Saturday, August 21, 2010


Good Saturday morning to you!  What are your plans  for today?  Do you have typical Saturday errands  or do you have some wonderful project to work on? 

We are going to a "move that bus" type event like on the Home Makeover TV show.  Our church has been involved in fixing up some apartments for single moms and today they are being presented to the young women so 500 of us are going to be there just to create some excitement. 

You know I like teapots. I was visiting Attic 24 and saw this amazing teapot. Isn't it fabulous?? If you've never visited Lucy you really must.

She lives in England and her blog is filled with the most cheerful colors. The crocheting she does is beautiful and she takes you along on lots of outings to beautiful places nearby.

Then I found another teapot, just happens to also be in my favorite colors.  It's not a big one but it is so creative.  I wonder if I could make one just like it?
This one came from Art For Housewives.  I just discovered the blog this morning and it has all sorts of wonderfully creative ideas.

This last teapot comes from  Teapots, Teapots, Teapots.  Look at how big it is, as tall as the display shelf! That is the size of teapot I'd need if everyone who I visit in blogland came to tea at the same time.  Oh what a party that would be!!  To have all of you come to my house for tea would be a dream come true, to hear your voices, give you a big hug... oh how wonderful!!

So let's at least share a virtual cup of tea and I'll send you a virtual hug and wish you a Happy Saturday.

((hugs)) Rhondi


  1. Morning, Rhondi! Oh, what a wonderful thing your church is doing and I know there are going to be some very happy women today! :)
    Those are some very interesting tea pots.
    Be a sweeteis,

    Shelia :)

  2. Have a wonderful weekend!
    I was a single mom for years, thanks for blessing these moms. Wonderful.

  3. Hugs to you and what you are doing, That is SO wonderful... I LOVE when people unite and take care of each other, it is what makes life beautiful. "God Bless You"...
    Your teapots and that "Giant Tea Party sound wonderful, I always thought it would be SO wonderful to "Hear ALL those different accents", Don't you think? LOVE IT!
    "I'm sending you GIANT HUGS and SQUEEZES today for the amazing Lady you are...

  4. Rhondi, how nice to see you posting again! I love this charity you and your church women are involved in. Sounds wonderful! I love these unique teapots as well! How quaint and unsual! I hope you, too, have a lovely weekend! xxoo

  5. These are amazing! People amaze me with their creativity.

    We have dinner club tonight; something I look forward to. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  6. How absolutely darling and clever to make a teapot like that one, sweetpea! It sure is beautiful. Happy pink saturday.

  7. I hope you all have a wonderful, productive day. Those teapots are something else~thanks for sharing them with us. ♥♫

  8. Thanks for the blog links! Fun! What a wonderful event you have today!

  9. I will definitely visit the logs mentioned and today I am working on a project for an art swap! Weekends are my best days for creating, I really have no idea why but I am always in the mood to make something on Saturdays and Sundays. Have a great day Rhondi!
    Tina xo

  10. Hi, really it's FABULOUS!Thanks, for sharing. Hugs,Fatima-Scrapart.

  11. Rhondi, I'm always so happy to see a post from you! These teapots are so clever. I like the idea of one huge tea party for Blogland. You would definitely be the one to host. Great thing your church has done. Enjoy the excitement! Happy Saturday ~ Sarah

  12. Hi Rhondi!
    I love what your church is doing. How wonderful. Wow! Look at those amazing teapots! I love them all, but the first one is fabulous!

  13. Your apartment project is wonderful. Bless you all!

    I had fun following up the links you shared. Really interesting. I will enjoy keeping up with the Connievan folks. The other website sparked my imagination for recycling tshirts. I have so many knit tops that get stained or whatever in front, but the backs are fine --now what can I do to reclaim those garments. hmmm...

    My summer Saturdays always begin with getting the sprinklers going in each section of the property for a deep watering. So many trees and large shrubs that really deplete the soil moisture in this hot/dry summer climate.

    It would indeed be lovely to have an end-of-summer/early-fall afternoon tea. It would be lovely to meet you and all your commenters. Isn't the blogging world an interesting community of friends who haver never met?!! :-)

  14. Pretty teapots, love the first one. All shiny with mirrors. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  15. Rhondi, what great teapots! Each is so fun. Loved reading a few of your posts, as always.

    But what is really the MOST exciting, is what your church family did for the single Moms. How FUN that is, and what a blessing. I bet it was a teary day. xo Lidy

  16. Hi Rhondi
    Crazy tea pots!! I like my plain Brown Betty for everyday, with its quite simple tea cosy. Today is Sunday, and I'm having a quiet moment while my grandsons nap. The Great Dane and I are visiting our son and his little family in Ontario this week - what a joy!

  17. The teapots are gorgeous- I especially like the one with the cubes and the mirror glass one.
    Thanks for sharing them- they are so bright, cheery and inviting.
    Warmest regards,

  18. Those are so cool!! I will have to visit a few of those blogs.

  19. Rhondi, you found pretty and fun teapots to share with us. I love each one.

    What a wonderful thing to do to help someone. They must have been thrilled. You have a good heart.

  20. Wonderful what your church is doing, Rhondi!

    And I have always adored your teapots. What fun to find these really unusual ones.

  21. What a wonderful church project.

    Thanks for sharing all the unique and creative teapots and web links.

  22. Wow Rhondi, those tea pots are gorgeous. Especially the first one. I have never seen anything like any of the ones you shared. Your church project is wonderful. How nice that you could be there to give your support.

    Have a wonderful day,
    Hugs, Jeanne

  23. What a wonderful thing you and your church are doin'. Your changin' lives baby, what a blessing!!!!

    I just wanted to drop in and see what you've been up to. You were just on my heart today.

    I've been battelin' a wild case of the shingles all summer and was literally laid up for awhile.

    You take care, have fun blessin' others and have the most beautiful day!!!

  24. What a lovely teapot collection. I'm looking forward to meeting you at Penny's brunch in Asheville in October. We should have fun antiquing!


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