Monday, March 29, 2010

Tea Party Tuesday

Welcome to my tea party.  I am so glad you were able to stop by today for a cup of tea.  I picked some flowers from the garden just for you.
Since it's almost Easter I got out my bunny tea set.  My cute little bunny teapot only holds two cups of tea so I hope you come one at a time today!

Bunny sugar bowl
and bunny creamer.
A blue striped tea cup

Put it all on a wicker tray and we have a perfect little Easter tea.

The weather has been so beautiful so I thought you'd enjoy sitting  on the front porch today.

I just didn't have time to bake anything to have with our tea today, but I do have some Oreos and they are great to dip in our tea, so I'll just go in the house and get us some.  You can enjoy the spring flowers that are blooming in my garden and I'll be right back!

Rhondi xo

If you are hosting a Tea Party on your blog today here are the rules:
Write your post and include my tea party button and a link to my blog.
Publish your post.
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  1. Rhondi, I love the bunny tea items - so cute!!! Great to see the snowdrops, too. They are beautiful. Spring has arrived, Easter is almost here, and it's again time for tea! Love your setting for tea. Great post!

  2. Those bunnies are remarkably cute! Pretty set ups!!! ♥

  3. Hi Rhondi,

    Oh my goodness gracious - Your blue and white bunny tea set is just about the cutest tea set I have ever seen. Adorable - just adorable. I loved having tea with you and the Oreo cookies were just perfect with the tea.
    Wishing you and your family Easter Blessings,

  4. What a lovely post and a beautiful blog.

  5. That is the cutest bunny tea-set I have ever laid eyes on! You always have the cutest things, I love your style!

  6. Rhondi,
    Love your little bunny set. So cute. How nice to be on the porch!

  7. I think I want to hop right on over to your place and enjoy tea time with you. So so cute.

  8. Super beautiful...and soo charming!! What a gorgeous series..fabulous decor! I love your bunnies and all your treasures! This is my first time joining..happy tea! Gorgeous blog too!

  9. Have been trying to get the tea party tuesday logo button on my blog with no success. I just wanted to let you know I am trying.

  10. That's the cutest little tea set...I love it!
    Love playing tea with you, too!! :))

  11. Sweet little tea set, Rhondi! The weather looks nice too!

  12. Oh Rhondi!

    That is the cutest bunny teaset!! i love it. Everything looks wonderful!

  13. Rhondi, I love your Bunny Tea set. They are so very lovely and perfect for this time of year.


  14. Hi Rhondi,

    This is my first Tea Party Tuesday..I just love your idea. Your blue and white bunny teaset is precious..I'm a blue and white fanatic anyway!

    Have a great week!

    Miss Bloomers/Sonia

  15. Hi Rhondi..

    this is the first time I join your meme.. and I really love your blue & white setting.. my fave would be the blue stripe teacup!.. remind me of Cornishware, Beach and Coastal living..

    thanks for hosting this event and have a great day!

  16. I just love your bunny tea set! What a lovely place to have your Tea! The tray is so pretty too! I going to link Concetta here for she not sure on how to link just yet.

  17. I LOVE your blue bunny tea set! Leave it on your front porch and I will be over to "borrow" it? LOL

  18. That is just the most adorable bunny tea set. It would be so nice to be able to sit outside already to have tea.
    Happy Easter.

  19. I love anything blue and white and I adore bunnies so this post is a win, win...! Happy Easter.

  20. Thanks for the invitation to tea Rhondi, it's always a pleasure to visit your lovely home. I've joined your Tea Party Tuesday this week and hope Typepad hasn't let me down as it's been playing up all morning. Happy Easter wishes come to you and your family from my home in England. Eli x

  21. Rhondi....That is a really cute tea set! So pretty and whimnsical!~Patti

  22. Rhondi,
    Your bunny tea set is the very cutest. Thanks for the invite to your tea party.

  23. Rhondi:

    Your bunny tea set is simply adorable!

    - The Tablescaper

  24. I love your site & I love tea...especially with a friend! I am serving coconut cake today! Hope you can come!
    Jennifer aka Gigi

  25. Your bunny set looks so cute and the porch so inviting. We sure do not have weather for being out on the porch yet.

  26. mmmm - that was good Rhondi! Might I suggest that you get in a stock of chocolate covered digestive biscuits - they're good too!
    I love the bunny set!

  27. What a great Easter Bunny tea set.

    I enjoyed "having tea" with you today on your porch .

  28. Your bunny teaset is just so sweet! And I love your blue striped cornishware cup and saucer!

  29. Oh, my! What a cute bunny tea service.

  30. Well, if this isn't the cuuutest!!! Love this little bunny tea set. I might have to look for one of these. thank you for the tea and cookies!


  31. oh this is sooooooooo darling! enjoy you blogcation, happy easter!

  32. Such a sweet tea set! I love your front porch, as always! Have a wonderful week Rhondi!


  33. Rhondi, Your tea pot and tray are so so cute! I love this. Your profile pic is cute...I love the wall behind you...gorgeous! Come visit my for my giveaway! Hope you had a wonderful Easter. Thanks for hosting this tea party!

  34. Just love those bunnies! How special to own a set like that!


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