Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This 'n That

Hello dear friends

Yesterday I quit work at 4:00 so I had some time for a little cleaning and puttering in my garden and writing a post.

My daughter told me about this wonderful cleaner from Target.  It has a lovely fresh cucumber smell and made the kitchen smell so fresh and clean.  I think you'd like it too.
I know some of you love to clean but it still didn't make cleaning  fun as far as I was concerned!

Then I went into my garden and took some great photos of all the butterflies  fluttering around the buddleia
and one of a baby bird in a nest in the rose bush.  Here is the mother keeping a close watch nearby, making sure no harm comes to her baby.
The bees were busy at the salvia too.

I tried to upload photos of the little bird and all the beautiful butterflies but blogger won't let me load them.  There was a new window for loadinfg pictures and I kept getting a message that said "server rejected".  Has anyone else had that problem and did you get it solved?  Blogger help was no help at all.

So I finally get a chance to post about something and can't do it...  oh well.
I hope you have a wonderful day today.
Rhondi xo


  1. Your blog header is so pretty! I have gotten so frustrated with mine that I just decided to change it all up and not do any fancy header. I do miss it though! I am having a little trouble figuring out this new blog stuff. Not liking it at all! But you have beautiful pictures of your garden...even though some of them wouldn't load for you!

  2. It is so nice to see your post! Your header is beautiful and your bee photos amazing. I haven't had a problem with loading pics on blogger...

  3. That is an amazing shot of the bee!! Your garden looks beautiful...and I am with you on the cleaning...nothing will ever make me love it.

  4. Another one, here, who loves your header. It's good that you were able to steal a little of the day for your garden and blog - sometimes blogger is just recalcitrant and there's nothing to do but come back another day!

  5. Hi Rhondi....Good to hear from you! I have had problems not being able to load more than 5 pics at a time so I just changed to Live Writer. I had help with the first one so I want to do one later today all by myself. I hope it turns out ok! I will have to check out that cleaner the next time I get to Target. The bees and butterflies are very busy in my garden too!~Hugs, Patti

  6. Is the bird a brown thrasher? One of my favorite birds :)
    I had trouble with blogger loading pictures until I switched from the old editor to the updated one.

  7. Enjoyed your pictures of the bird, bees and flowers. Your music is so peaceful. I love to clean with Target's scented sprays, I'll have to try the cucumber scent.

  8. Hi Rhondi! It's nice to see you've posted. Love your new header and thanks for the tip on the cleaning solution. I don't like to clean much either but I do love the feeling after it's all done! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  9. Hi Rhondi! I need to get enthusiastic about cleaning. It's hard to get enthusiastic about moving a muscle in this heat ~ so your cleaning tip may just be what I need to give me that nudge. Blogger is quirky sometimes, but I have not had a problem loading pics ... at least not yet. It's good hearing from you and I hope your real estate business is thriving!

    Susan and Bentley

  10. Rhondi, it was so nice to come here and find your smiling face. And, your blog is looking so pretty.

    I'm glad you found a little time to do things that make you happy. Life has been keeping me busy, too.

  11. Hi Rhondi,
    Happy to see your post today. I love your new header! Great photos, especially of the bees.
    I haven't had any problems lately with blogger, however, I did a while back when they said I reached my limit as far as uploading photos. I had to buy more space.

    Enjoy your day!

  12. Hi Rhondi! Love all your pictures! The bee one is so clear I feel I could reach out and touch the bee (wouldn't want to do that though-LOL)! I have occasionally had problems loading pictures. I just go back and try again sometimes twice. Take care!

  13. That's odd; I haven't had problems. Your photos are always great ... and glad you had the tiny break from work. Thanks for the coupon.

  14. So nice to see your post, Rhondi. Leave it to you to make a cleaning product look so pretty. In fact, all of the pictures you shared are lovely.
    I haven't had problems loading my photos, so I'm afraid I'm no help with that.

  15. Hi Rhondi. Just found your blog today and became a follower. That little blue glass bird is lovely! Sorry you are having photo loading problems.. did you get it fixed??


  16. Hi Rhondi,
    Nice to hear from you. Hope things are going well. I wish I had a Target nearby. I would go right out and get some of that sweet smelling cleaner!

  17. Rhondi I just love the photos and yes I have had problems on occasion. Sometimes I don't see all the pictures someone has posted I don't know why. Oh well I think Blogger gets loaded and overwhelmed, but it's something we have to live with huh? Take care!
    Tina xo

  18. Hi Rhondi,
    Nice that you had some time to putter! I,too love your new header and seeing the birds and the bees at work.


  19. Hi Rhondi! I'm sorry you had trouble loading pics. Do save them for another post! I love the ones you did post.

    Scent is everything when I'm cleaning. Like you, it's still cleaning, but it sure helps.

  20. Love the pictures of the bee. I can't ever get one to stay still long enough to photo.

  21. Those are great photos you took! I love the method products! Sometimes I'm really in the mood to clean and other times I have to force myself!


  22. I hope you got this figured out, Rhondi. Your photos are gorgeous!

  23. Hi Rhondi
    I love the Method cleaning line...all environmentally friendly...the lavender scented ones are nice too..but I will have to try out the cucumber scent...sounds fresh.
    Beautiful photo' love love all your blue and white (also my fave colour combo)and that bee picture....fabulous!!can almost hear the buzzing.

  24. Thanks for your nice comment on my butterfly shots - they are such fun to catch with the camera at this time of Summer, and at least THEY seem to enjoy the heat!

    Your garden shots are lovely Rhondi.......that thrasher had its babes late! I'm even seeing baby cardinals though, parents feeding them on the feeders and bird bath this past week - perhaps a second wave of births due to the weather? Who knows, but let's blame everything on the darned hot weather!!!!

    I've used Blogger in Draft for some time now and have not had any recent problems loading pics - you can load as many as you want at one time.

    Stay cool, going to be another very hot week.
    Hugs - Mary

  25. Thank you so much for visiting me the other day and your sweet comments!!! I am in love with your garden pretty. Hugs for a happy new week. oxo


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