Monday, March 22, 2010

Wash Day

Monday is wash day at my house.  I often hear people complaining about doing the wash.  This lady doesn't look too happy about it.  Do you remember these washing machines? We had one like this with a wringer  when I was a little girl and I was always worried I would get my fingers caught in it.
Wash day here is so easy.  No hauling water and bending over.

No  beating the clothes clean with a stick.
No carrying my laundry a long distance and then have to wash in dirty water.

All I have to do is sort the clothes, put them in the machine,  pour in soap, and press
" start".  When it's done I just pop it into the dryer and listen for the buzzer to tell me it's done. If I get the clothes out of the dryer quickly I don't even have to iron them!

Easy shmeasy laundry day, so no complaining okay?

Happy Monday
Rhondi xo


  1. How right you are! we shouldn't complain about our easy life as compared....but did you notice how slim all the ladies in your pictures are??

  2. Hi Rhondi,
    It seems like I can do a load of wash every day! and its just me and Gary, I think we make a lot of messes and use a lot of towels. I enjoyed your post!
    Take care and big hugs~Elizabeth~

  3. I especially love doing laundry when the weather is warm and I can hang everything outside on the line. When I make the bed with sheets that have been hanging out it the sunshine they smell so sweet. We always have happy dreams sleeping on these freshly laundered sheets.

    Susan and Bentley

  4. I remember helping my Mother put the clothes through the wringer. You are so right, doing laundry is so easy now compared to the way it was in the 'old days'. It was such a hassel to hang clothes on the line during freezing weather then bring it in to finish drying on one of those wooden racks.


  5. I am with you, I don't mind the laundry either, and yes I take them out as soon as possible and then they really don't need ironing with today's wonderful fabrics. It's always so nice to have everything all clean and folded and put away. Ready for whatever you want to wear. Have a super wash day. Hugs, Marty

  6. I remember for Mom that Monday was laundry (in wringer washer), Tuesday was ironing, grocery shopping on Saturday and probably a lot of cleaning the rest of the days of the week. I actually enjoy doing laundry too. And I insist on ironing pillowcases and cloth napkins. Just my thing... xo,

  7. Laundry day is "easy shmeasy" too at our little cottage on the farm Rhondi. I remember seeing my grandmother use the ringer washer when I was a kid and I was terrified of the thing. My step brother got his arm caught in one and it gave him a very bad scar where it stretched the skin. None of us kids ever forgot that so steered clear of the monster machine! Have fun putting everything away....Maura

  8. I am so grateful for modern conveniences that make laundry and cooking easy. When I was a girl, we had friends that lived out on a remote farm, and they had a wringer washer. It was quite the contraption, and we ended up with a several buttons missing when we finally got all the clothes clean. We lived outside the US for a few years, so I also saw lots of washing being done in a bucket or a river. People make do with what they have.

  9. Rhondi, you made me chuckle when I saw the picture of the woman ironing. My 29 yo daughter looks like that when she irons! She always says the item she is ironing has more wrinkles on it than before she started! Thanks for the chuckle!

    I'm glad our laundry times are easier than those other women in history or in underdeveloped countries!!

  10. You're right, Rhondi - laundry is easy now! And you reminded me that I have whites in the washer right now that need moved to the dryer. My mother-in-law used a wringer washer and hung her clothes to dry, either outside or in the basement - she CHOSE to do this; she felt it was easier for her than working those newfangled washers and dryers!

    p.s. I LOVE the desk by the window in your banner! That would make a fabulous place to sit and work (or blog)!

  11. We should all be thankful at how blessed we are!! My hardship was when I didn't have a washer/dryer and had to go to the laundry mat but even that brings back some fun memories!! we are blessed to have clothes to wash and machines to do the work for us. Let us never forgtet that!! thanks for the reminder-

  12. Neat post, Rhondi. My Granny had a big white wringer washer. I loved rolling the clothes through!

  13. Hi Rhondi, you've brought back some lovely old memories.I still have a day for everything. I love the routine my mother and her friends set back in the 60's and 70's. Monday is for cleaning and washing, Tuesday is for baking, Wednesday is for tidying up the garden, Thursday is for visiting, Friday is for grocery shopping and the weekends are for family. I try to get it all done in the mornings so I can have some time to myself in the afternoons. I don't think my mother ever had that though. She worked from day break to long after we went to bed and in her mid 70's she still has more energy than I have. They were made of tougher stuff back then. Perhaps all these time savers have made us a weaker generation and yes all that hard work kept them thinner.

  14. What a lovely post, Rhondi! I used a wringer washer when we lived in Africa. My wonderful automatic machines are now 26 years old and humming along. I often say a prayer for them before I begin washing!!! I know they don't make them today like they did back then!

  15. AMen! No complaints here.
    I'll have to admit that I always felt so efficient with my old wringer washer because I could be washing a load while I rinsed and wrung the first load and got it out to the line. :-)
    But that's ok, today I can be unloading my dishwasher while the laundry twins do their magic... still efficient, eh? And maybe just a little bit spoiled? :-)

  16. I remember when I was really young that there was a wringer washer in our basement. Makes me feel old that I can remember having one! Yes, nowadays we are very spoiled. Of course, having a wringer washer or going out and beating our clothes on a rock...well...there's no question which one I would want to do more! lol~ Have a great laundry day!~Patti

  17. My dear mother had a wringer washer when I was young and I remember her telling about catching her arm in the wringer! It went part way in until she could hit the reverse button on the top and make it work its way back out. She never talked about how much it hurt but I know it couldn't have felt good. We are blessed, aren't we? I'm doing laundry right now - and I'm spoiled a bit!


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