Monday, February 24, 2014

Signs of Spring

Hi How was your weekend? We had the most lovely weekend, signs of spring everywhere. The air was warm.  The sun was shining.  The  flowers were blooming.  I was smiling as I wandered around our yard enjoying what I was seeing in bloom.  Today however my back is a little sore from some of the yard work I did!

     Little purple crocuses poking up through the grass are always the first official signs of spring for me.

hen the daffodils. A previous owner planted lots of daffodil bulbs on the bank at the back of our yard.  I think they might be called jonquils although I’m not sure what the difference it really.  I just call them all daffodils.

                                                               They are beginning to flower

                                                     and there are a couple of different varieties.

        The cherry tree is beautiful and if you stand really close you can hear the hum  of hundreds of honeybees       
collecting pollen.
                                          Here it is up close.  You can see what a beautiful color it is.

                                 The hellebores (lenten roses) have been blooming for quite awhile.

                                                              They come in a variety of colors.

 It is such a joy to be able to pick flowers from my own garden.  This little wire basket of glass milk bottles from Decor Steals is just perfect for single stems.  Decor Steals has a beautiful 2 tier white plate as the steal today, which I am very tempted to buy :)

             The cherry blossoms look pretty in a small white pitcher on this wicker tray on my kitchen island.

                                                    But I think I like the hellebores better there.

                                              And the cherry blossoms look pretty in my sunroom.

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If you are still looking at snow out your window I hope these photos will give you hope that spring is on it’s way.
Rhondi xo

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