Friday, December 7, 2007

I Love North Carolina

Good afternoon friends
I love living in North Carolina! I am originally from Canada and by now they have had some snow and there is the bleak prospect of 4 months of winter. But today...Here I am planting pansies in pots on the deck and picking a few last blooms from the garden! It's wonderful!
The day started out with the tiniest bit of pink in the sky. As I worked I could hear the rustle of the little Carolina Wrens pecking about in the dry leaves and the sound of my neighbor raking his leaves.
I picked a few flowers that were still blooming in the garden and put them on the kitchen windowsill: knockout roses, phlox,beautyberry and a little white something.

Then I picked a bunch of blue salvia so the arrangement had to expand to the other window too. I have had a collection of blue bottles forever it seems and every home we've moved to there has always been a kitchen windowsill for them to sit in and reflect the sun. I love the way the sun shines through them.
This is a close up of the salvia guaranitica. It is the most wonderful color of blue and grows 5 feet tall. Just spectacular in the garden. This time of year we have camellias blooming, which is just amazing to me to have anything blooming in the garden in December. Come outside with me and I will show you a great bush we have in the garden.
For some reason I could only enter 5 photos so I will so another post for the others. Come with me into the garden.

Rhondi xo


  1. As a fellow North Carolinian originally from Michigan, I completely agree with you. Your flowers and shrubs look lovely. I have very similar blue vases in my window transoms and often do the same thing. I so love looking at them with that beautiful "Carolina Blue" sky in the background.
    Just discovered your wonderful blog and I plan to visit often.

  2. It's hard for me to get my head around you still having so many flowers--we have none left here. They look SO pretty on the windowsill in those blue jars! I only have one jar, and I love the blue glass so much, I'll have to look out for more.
    ~Angela :-)

  3. Rhondi - you should be able to upload 5 pics and when they are posted can repeat with another 5 and so on. Try it and see if this works.

    Love the flowers in the blue bottles - you are lucky to have a wide sill - mine is narrow and I can just balance small displays.

    Yes NC is a great state and here in Raleigh today it reached 81 degrees, amazing for Dec. I picked lantana, geraniums and mums yesterday - a break from raking ten billion oak leaves!! All week will be warm and dry - still need rain so much though.

    Everything looks lovely and sounds wonderful in your home for the holidays. Enjoyed reading about your dinner with friends - I'm sure they had a great time and were made so welcome.

    Can now see the post where the pics didn't show up - looks great.

  4. Hi Rhondi,
    I am from NC too,not too far from Mary[Hi Mary].
    I just love your comfy reading area,I would love to have one myself.
    And I also noticed that it looks like you have a room with yellow walls? Would you mind telling me the name of the paint you used and where you got it?I want to do some painting this coming spring.
    My house has not been updated since it was built,in the 70`s,and I would love to remodel it.The kitchen is the main thing I want done.My house is a brick rancher,wish it was a cottage home though.
    I really enjoyed visiting your blog,will come back often.


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