Monday, December 3, 2012

Fabric Scrap Wreath 1

Do you get lost on Pinterest?  There are so many beautiful and creative things to look at aren't there? I am fascinated by all the different kinds of wreaths there are and thought it would be fun to make  a wreath from fabric scraps.  I am a quilter so I have lots of fabric scraps.
A few years ago I bought some men's shirts at Goodwill to make a quilt.  The fabric in men's dress shirts is very good quality and soft.  Anyway, I decided  to make a great quilt I found in a Kaffe Fasset book  using the shirts I bought.  The quilt was half finished when I abandoned that project ( do you ever do that?) because I thought it would be perfect  to cover a thrift shop bench instead.  There was lots left over so I sewed some of  it into patchwork and covered 2 dining room chairs.
When I made this wreath I used more of the leftover scraps.  All I had to buy was a $3 wire wreath from Michael's.  It was very easy, just  cut up strips of fabric and tie it on the wreath frame.  It took  AWHILE  to tie all the strips!   My husband likes to watch football or NASCAR on Sunday afternoons.  Not being a football or race fan I am usually doing something else in another part of the house, but today instead I worked on my little project in the TV room while he watched the games so we spent the whole afternoon together ( sort of).

I'm not going to show you how I made this wreath because there are already so many  tutorials on the internet. Besides I forgot to take any pictures of the process along the way!
Now that I've finished it I can't decide where to put it.   Comeback tomorrow and hopefully I'll have found a place.
Rhondi xo

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