Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Good Book and a Lazy Afternoon

I'm sorry I haven't written for awhile.  First I had problems with downloading photos and finally figured out that I had exceeded my quota and had to purchase more space.

Then we had the most wonderful surprise!  Our two married sons and their families who live in Texas and Massachusetts decided to come and visit at the same time!  So we had a house full of adult kids and grandkids all week.  It was so great to have everyone together. There was constant laughter, playing, eating ,going on outings, eating, swimming, did I say eating?

But now they are gone.  The house is quiet.  It's Sunday.  We've been to church and I plan to spend the rest of the day relaxing, lounging around and reading a book.  It's fun to share books and I loved reading aloud to the grands.

I have a wonderful book to read.  It's about solving the mystery of a little girl who gets put on a ship in England  headed for Australia and told not to tell anyone her name. 

Are you like me?  When I have a book I'm enjoying I am like a dog with a bone.  I just can't put it down.  This is a good one.

I've made a pot of tea.

I'm going to relax in my favorite chaise.

Enjoy my book and tea
and be totally lazy

Yes...It's a good thing to do on a hot Sunday afternoon in August.

Rhondi  xo


  1. What a nice comfy place to sit and read a good book...oh, oh, I see that beautiful Phoenix Bird pitcher snuggled into all your blue and white.

  2. Your photos are so lovely, so relaxing.

  3. Rhondi,
    We miss hearing from you on a regular basis. Enjoy your Sunday afternoon. I know you had a wonderful week with you kiddos.

  4. I'm SO happy you had such a wonderful visit with the "kiddies"!!! Love your reading and lounging spot AND I'm not hoping over to find a copy of that book, it does look good... Hugs, Donna

  5. Hi Rhondi - I have that book - I've read it, as it's one of the selections for a new book club that a friend and I just formed. I'm glad you're having a chance to relax in your beautiful chaise!

  6. What a lovely and peaceful place to sit and read! It's a place I think I'd want to sit for long periods of time! Thanks for sharing.

    Nancy's Notes

  7. Sounds like a book I will have to add to my list. Is the figurine by Bing & Grondahl? SO sweet.

  8. I am so glad you had a great time visiting with kids and grandkid. Now you can relax with a wonderful book. It is, I have read it. Enjoy!

  9. Hi Rhondi! Oh, it's good to hear from you. You deserve a little rest after your busy fun week! What a lovely place to relax, sip tea and read! Your photos are just so beautiful.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. I just read that book last month! It's pretty good. Good to hear from you again. I have you on my reader so any time you post, I catch it:>) Hope all is well and the real estate business is being good to you!

  11. Rhondi,
    Congrats on your "me time" Sunday. Your pics and vignettes are always so pretty. You have a great, sunny spot for reading!

  12. Oh, that chaise looks like the perfect place to read and relax!

  13. I thought that title sounded familiar and looked it up on Amazon - it's on my wishlist! Good to know it's that good! There's nothing like a good book on a quiet day - so relaxing!


  14. Rhondi,
    It just looks like the most wonderful place to relax and read! Glad you got to share special times with you kids :)

  15. Hi Rhondi, the book sounds good, let us know how you liked it! Love all the blue and white, it is so relaxing and pretty. Well, have a great week,

  16. Now I want to know how the story ends. I may have to go pick up the book and read it myself. I am like you and when I find a good book, I just read and read and let the world pass me by.


  17. Had a ball catching up on all your posts, I have been missing from blogging, just too much going on with the family to sit and blog much!

    Loved the Cape Cod post, such beauty, kinda reminded me of the Northwest with the Hydranges and Lavender.

    What fun to have your all your family together for a visit, you must be so full of love and happiness right now!

  18. Rhondi, I'm so happy you had your family there for a visit. I know your grandchildren love being read to by you. Your comment about the photos reminded me that I need to buy some more space before I get caught. :-)
    Have a great week. Stop by when you get a chance. I'm having an anniversary celebration. ~ Sarah

  19. Rhondi, forgot to mention the book. I'm going to look for it.

  20. I loved that book! Hope you enjoy it too. :o)

  21. oh, I hope my library has that book! It looks like it would be so good! I love your lounge chair and the table thingy holding the teapot. I also love the little figurine of the kids (who made that?). Glad you got time with family and relaxation!

  22. I love your photos, especially the wicker chaise. I could sit there all day.


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