Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Neighborhood Cat Next New HGTV Design Star?

On the weekend my hubby swept all the cobwebs away so I decided to rearrange the front porch a little bit. As soon as I began, Norman, our next door neighbor's cat came sauntering over ready to give me a few ideas. You may have to click and enlarge this photo to see him. So what do you think Norman? What can I do just to change things a but? You want to take a look at it from another angle? Okay, you're the designer!
Lying down seems to be his favorite position when he is doing design work. Come to think of it lying down is his favorite position for just about everything!
So what do you think of it this way? Wicker tray and vase on table, birdcage on ground beside rocker.
I'll take the tray off , add a nice big pitcher and move the wire planter to the front. What do you think Norman?
All this hard work gives a cat a thirst. Norman takes some time out to have a drink from our pond. I moved the wire planter to the back. Better?.
I love the way the sun shines on the porch this time of day.
The way it makes shadows on the porch floor.
I'm thirsty too. Want to join me for some tea? Maybe the rooster should be on the table. What do you think Norman?
I think it looks nice with the rooster.
Norman thinks the rooster is too fragile to be outside. It could break too easily. He's probably right. So back to these flowers in the wicker vase insread?
Mmmm.... that ice cold tea hits the spot on a hot day.
I poured a glass for you too.
Maybe the birdacge would look good on the table and the flowers on the ground.
Birdcage on table?
Or flowers on table?
Which one looks best Norman? What do you mean this isn't enough of a decorating challenge for you?
You say it's boring and you'd rather just have a nap. Oh well, suit yourself.
Norman can be seen on the upcoming HGTV series Design Star 2008. Hope he wins!

Rhondi xo


  1. Norman is so cute!
    Your porch is beautiful and so inviting and I'd love to sit and have a glass of iced tea with you!
    Hope you're having a wonderful day!

  2. Hey Rhondi!
    Norman is adorable. And I think it all looks terrific! (And your tea is making me thirsty!)
    Happy day!

  3. Rhondi! I loved your front porch! So cute! Have a good week! XO Vanessa

  4. I love your porch, and I would love to sit there sipping some of that iced tea. What a cute cat! Rhondi The Muse with Sharon Stone is one of my favorite movies. I laughed so hard when I saw that movie. I think Albert Brooks is a genius. I also love Mother and Defending Your Life. Have a great day. Your porch is absolutely gorgeous. Karen

  5. Norman is a sweetie, but just a bit lazy. He really wasn't much help, was he? Hope he didn't eat any fishies out of the pond!

    Well I think you did a wonderful job on our own. Your porch is gorgeous! I'd stop by for sweet tea any day! I'd even pet Norman while there, lol.

  6. Well I would hire Norman in a minute if he could fix my front porch up like that. He did a great job. No wonder he needs a little cat nap.


  7. I love Norman!!! He's so sweet. I wish we had a cat to visit us. I would love to have one of our own, but with Jess, that's just not possible. sigh ... Your porch looks so warm and inviting. I have longed for a veranda/porch for years. It would be a dream come true for me.
    PS- I like the flowers on the table.

  8. Your porch looks so welcoming, I'd love to hop over the ocean and visit!

  9. Maybe Norman is related to Leila that lives next door to me. Although I must admit that I am less than happy with all the time she spends on my front porch. I am allergic to cats, and she leaves her scent and fur all over my cushions.

    Your porch is so inviting. I would love visiting there, too. Maybe we should have a front porch party.

  10. Cute cat - and so helpful! Your porch is lovely, Rhondi.
    I've just read your previous blog and had to laugh - I too lived in a suburb of Philidelphia at one time - Paoli - and attended Villanova University....and Toronto, and Bradford and Camp Borden, the last two of which are very close to Totenham - a village that I visited very often! Perhaps we once passed one another on the street, or met in a nearby quilt shop - do you remember the shop "Granny Taught us How"? I think it was in Rosemont or Violet Hill.

