Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Summer Bouquet

I love being able to pick flowers from my garden.

There is something very satisfying about walking around the garden, scissors in hand and snipping a few things here and there.

Then choosing a favorite vase and arranging them in it.

The knockout roses, phlox and salvia are  blooming in profusion right now.

Last year I didn't have any blooms on the phlox thanks to the deer.

 The deer still visit, but this year I've sprayed all the flowers that bloom, with something called Deer Off and it has done a good job of keeping the deer from munching on all the blossoms.

Red white and blue flowers in a white vase with a pair of yellow birds sitting in front. I love it!

By the way, I finished the book I mentioned last time.  It was a good read and I'd definitely recommend it.

Rhondi xo


  1. Rhondi,
    I love seeing the deer peeking through. You bouquet is beautiful!

  2. Such a lovely bouquet Rhondi. So glad to see you back blogging :-)


  3. Hi Rhondi...I love fresh flowers in the house! It's so nice when we can just walk out the door and get them from our own gardens! We use Deer Off too! It works! ~Hugs, Patti

  4. I love Phlox! I have a bunch growing by the back door and every time I walk by to hang laundry on the line the air smeels so sweet with their scent! Cutting them keeps them blooming too so they are great cut flowers:>)

  5. As I write, I'm looking at a beautiful bouquet of nasturtiums that I picked on the weekend - still perky and so colourful. Your bouquet is elegant!

  6. So lovely Rhondi. We have deer problems too. I hadn't heard there is spray that would deter them so I must look out for a similar on one the UK. Eli x

  7. Flowers picked from the garden are wonderful, I just have a hard time picking them. Glad you enjoyed the book. Jen

  8. Pretty, pretty flowers and the yellow birds are so sweet. I love having flowers to cut! The photo of the deer is great, although they are unwanted! lol!

    Have a happy day!


  9. You're so blessed to have flowers in you yard for fresh bouquets! I always enjoy beautiful flowers arranged in pitchers.


  10. Hi Rhondi,
    It is lovely to pick such a pretty bouquet from your own garden.

    take care,

  11. Hi Rhondi, I am sure you must think I have forgotten you but nope, My summer has been very crazy busy and my visiting just not much at all. Anyway, I am home and so happy to have time without company or traveling etc. to spend time visiting my blogging friends once again. I have missed your lovely posts.

    Today is no exception, the flowers are so pretty. There is nothing as lovely as fresh picked flowers to lighten our spirit. I have used Deer Away too and the smell is pretty bad. However, it works. I think it smells like dog do. What do you think? Laughing here.

    Have a wonderful week.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  12. Rhondi, I love fresh flowers in the house-all year round! Your bouquet looks wonderful! I used Deer Off when we had our house and it worked for me too! Glad you got some phlox this year :)!

  13. HI Rhondi,

    What a lovely boquet of flowers you picked. I love your arrangement with the little yellow birds. The colors are lovely.
    The blue I used on the hydrangeas is Prussian Blue by Liquitex. I lightened it with white and also used some Blue Violet in the mix.
    Have a wonderful day.

  14. I would choose garden flowers above any floral designer arrangement! YOur flowers are darling and the colors so so pretty!

  15. Ps. I did reserve the book and I am 8th on the library's list. The book looks like a good read.

  16. Hi Rhondi!
    Your flowers are beautiful! I have had company this past week and am playing catch up. I am always so happy to see you post.

  17. Your bouquet is lovely! Knockout Roses are the best! Mine are still blooming and they've hardly gotten any water all summer.


  18. Lovely flowers, and I love the little birds you have in front of them. I am so jealous, I have deer too, so I was too lazy to plant anything this year. My garden is sad. :( I think I will try Deer Off next year. Thanks for sharing!
    Best regards,


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