Monday, May 19, 2008

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

The garden is looking beautiful right now and I decided to bring some of the beauty inside. So I took my scissors and snipped a few blossoms. Isn't this rose amazing? I'm not sure of the name. It may be Queen Elizabeth. I don't recall it having this beautiful coloring last year.

Isn't the coloring in the petals spectacular?
I put it in a blue glass vase in the living room.
The peonies look perfect in this blue & white vase on the living room mantle.

A little vase of mini roses sits here.
Some red knockout roses are nestled in a dotty chicken on the bookshelves in our tv room. I got the chicken for 50 cents the other week at a yard sale.
Some lavender and purple columbine and irises for the guest bath.
Some "love in a mist" for my bedside table. I love the laciness of this flower. If you have one , next year you'll have 100. It seeds like crazy!
And some pink knockout roses for the kitchen.
It gives me pleasure to see the garden blooming inside as well as outside!
We have a beautiful day here. The sun is shining, there is a bit of a breeze and the temperature is perfect. It's one of those days when I just have to have the windows wide open and the fresh air flowing through the house. It won't be long before we will be all shut up with the AC going non-stop so I am enjoying it.
Hope the sun is shining where you are.
Rhondi xo


  1. Your home is filled with beautiful blooms. I'm glad you are enjoying them, and I'm especially glad you shared with us.

  2. Rhondi, what beautiful flowers in their beautiful displays! I am so funny about cutting my flowers. I keep saying when I plant more then I'll bring them inside......but I haven't gotten there yet!

    :-) Rosie

  3. How beautiful, Rhondi! You've inspired me! I must go cut some flowers and bring that beauty indoors!
    Thank you!

  4. The rose is gorgeous but oh how I love Blue Willow - the first set of dishes I had when I married nearly 44 years ago. And that blue quilt in the background....a perfect vignette.

  5. That really is a gorgeous colorway on the pink rose & it looks absolutely huge!
    I'm also particularly fond of the wild roses in the green vase & your little chicken in adorable.

  6. I stumbled upon your blog today...its wonderful! I love the pictures of whats blooming and I love all your "gatherings"! So inspiring! I just started my blog in Feb, its a mismatch of my life, but its me....check it out!

    Thanks for sharing...Diane
    PS...your music choice on your blog is good, too! My hubby would give you an A+ for "frank"!!!

  7. As always, your blog is so beautiful. I love all your fresh flowers so beautifully displayed. Very, very pretty. The peonies are gorgeous.

  8. Beautiful color Rhondi.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  9. I love all of you fresh flowers every where. I can't wait for mine to start opening

  10. I just love fresh flowers in the house and yours are spectacular.... love all the vases you used.... lovely.... everything is just lovely

  11. Everything looks lovely.
    Isn't this just the best time of year?
    Enjoy a wonderful week,

  12. If you go to my blog you will see that the summer heat has hit us. I envy you your beautiful flowers. A week of 100 degrees just wreaks havoc with my garden. The roses all dry up and everything looks really sad. We are in for a cool down so that will be a blessing. I haven't been able to do my spring pruning yet because of the heat.

    All the flowers are lovely. I don't believe the rose is Queen Elizabeth, although I don't know what it is. Queen Elizabeth is a solid medium clear pink with no streaking as yours has. A little bit of rose trivia. Jackson Perkins used to have a site in Livermore, California near here where I used to live. Queen Elizaeth was "developed" there. I always thought that was really cool!

  13. Those are some of the prettiest flowers I've seen. I love the roses and peonies are my all time favorite. We can't grow them where I live.

    Hey, I'm doing a 50th birthday give away so if you are interested stop by my blog and enter.


  14. What beautiful flowers you have! I especially love the pink rose with all the beautiful shades of the color. Just spectacular! How special to be able to bring the outside in to cheer your home! Love all your pottery and glassware, especially the blue and white! Thanks for sharing.

  15. You have such a beautiful home Rhondi! I love all your pieces of china and such, especially the blue and white, my favourite colours. Your blooms are the perfect additions! Isn't it amazing what a warm sunny day does to our hearts?

  16. Beautiful! you must spend all your time picking arranging and photographing!
    I agree, I dont think it is a Queen Eliz. rose, which normally has a very silvery back to the petals and a larger flower. Wonder what it is?

  17. Gorgeous rose, such unique coloring! And your peonies in full bloom! Mine are still small, round balls. I'm thinking 2 weeks to blooms at least.

    thanks again for sharing your lovely flowers with the flower-deprived.

  18. Rhondi,
    Your flowers and their containers are so gorgeous. You are inspiring me to get out side and pick a few tulips, which are the only thing growing in our yard right now.
    Shoes, ah shoes! I used to have many more pairs than I could count but have wittled them down now that I am at home most of the time.

  19. You have so many beautiful flowers! Makes me anxious for more here. Next month we should have plenty, but this month has been very cool and theyarent coming on like they would in warmer weather. Thanks for sharing yours for those of us who are still waiting!

  20. O what a delight to see all this: the flowers, your blue china, the arrangements. You're in heaven while reading and watching this!
    Thank you!

    Hugs, Carolien

  21. Your flowers are beautiful and look so lovely in your home. I love the little dot chick! So cute...
    p.s. saw the soap too :-)


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