  11. Fun post!

    Just what every girl needs...a beautiful porch and a handsome decorator! *Ü*

    Enjoy them both! Chris

  12. Your porch looks lovely....and with Norman there to help- what could be better!
    Have a wonderful week-

  13. Hey Rhondi,
    Norman would do wonderfully on that show, he has more talent in his one paw then the rest of those nuts!

    I loved the flowers on the table the best, and Norman knows he would want to jump up and knock the rooster off into the pond, so that was a good choice to put that back in the house! (you could see the glint in his eyes over that one!)

    Hope your week is going well, I have been one busy chick lately! I will be off to TN next week, so I better get some post ready to go...

    Donna Lynn

  14. LOL @ Norman, not much help is he? I love this post, I should be doing up my porch too now that we are finally having some nice weather, you have inspired me today, thank you for that :)
    Your porch looks great, I like the flowers on the table and the bird cage on the ground personally, not sure what Norman decided on.

  15. Hi again
    In 1974/75 I taught as a substitute teacher at the high school in Alliston. Do you remember it? It was Banting, I believe. I also taught in the elemntary school in Angus. Too funny!!! Small world!

  16. Thank you for tagging me Rhondi!! You are the first one to do so. But I do not know who to proceen now. MUst I answer the same questions and must I tag 6 other people??? Love your porch. It all looks so nice and calm and summery. Here all is not well with the kittens and I have not been on the blogs much.Love Norman, he is a wonderful gentleman!!!

  17. Hi Rhondi,
    Your porch looks so pretty!
    Norman is a really cute cat. I love orange cats.

  18. Hi Rhondi!
    Norman better pick up the pace, he's gonna have some competition with Cindy at My Romantic Home! But overall he did a great job. I'll be right over for that iced tea!
    Hugs, Sherry

  19. Oh to have a front porch! And I would love having Norman stop by with some of his decorating tips too. :) Your porch is so inviting and I would love to join you for some tea.

    Hugs ~

  20. Norman is adorable! I love neighbors pets....we have our neighbors dog over all of the time...

    Love your porch...thanks for the ice tea!

  21. I think Norman doesn't really care as long as you are outside to talk to him as you work. I prefer the flowers on the table, actually, and that iced tea... is it sweet? It must be sweet, no lemon, please. I'm on my way over, save one of those rockers for me, too. I do love your front porch. I see I have some work for me to do to make mine more presentable so you can come visit me as well! I'm making lemonade! bea

  22. Hi! Fun post! Norman is so cute! and great designer! well,He´s just like Mr. Tom (My cat), golden and wonderful! I love cat! are so nice!Love your porch...thanks for the ice tea!
    I put your blog in my link!

  23. Hi Rhondi'
    I love your front porch it is so sweet,and the idea of a porch party is great. I am visiting your blog for the first time and it is just lovely I will be back to visit again.Thanks for sharing

  24. Norman looks alot like Morris the cat from commercials. Perhaps Norman will win a contract and use your name as trainer? He certainly provided good advice on the porch. It looks lovely; very peaceful and inviting. That is sweet tea, right? I'd love to sip tea on your porch.

  25. Norman is adorable... I love the porch, and the iced tea looks refreshing, but it's Norman who's the star!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for entering my cottage charm giveaway. Your blog is so clever and fun. I'm so glad I found you. Have a good week. I'll be back to see the pretty porches although, alas! mine is so ugly... I might enter though and post a dream porch or two.... Yeah, never hurts a girl to dream.

  26. I'm not sure which one Norman picked put I'd go with the flowers. With the tea pitcher and glasses right there, it just makes you want to come on over and have a glass of tea.

  27. Ooh my goodness. Norman is a ringer for my Simon. He looks to be just as sweet and friendly too!

  28. Oh my word girl--that is so funny. I was laughing out loud. Hey there is a guy from Winston Salem on the new design star!


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