Wednesday, December 5, 2007

An Ordinary Day

Today was an ordinary day, just doing some housecleaning, rearranging some stuff around the house, putting up a shelf in the TV room so I have another place to put "stuff". No decorating today, but here is a picture of one corner of our dining room with the new red teapot and Dollar Store Christmas trees.

The tree in the living room. Notice the big round tin plate ornament at the bottom. My husband made it in kindergarten. It always has a place somewhere on the tree! He is always so happy when he sees it hanging there!

This day just flew by and I didn't even stop for a cup of tea today.
Do you watch Oprah? I tape it and then if she has anything interesting I'll watch it. Today they asked the question: If you could spend one day with someone who has died who would it be? I would like to spend one more day with my Dad because he died suddenly at only 59 years old. It's interesting that I called this blog "an ordinary day" because as I'm writing this there was a song being sung called "an ordinary day" Isn't that cool?

So if you could spend one more day with someone who would it be? I'd love to know.
Rhondi xo


  1. Everything on your blog is so cute and your home looks so cute, too! I wish I could come over for tea for reals!
    ~Angela :-)

  2. Hello Rhondi, thank you for the invite to your blog, I haven't been able to stay long, but it's been a pleasure. It looks very inviting and I shall be back soon!

  3. Hi Rhondi, I found you through Cindy at My Romantic Home. I love your Christmas tree -- beautiful!

    If I could have one day to spend with someone already dead, it would probably be my mom -- to show her how the kids have grown, and to tell her how much I now appreciate all she did for me.

  4. Your tree is beautiful! I would have a hard time just picking one person to spend one more day with. I miss both of my parents so much.

  5. Rhondi, I would love to spend the day with you and Molly, Helen (both), Peg,Tina,Reena, Karen (both), Crow, Carol and all of the wonderful girls on the chat list. Then we could make cookies and beads and laugh the day away in a creative and wonderful way. How does that sound?
    I LOVE your blog!
    Mary Lou


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