Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Secret of My Success in Watercolor Painting

I am excited because I am taking a 6 week watercolor class starting next week.  I puttered around with watercolors many years ago but never took any lessons so it will be fun to learn how to use the paints properly.
Last night, in anticipation of the class I was puttering around and did these watercolor paintings.
                                                                    my dainty blue tea set
                                             red polka dot tea set from the Valentine tablescape 
                                                               Pitcher full of daisies
                                                               mantle in our TV room
   I did all this watercolor painting in one night.  What is the secret of my success?  Maybe you guessed already.   The secret of my success is an app called Waterlogue.  You pick a photo and Waterlogue turns it into a painting right before your eyes!  It’s amazing !
                                                                               living room
                                                                 window in our  sunroom
                                                                   fern in the sunroom
                                                           table in the living room
      I think this is the most amazing watercolor painting of all the ones I did.  Here is the photo it came from.
Isn’t it amazing how it can make some broken bits of china on a newspaper look like a painting you would be glad to hang on the wall.  I am in love with this Waterlogue app.  I want to turn every photo I  know into a watercolor painting using Waterlogue. If you try it, let me know how you like it.    Maybe I could host a Waterlogue Wednesday Party and we could all post the pictures we painted.  Anyone interested in that?
                                                                            Rhondi xo

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