Friday, January 4, 2013

Uncluttered Part 2

Good morning.  Very simple post today.  I told you yesterday I planned to unclutter the closets in my sunroom. Telling you made me accountable and I got it done!   Threw out a couple of bags of junk and have 2 bags to take to the thrift shop.
 Now everything I need to access is in plain view, nothing hidden in behind. Maybe not too interesting to you, but to me it’s a big deal. We never use this  TV so it’s the next thing to go.
Maybe this will encourage you to do organize and unclutter today.  Wish I had time to invite you in for tea, but I’ve got a busy day ahead. Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy your day.
Looking through Rose Colored Glasses,
Rhondi xo

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