Monday, December 3, 2007

New Red and White Teapot

Hi I am so glad you dropped by. Come on in. I have been sewing for a while and I need a break, so your timing is perfect. This is our front door and front entry hall. I made the quilt on the wall. I'll show it up close some other time. You must stay for tea because look what I bought. I think it is such a whimsical shape. Kind of makes me think of the mad hatter's tea party in Alice in Wonderland. Here is a picture of the whole set and then just the teapot. It's not only great for Christmas because of the red, but I can use it all year round. The test of a teapot is how well it pours without dripping . So when we have our tea we can see if it's a good one or not.

I told you it was cute!!

I have done most of the house in traditional bright reds and greens, but the self portait of Peter Paul Rubens in our living room is just too serious for that so I gave him some simple greenery mixed in with some of my brass candlestick collection. I think he approves as he looks down at it. What do you think?

And this little gold metallic angel which came from a yard sale is our angel heralding the birth of God's son for all the world to hear.
How was your weekend? I finished decorating the house, helped our daughter paint her bedroom a really sassy pink , watched one of the totally predictable but heartwarming Hallmark movies that seem to be on every night this time of year, and went to church. We go to the most amazing church, but that is a story for another day.

Thanks again for stopping by. Sorry we can't visit longer today but I am determined to plug a way at the machine quilting, so I better get back to it. I would love for you to leave a comment. I like to think of it as a guest book and when you come to visit you can leave me a short note just to remind me of the nice time we had together.
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Hope to see you tomorrow!
Rhondi xo


  1. well, if it drips, it is so cute, it will be pretty and cheerful on a shelf!

  2. Love the new teapot! How did it pour?!

  3. When I poured the tea it had just a slight drip. I'll just be careful when I'm pouring.

  4. Rhondi, this fellow teapot collector loves your teapots, especially the red one, with red being my favorite colour. My teapots are all quirky though.

  5. Rhondi,
    I will add you to my favorites when I get the groceries unloaded, thanks for asking! Your blog is beautiful. Will you please pop over to my blog again and check out the wreath I just hung. Can't figure out which way is up but by looking at your pretty one it looks like maybe the bow goes more towards the bottom.
    Thanks Rhondi,

  6. Thanks Rhondi,
    The bow looks much better on top. I had added your blog before I did the groceries but when I clicked on it to check to see if it was the right place I got another very different blog so took it down until I could fix it just now. You're on their and I'm very happy to be included in your list.

  7. Oh my goodness! That teapot is adorable and that quilt is stunning!!!! I am so jealous!
    ~Angela :-)

  8. Rhondi, Your blog is beautiful! I love the little red and white teapot! Where did you find something so precious??

  9. I just took a huge intake of air when I spotted your white with red polka dot teapot and set!!!

    Oh my would it be horrible and unforgiveable for me to ask the maker's name and where you purchased it? I JUST HAVE TO HAVE IT.... I'm drooling here....and not one bit lady like or becoming.

    Thank you and have a wonderful day!


  10. Hi Denise
    I got the teapot at HomeGoods. There is no manufacturers name on it. If I decide to sell it I know who to call :)

  11. Hi Rhondi, I just love your site-I am new to the blog world and have not had the time to set one up, but I am encouraged by yours to do so. Your words are so welcoming and sweet. I also enjoyed the music-great memories.It looks like you celebrated my 30th anniversary on your porch-wonderful shot.Your decor, loves and hobbies are all the same as mine with the exception of quilting. Although my daughters and I dream of a day where we belong to a Quilting Bee. Instead of quilting I paint. I have run out of space to purchase more tea pots oh how I would love to. My dinning room is red with white wainscoting and built in hutch. Our home was built in 1912, very charming. i just wish I had North Carolina views. The living room is a restful green but the rest of my home is the yellow you reserved for Rubens, which I believe is a perfect choice.Why Rubens? I found your site looking for inspiration for table decor for a lucheon -I think I found more. Thank you for the enchanting visit. Fav verse Jeremiah 29:11


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