and read them. How fun. Love the different tea cups--I have an assortment, but never use em. When my kids were younger we sewed up some tea cozies and used to have tea parties all the time. What great memories. I wish I could slow down long enough to do this with some friends. I know I would if YOU were my neighbor! Thanks for making me smile!

  9. What a wonderful aunt you have. Precious memories for sure!
    Thank you for hosting!

  10. I love these beautiful cups. I wish I had some my mother collected a long time ago but, alas, she sold them all in a garage sale and I was too stupid to get some of them...what IS wrong with me, I wonder.!
    Thanks for this lovely tea are such a gracious hostess...:)

  11. Good evening Rhondi... I love all your teacups; especially the last one! And I'm joining you for tea again... How fun! Thank you for hosting such fun meme, dear Rhondi!



  12. What a sweet post. Lovely memories and good encouragement toward hospitality. We never know how encouraging a cup of tea and a few kinds words might be to another person.

  13. Thank for sharing this lovely story about your Aunt Lottie. She was obviously a very stylish lady!

    Thank you also for hosting this lovely tea party!

    Best wishes,

  14. How lovely that you have some of your Aunt Lotti's beautiful teacups to help you remember those special times with her. She sounds like a truly wonderful woman.

  15. I have a few tea cups similar to yours that belonged to my Mother. My Grandma Minnie had a daily bread scripture loaf, such a special memory.


  16. What a sweet post about your Aunt. And I remember so long ago the little loaf of bread with the Bible verses. What nice memories for you.

  17. What a very special person, indeed, and a blessing to a young mother. Thank you so much for sharing her with us.

  18. What a lovely post...your teacups are each very lovely and the story about your aunt is wonderful.

  19. What a lovely teaparty Rhondi! I just love your teacups. I have a few that I have collected through the years. I used to have a plastic loaf of bread just like that and my children used to pick a scripture out to read each mealtime. Happy days! xxoo

  20. Rhondi, what a lovely tea party. Your cups are beautiful, the memories that go with them are even more special - thank you for sharing.

  21. Hi Rhondi,
    Everyone needs an Aunt Lottie! I would love to sit and have a cup of tea and a chocolate chip cookie. I have the same teacup as in the first picture.
    Thanks for the lovely tea!

  22. Hi Rhondi, I'm your newest follower! I've linked up a for your tea party. That first tea cup and saucer set you show is so pretty. I love the scene on it. Thanks for hosting this! I love your blog, it's gorgeous!!!

  23. Rhondi, I would love to come have tea and cookies with you at your table. And, I would love hearing more about your Aunt Lottie. I know she must have considered you a special blessing in her life, too.

  24. Hi Rhondi! Your teacups are all so beautiful. That first one is so dainty and pretty. I find it so interesting that you shared about your Aunt Lottie as today I shared memories of my mother-in-law and tea. I do remember someone in my past having that bread box with the Bible verses. wonderful memories! The cookies look delish! Love blue and white -- your teapot is just gorgeous! Have a great day! Thanks for sharing and inviting us all for tea. Many blessings, Tammy

  25. Love your teacups! Very pretty. Thanks for stopping by and entering in for the giveaway.


  26. Your teacups are so lovely. I love how you shared about your Aunt. We all have those people who are a bit extra special in our lives.

  27. Hi Rhondi
    What a lovely tea table you set. Your Aunt Lotti would surely be proud of you! Do you know I have a cup and saucer identical to the third cup pictured, and one of the same pattern as the first, but with a different cup shape. Doesn't a cup of tea taste better from a china cup?

  28. What a wonderful post. I love all teacups and the cookies are yummy!

  29. Sorry I put the wrong links both inn linky and here.

  30. Your Aunt Lottie sounds like a wonderful person. What a nice post. I love the tea cups!


  31. What lovely memories, Rhondi! I had a great-aunt that was especially good to me and my first daughter when it was just the two of us. She carried me through many a bad time! She's been gone now for twenty-four years. Hard to believe.

  32. Rhondi,
    What beautiful teacups. Another beautiful tea.

  33. Hi Rhondi,
    Loving your teacups from Aunt Lottie. They are beautiful! I collect tea cups so you have touched my heart!
    Your cookies looks divine! now I'm hungry.
    I really enjoyed your post, have a restful day.
    Big Hugs~Elizabeth~

  34. You have such wonderful memories! I had a great Aunt Mar who was like your Aunt Lottie. She was always baking, always loved having us there and always gave me old spice cans to make "pies" with.
    Love those cups!

  35. Such nice memories!! I love that first cup especially--really unique. I love the fact that tea can celebrate just a special time and relationship!

  36. Dear Aunt Lottie, what a sweetie. Do aunties come like that any more? I recognise my own great aunts from your description Rhondi. They were never too busy to welcome you with tea and a chat and of course those homemade goodies...what a treat they were! Eli x

  37. Good Morning Rhondi, What a wonderful post about your Aunt...we all need someone in our lives like that. My Nana was from the north of England...she and my Grandpa raised me. She loved her tea and she had a lovely collection of pretty tea cups and pots. I was fortunate to have inherited her best teapot but now it's in the capable caring hands of my oldest daughter. One day I hope she will pass it on to one of her children along with happy memories. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your Aunt with us! Have a wonderful day. Maura

  38. Another beautiful tea party, Rhondi. I hope to get to participate myself in the near future. Thanks for hosting.

  39. I can't believe I am just now getting around to last Tuesdays post! It's been a crazy week:>) Beautiful collection and sweet memories of a lovely aunt. I have some teacups with similar violets! Those cookies look so good! Have a great week Rhondi!


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