Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Something old something new

Decorating my house for Christmas is all about taking our old favorite ornaments: the paper angels, macaroni bells, the reindeer made from a peanut and of course my husband's tinfoil pie plate ornament he made in kindergarten and mixing it with some new item I find each year.

I like to bring out these dolls. My dad brought them back from England for me when I was young. Gee they must be at least 50 years old! I wanted to show them to you because they are so precious. They are all felt except for their faces and their outfits are covered with buttons. Here is a close up of their faces. Aren't they precious?
Today I started doing the dining room. Usually this rooster sits in the center of the table but I'll put him away until Christmas is over.
I found some very sweet red and white felt Christmas trees at The Dollar Store. It looks like I am unintentionally going for a red and white theme for the dining room. Hmm... I think I need to make a cup of tea and think about it for awhile. Let's use the new red teapot again. It only dripped just the tiniest bit when we used it yesterday. Hope you have time to join me. So tell me...how was your day?


  1. It all looks so charming. I'm buried in work and I'm so sad I can't get more decorating done! Boo hoo! :-(

  2. Those sweet little dolls are darling. Love your decorating style and use of color.

  3. I just found your blog today. I am still enjoying reading but I wanted to comment on your little English dolls. You may already know this but I thought I would tell you in case you don't.

    The dolls are fashioned after what the English call "Pearlies". The men and women cover their suits with buttons and strut about town showing them off. I read about this somewhere once so thought you would enjoy some history.

    Back to reading...


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